Jan 01, 2022

Well, it's 2022 and everything is turning out exactly as I predicted back when I was 7. Self-driving cars, space stations, the internet. Nailed it.

Favorite TV show of 2021 was Only Murders in the Building.

Favorite game of 2021 was Loop Heroes.

Favorite book of 2021 was Einstein's Fridge.

Favorite rediscovered joy of 2021 was reading physical books.

Favorite movie of 2021 was Dune.

Favorite time waster of 2021 was watching physics videos on YouTube.

Least favorite movie of 2021 was anything with f**king superheroes.

Favorite pandemic of 2021 was Covid-19 (three years running).

See you in an exciting 2022 where everyone will be nice and respectful and personal agendas are put aside for the greater good and we all come together and save the planet.

Either that or a horrific dystopian post-apocalyptic world where we hunt each other for food.

2022 could go either way.

Ken Jan 01, 2022
Either way, Happy New Year!

Luke94 Jan 01, 2022
Either way sounds fun to me

some dude Jan 01, 2022
They're not even watching the TV. Spot on!

Seguso Jan 01, 2022
Happy new year Ron! Are you still working on that adventure game? Just yes or no will do :)

Phillipe Jan 01, 2022
Happy new year my friend! Fingers crossed we get to hang out again soon.

Ali Gumble Jan 01, 2022
Frohes Neues Jahr!

Bobe Jan 01, 2022
I strained to think of something I enjoyed in 2021. I continue to be thankful for the hard work that goes into the many open source projects out there, especially the creative/artistic ones like Blender and Krita. Having creative outlets is extremely rewarding and important. Happy New Years to all.

TrX Jan 01, 2022
Hi Ron! I pirated Maniac Mansion 32 years ago. :)

LichiMan Jan 01, 2022
Thanks for this list.
Happy new year!

Brian Jan 01, 2022
Happy New Year Ron!

Patrick Paquet Jan 02, 2022
Happy new year, Ron! Keep it up! We love you!

Patrick Paquet Jan 02, 2022
TrX, so did I, but I bought TWP twice and gave Ron an extra 5$ to make up for it.

Sven Jan 02, 2022
Happy new year! Please recommend more physics books.

DieSkaarj Jan 02, 2022
To an even better 2022 with altruism! Hopefully with less cannibalism. And, more creativity (just not from Alexa or other adjacent AI.)

Herman Toothrot Jan 02, 2022
BTW, what again was the title of the game you are currently working on? 🧐

Nathan Jan 02, 2022
Happy new year, Ron. Any new releases coming? :)

Johan Windh Jan 02, 2022
Couldn't agree more. Especially with super hero movies. 🤮

Only Murders in the Building was pretty fun.

Have a good one, 2022.

maxleod Jan 02, 2022
Happy New Year Ron! Like many others, I'm looking forward to your next game.

Emma Jan 02, 2022
Covid-19 truly is unbeatable in the pandemic department. Nothing else gets a look in. Happy New Year Ron.

Dipper Jan 02, 2022
Speaking of good shows, Ron, I am watching Star Trek: Enterprise at the moment on Netflix and I can recommend it. I remember a discussion on your blog about dystopian Sci-Fi and how Star Trek Discovery is so much worse than former ST shows. I think Star Trek: Enterprise has flaws, a bad theme, so it is not Next Generation, but it is a nice little show that still follows old school utopian and explorative motifs; well at least so far, have watched 15 episodes now. Anyway, happy new year and don't forget to release that game soonish. :)

Shawn Jan 02, 2022
Great pick with Only Murders. I wonder if Station Eleven is eligible since the seasons not over. It might be my pick, definitely the best book I read in 2021, too

Nik Jan 02, 2022
I just hate it when they split the last part of a trilogy in two. The Delta wave had no proper ending.

Elena Hitomi Jan 03, 2022
Happy New Year, Ron, Pep, and family! You should be called "Ronstradamus" for all your accurate predictions haha

Sergio Jan 03, 2022
Well, at least when it comes to movie taste... you are not alone

Kassandra Jan 04, 2022
Utopia: But Musks wants us to transport in claustrophobic tunnels if we're allowed to leave the Metaverse at all. Of course the elight will travel in planes and spaceships everywhere like their politicians and the military's drones and robots. '... hunt each other for being food.'

