Raspberry Pi Update

Aug 20, 2020

Good news everyone... I got my microSD card and Plex installed!

Bad news everyone... The Plex server is running. I can watch video from another computer, but I can't get my Amazon Fire TV to see the new Plex server. I used to run a Plex server on my Mac and everything worked fine with the Fire TV, but no-go on the Pi. I'll dig deeper next weekend.

ugly news Aug 20, 2020
Fire TV, another device/service I never heard of till today. Sometimes it seems like I'm living in a parallel world without Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, cloud services and stuff. And yet it's a satisfying world. Recently I bought a bike, the first in my life. It rocks. I spent a lot more than I initially wanted to but it's so much fun. I ride the bike, with a smile, every day.

DIeSkaarj Aug 20, 2020

Sakmon Aug 21, 2020
Hi Ton,
Are firetv and raspberry in the same subnet?.  Is http://raspberry_ip:32400 reachable from other devices?

Ron Gilbert Aug 21, 2020
Yep, same subnet.  Raspberry Pi is reachable by other computers, just not the Fire TV.

Andy Latham Aug 21, 2020
I get the impression Amazon Fire struggles where it shouldn't. I use a Firs Stick with Plex and it can't handle certain resolutions of video without stuttering.

Yorchus Aug 21, 2020
Hey. I got minidlna working on my pi. I can view anything from other devices but from fire TV stick it is not detected... Unless I restart the minidlna service, just after restarting it everything works on fire TV.

10:56 Aug 21, 2020
Offtopic but due to your jobs section: Will this be pixel art purely or a mix of high- and low-res? Is it due to the animation system, production costs etc.?

Tom Aug 21, 2020
Does the Fire TV connect through the Plex protocol or does it use DLNA? Check if you have that enabled, maybe it could help.  Settings > Server > DLNA.

Henk Aug 21, 2020
Have you tried logging off/on on the Fire TV?

Ryo Aug 23, 2020
I have this regulary with VLC (and some more apps) on FireTV.
I have to force a restart in the settings menu, and after the (very long) reboot, it recognizes my MiniDLNA Server pefectly. I also use a Raspi 4 / 4GB.
I did not try Plex, since I'm running a complete NAS (2*Seagate Ironwolf 4TB) and a minidlna server off my PI. Runs good so far.
So maybe a restart does help in that case too. It's weird, but I learned that if something don't work on FireTV, force a restart and chances are it will work :).

TheBeardedLlama Sep 19, 2020
I had to install an app on my firestick to watch plex properly. Just saying in case you haven't done that.
I've always used the app, so not sure how DLNA would work

David Sep 28, 2020
If I didn't own a Smart TV, I would have used Chromecast [Ultra] instead.

David Sep 28, 2020
Err.. I meant to say that setting up Plex on the Chromecast is easier. Duh.