May 03, 2023

I posted this chain on Mastodon, but am reposting it here...

Getting AI to write your game dialog is about the same as getting some C- high school student to do it. At least with the later you be giving a high school student a job.

I really hope the TV writers can get something meaningful from the strike. I'm skeptical only because big companies taking advantage of creatives is burnt into their DNA. I see this all the time. Thimbleweed Park was the first game I ever saw anything from. I am getting something from RtMI but it's small. I've created a lot over the years and only made other people rich.

I support the game industry unionizing, not only to create reasonable working hours, but also to stop companies from getting rich off our hard creative work. I don't think game writers should be part of the WGA, the businesses are too different, and I've seen the cluster fuck of Hollywood unions trying to get into games.

Unions can also be their own oppressive mess but it's probably slightly better than what we have now. I do worry about how rigid unions would hamper true indie game work.