WoW 2

May 24, 2019

I got an invite to the World of Warcraft Classic Beta. I imagine that's because I've been a paying customer since the night it launched in the early 1900s (I might have the date wrong) and have leveled countless toons. Less than a lot of hardcore players. but more than most.

I've never seriously played a Priest before so I started leveling one then realized that when the game goes live they are going to wipe the beta servers and I'll loose all progress. So I decided to level something that I wasn't going to play and in an area that was new to me. Other then the first toon I had I've always been Horde so I figured I'd level an Alliance night elf. Never played a night elf before (and unlikely to again) so it seemed good for the beta.

It's interesting playing classic Wow again. So many rough edges that they filed away over the years. I imagine it's like someone liking Thimbleweed Park and then going back to the original Monkey Island.

I'm really enjoying all the pointy edges. It seems more raw and honest. I miss the skill trees that modern Wow lacks.

While you could go back and level through original content, it was all nurfed with accelerated leveling and it's fun that it's a small challenge.

I tried to do a little healing in a dungeon run and it's really hard without add-ons. I imagine that classic era add-ons will show up and I have no problem installing them as long as they are time-canon. They might already be out there, I haven't looked.

I felt this tinge to join a guild and start raiding again. My raiding career started with Lich King so I've never done the classic raids while level appropriate.