Then again, I'm looking forward to the party on 2.2.2222.

David Jan 05, 2022
A post-apocalyptic world where we hunt each other for food ought to be a lot of fun, lol.

video gamer Jan 05, 2022
Any other great game recommendations from 2021?

Patricio Jan 20, 2022
Very surprised of your hate for superheros movies when you placed Thor: Ragnarok as your favorite 2017 movie.

Ajay Jan 22, 2022
Only Murders was very good and the Spanish Influenza still holds the key to my heart, cheers!

FL Jan 28, 2022
2022 - Ron Gilbert's new game released
2022 - Announcement of Ron Gilbert's new game
Or (most likely ..)
2022 - where the hell is Ron Gilbert's new game?

Lory Feb 07, 2022
2022 - Where's my monocle? Cant see new Ron Gilbert's game!

Tgl Rioberr Feb 08, 2022
Like to write next year.. Fav Game in 2022 - Monkey Island 3a/b aka the "realmonkeyisland3"

Roooothger Feb 09, 2022
2022 - Whaaat Ron Gilbert's new game?!? Naaaa, no way, nada

A380 Feb 09, 2022
Favorite game of 2022 so far: Ultrawings 2 (VR)

Best experience in the game: landing on the highest tower in Manhattan with whatever you dare to land on the roof (raising in spirals before). Enjoy the moment, accelerate, nosedive almost till the ground and fly free between the skyscrapers.

Sebastian Feb 24, 2022
Why spend USD 20 million on an alien pixel NFT when i can play monkey island which has dozens of pixel pirates?

Pirate Pete Feb 24, 2022
If you pirate the game, you'll get even more 'pirate' pixels.

Game of the day: Тетрис

Noname001 Mar 01, 2022
Ron was right! Post-Apocalyptic it is... :(

Andrew Mar 03, 2022
And... cue WWIII. It was a lovely thought though.

A Muppet Mar 06, 2022
Hey Ron, how politically educated are you? Do you get your infos from the TV?

Maico Mar 06, 2022
Everybody who is on "Ken's Game" mailing list would have received an email by now to inform that Ken and Roberta Williams will be making an announcement about their upcoming game at the Game Developers Conference on March 21st.
Ok, just a little excited about this... ok, more than a little excited. In fact I'm like a kangaroo jumping around on its birthday kind of excited!

maxleod Mar 06, 2022
There's also a sequel to Flight of the Amazing Queen being developped by the original team.

Martinland Mar 07, 2022
maxleod: There will be a sequel to gorgeous Flight of the Amazon Queen made by the same team? Aaaww, you just made my evening and the beginning of my new life! \o/ <3

Román Mar 16, 2022
Hello Ron!
Could you guess this?

I'm form in Spain and I want to send you my original copy of Maniac Mansion (the first game y ever play!) to sign! Would it be possible or should I invite you to some tapas and wines in Spain?


Conny Torneus Mar 17, 2022

Duane Mar 25, 2022
Hello, I think maybe instead of reading books from this century you should read the dune books so you could have the correct opinion that the new dune movie was so bad it was evil. It was an insult to intelligence itself. And I would like to say monkey island 1 + 2 were perfect games, just do another smart adventure game, but use real life comedians, multiple, I mean like 10, how much could that cost? The funny comedians, and the people of youtube, mass popularity at a low cost.

Zak Phoenix McKracken™ Apr 01, 2022
News on the new game?
It's April fool's day, please give us any piece of information about that, today you can write anything and we won't know if it will be the truth or not.

RashoHyo Apr 01, 2022
...so i'm not the only one who's waiting for something like that..today...

Natalia Apr 01, 2022
My roomate just made a april fools joke, please Ron I need that blog

Helmut Apr 01, 2022
Once in a while i check this internet page as if this was 1999. never been disappointed.

Putin Vladimir Apr 05, 2022
horrific dystopian post-apocalyptic world!

maxleod Apr 12, 2022
Favourite game of 2022 was Return To Monkey Island.

Vecchio giocatore May 04, 2022
I was sorry to read many were displeased with your new monkey island; too bad for them. I hope it will be as fun and entertaining as monkey 1&2(spent hours on them when I was a kid and still am once in a while), and also that we'll once again meet Stan. Thank you for this new game.