Happy Birthday ScummVM

Oct 10, 2021

I wrote Scumm and I don't think I could do what they did.


Happy Birthday ScummVM

Youri Oct 10, 2021
Happy birthday indeed! ❤️

Johnny99 Oct 10, 2021
Best thing that happens since Scumm!

Conny Torneus Oct 10, 2021
You're so modest Ron 🙂

But yes, ScummVM has through the years proven to be the perfect preservation tool for our classic games.

PAGEZERO Oct 10, 2021
Thank you ScummVM for your existence.

Jezza Oct 10, 2021
My birthday was on 9th oct so seeing 'Happy Birthday Scumm' (even with the VM) from Ron made my day.

masayume Oct 11, 2021
Maybe it would be an interesting "grumpy" article to actually know what you wanted to do - technically - and wasn't able to achieve. (looks like CI is one, but that was only because of time management issues).

Conny Torneus Oct 11, 2021
Just don't call it an Emulator 😉

gcat Oct 11, 2021
Happy bday is good,
a donation to the project is better :)
( no, not a team member, just a fan :)

Matt Oct 12, 2021
Congratulations, I think getting embraced by the Open Source community is truly an honor for a game developer, and it shows that you created a true classic that has to be preserved by people in their spare time.

Elena Hitomi Oct 12, 2021
Belated happy birthday!

Johan Windh Oct 13, 2021
Hear hear!

Anthony Cassidy Oct 17, 2021
SCUMMVM is the best sort of shrine to those games - one that gets new gamers hooked

wysiwtf Oct 18, 2021
i think the best achievement scummVM did was to bring the engine to SO MANY PLATFORMS.
I can play all of my favourite adventure games on my (jailbroken) Nintendo 2DS! Beat that!
But also on PC its a very nice thing to have, its way more convenient to use ScummVm than to try to run all those old DOS-Games on your modern computer.

wysiwtf Oct 18, 2021
and while I know its now your call Ron, i would very much appreciate MI1 being free for DL for their anniversary. Disney, DO YOU EVEN LISTEN!?

Marco Oct 19, 2021
Real SCUMM, Virtual SCUMM, Bacon and Cheese SCUMM - love it all!

Now to something completely different - I recently stumbled upon the Unusual Findings Kickstarter. It looks a lot like something a Grumpy Gamer Fanboy (like me) could like a lot. But while they nailed the graphics, they don't really excel at doing the campaign, going slow so far. I think they could need some shout-out... *hint*

Brian Goldberg Nov 02, 2021
So what's the deal with the giant Lego kit?

PeevishDave Nov 05, 2021
It's a bit OT, but not too much:

I'm working for the first time on a scripting language.
Nothing really complex, I'm using ANTLR and C# to create an embedded language
that will help me write some parts of the game I'm working on
faster and let me concentrate on the content (dialogues, cutscene, that's why it reminds me of SCUMM) instead of spending time on the boilerplate.

Whoa, it's so much fun, it's an activity that really makes you feel better ^^
I don't know why. It's like you're creating a better world to live in ahah

Domenico Nov 23, 2021
Hi there. Have you ever think ti release scumm source?