Jan 05, 2019

Technology, Ranked

While I am slightly disappointed that SCUMM didn't make the list of Technology, Ranked, I am perplexed how the screw gets #99 while many of the inventions from #98-#1 couldn't been made without the screw, so it seems like the screw should be higher on the list. Certainly #1 couldn't have been made without the screw as well as most of the other deadly inventions, so I blame the screw for all evil human inventions. Screw you screw.


Jan 05, 2019
That's a really stupid, pointlessly sensationalistic list.

Chopsticks? Really?


Jan 05, 2019
Reminds me of that Smarter Every Day video on "The Dawn of Precision" and how Joseph Whitworth, basically laid the foundation for any machining, by creating precise tools and measurement devices. It was also him, who introduced a standard for screw threads.


6d ago
holy sh*t, just realized that teal desk Ron is sitting on is so late 80s


4d ago
Disappointed Videogames are not on the list, and Viagra.


1d ago
Also 3 types of guns, two kinds of TV, and n°2 is a "technology" that can be produced by nature.
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