Sep 13, 2020

Time Fly docs?

I went and looked through my old design notebooks and found these. I don't know if they are related to Time Fly or not. Some of the dates I used for "present" are 1990? That would have put it right before or during Monkey Island 1. I wish I would have put dates on my old design docs.


6d ago
Ooh, one of the dates is 2026. What kind of crazy futuristic world was that going to be?


4d ago
Hej Ron.
So do you plan the hole story on paper before starting to code?
That would be interesting to see, because many young IT-engineers try to start coding as early as possible - thinking that bug-fixing is easy with agile methods. I always have hard discussions when I argue that failures cost 10 times more for each further stage in development. So for me it seems best to code as late as possible.
I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts about this.
Kind regards


4d ago
I have always wondered how you lay out the logic for a puzzle. I've assumed you represent states with nodes, and the design you show here seems to be showing something like that, but it's not clear. If you ever feel like walking through a simple example you'll have at least one happy reader. I think you showed an example with Thimbleweed...?

Johan Windh

2d ago
I´d love to see what Centurion Corpulentus looked like.
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