Return to Monkey Island

Apr 04, 2022

I felt bad about the April Fools' joke so over the weekend I whipped up the game so no one was disappointed.

Liam Apr 04, 2022
Obligatory question: Linux support?

Alessandro Manno Apr 04, 2022
Amazing. Even if I was looking for another "pixel" game. Is there any chance to get a BigBox version like ThimbleweedPark?

Lancelot's Hangover Apr 04, 2022
Amazing news!!!

Thwipwood Apr 04, 2022
What is happening here? This is even more confusing than the end of LeChuck's Revengr

Naigo Apr 04, 2022
Man, Is this true? Don't play with pur feelings :'(

Jeff Apr 04, 2022
WOW! I knew it had to be true because of your hatred of April Fools.

This is the best news this decade (not a high bar, but still).

Can't wait!

LichiMan Apr 04, 2022
This is huge! Hope you're having all the liberty to do whatever you want.
Yeah... the pixels are too tiny but... who cares!

Pete Apr 04, 2022

Rum Rogers Apr 04, 2022
I'm shaking and I'm overwhelmed with joy! Thank you Ron!!!!!!

Zak Phoenix McKracken™ Apr 04, 2022
Thank you!!!
I have no words, for the happiness!!!

Jan Apr 04, 2022
Great news, but Will it come with disk 22?

Cpt. Catarro Apr 04, 2022
Holy Skunks!

StickGrinder Apr 04, 2022
Oh my... I'm TOTALLY drooling!!! I have shivers, really!

Is this happening for real?!

Helge Frisenette Apr 04, 2022
Best game related news in decades.

BummsGeordy Apr 04, 2022
I KNEW IT!!!!! :D

Thank You Ron! this made my day... eh week.. eh.. month.. ehh year(s)!!!! thank you thank you thank you! :)

icezolation Apr 04, 2022
Can't tell you how excited I am for this. Didn't think this would happen anymore. Wow!

Javi de Prado Apr 04, 2022

Javi de Prado Apr 04, 2022

Crispy Apr 04, 2022
this is the most exciting video game news i've ever heard - hope it's exactly according to the vision you laid out in 2013!!

Lautaro Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron for the best news in a loong time!! Can't believe it's happening!!!

Okona Apr 04, 2022
Now still free of April fools jokes. (-:

Lord Hammerator Apr 04, 2022
Fuck a duck!

sven Apr 04, 2022
best news in AGES (and covid ended, so take that as the biggest compliment ever)

i hope therell be a phsyical release too.

Evan Apr 04, 2022
I still don't know whether to believe it!  Uhhhh...?!?

Pietro Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron

Okona Apr 04, 2022
Now we might even unearth the Secret!

Manuel Apr 04, 2022
What amazing news!!!
Thanks for that Ron!!!

Kenley Apr 04, 2022
WOW! I haven't been this happy ever.

Aubrey Alexander Apr 04, 2022
Thanks for making one small part of April Fool's day be not miserable.

Julilectric Apr 04, 2022
You are making so many people so happy.
Thank you!

hynsey Apr 04, 2022
this is the BEST news! excited is an understatement! but also glad that you get to follow up MI2 as intended. :)

Daithí Apr 04, 2022
"so over the weekend I whipped up the game".

I'm still confused.

Is this real or not?

Bourds Apr 04, 2022
12 year old me is soooooooo freaking excited!! (Who am I kidding, 42 year old me is just as pumped) so happy for you Ron!

Monkeywrench Apr 04, 2022
That's might decent of ya', mighty decent.

DieSkaarj Apr 04, 2022
"We have to go back, Murray! Back to Monkey Island!"


This new Monkey Island, I want it. How soon is now?

Mario Apr 04, 2022
Best news of 2022! Thank you VERY MUCH Ron!

Aubrey Alexander Apr 04, 2022
Oh, and the trailer looks really beautiful.

Zak Phoenix McKracken™ Apr 04, 2022
Definitely, Grumpygamer's blog is always April Fool's day free!

Fuz Apr 04, 2022
Being kind of obsessed with Monkey Island since the '90s, loved to death the 2 games and hated the fake third... this could be a case of "careful what you wish for". I wanted nothing more that (a proper) Monkey 3 but what I see leaves me worried. I greatly dislike that art style and especially the horrible flash animation style. I don't like Murray, always felt out of place and too cartoony. I don't even like Dominic Armato as Guybrush (but I get it).
I'm sured that writing and puzzles will be top-notch, the rest leaves me kinda scared.
Worried. Fingers crossed.

Aubrey Alexander Apr 04, 2022
When do we hear about platforms?  This is going to run on my C64, right?

Tarrkid Apr 04, 2022

Mst Apr 04, 2022
Wooohooo. Monkey 2 was the first game my parents bought me as a kid. Can't wait for the real monkey 3

SMAX Apr 04, 2022
Have't used my old nick on a Lucas anything since the 90s and the end of my website Grim Fandango Paradise... If Monkey Island is back (the real one), then SMAX's back too baby. The biggest announcement since Star Wars Episode 1!

Steve C Apr 04, 2022
Thank you, Ron!!!

Fuz Apr 04, 2022
...sorry for being that lone cloud on a sunny day.

Miguel Apr 04, 2022
Yeeeeess!! I feel like I'm thirteen again. The moment I always dreamed about has come!!

Miguel Apr 04, 2022
Yeeeeess!! I feel like I'm thirteen again. The moment I always dreamed about has come!!

K00x Apr 04, 2022
Is lucasgames alive and well? Are Disney the good guys now?

PeevishDave Apr 04, 2022
Ahahaha xD

SMAX Apr 04, 2022
So, can we expect to hear from Skyfox again and party like it's 1999? :D

Leo Apr 04, 2022
That is wonderful! Thanks from Italy.

Stephen Apr 04, 2022
I can't breathe. This is so awesome. Thanks, Ron!

Nicolas Apr 04, 2022
This is the happiest I've been in a long, loong time!!! This year has changed radically for me.

Ian Apr 04, 2022
Hi Ron,

I played Monkey Island 1 and 2 with my 6 year old twins during lockdown and it has influenced them greatly.  This news is SUCH a big deal to me.  It's not just a game for us it has informed their brains and helped defined their imagination through pure discovery and fun.  Your games helped them to read and got us through a really crappy time.  

Thank you!

I can't wait to tell them after school!

Diduz Apr 04, 2022
You did it, Ron! And BTW, thank you for accepting to make the game through a license. You did't like the idea, but I reckon you managed to find the creative freedom you sought. I hope you and Dave managed to drag Tim to write Stan's dialogue. :-P
So glad for David Fox, he didn't have the chance to work on a Monkey Island back in 1990.

Nojh Apr 04, 2022
Sir, April Fools was 3 or so days ago. This is cruel. Also how did you hack Devolver Digital's YouTube page?

Seriously though, congrats! I'm happy you got to announce this first, and your means of doing so was amazing, comedic, and anxiety inducing. Kudos.

I'm looking forward to the game.

Chris Apr 04, 2022
I absolutely love you for this, man. I never thought I'd see what happens after the cliffhanger at the end of my favourite game of all time. And I will find out this year?! I'm a little trembly right now.

John Apr 04, 2022
@Fuz I can see what you mean, I'd *really* like a MI3 which looked "just like" MI1/2, given how similar they look. But I guess times change. You never know—MISE shipped with that gesture to switch to the Original Graphics (or OG) version, maybe there'll be an option like that in this game. But I'm not holding my breath. Fairly sure I'm going to love the game either way tbh.

Scott Johnson Apr 04, 2022
Well slap my arse and call me guybrush. This is the best news in 31 years.

Scott Johnson Apr 04, 2022
Well slap my arse and call me guybrush. This is the best news in 31 years.

gary stu Apr 04, 2022
going above and beyond for this april fools man

Deihime Apr 04, 2022
OMG! Love the news!!!! Thank you so much for this!! Greetings from Argentina!

Ping Apr 04, 2022
I love you Ron! This is amazing!

Dee Apr 04, 2022
I was absolutely hysterical watching the trailer.  This means so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Seth Apr 04, 2022
I was here.

RexSonic Apr 04, 2022
Finally !!!!

Riccardo Apr 04, 2022
There are some of us actually crying because of this. I never in my lifetime expected this to happen. Thank you, thank you so fucking much!

Kbbt Apr 04, 2022
I was sure that your 20-year-old meme about April Fools' Day here was just a very very long, elaborate joke that would... blow... our... minds... at some point.

You're so vicious. I love it.

Knightsaab Apr 04, 2022
I‘ve got tears in my eyes.

SMAX Apr 04, 2022
With all that's happening in the world, I've been thinking, 'well if the end is near, the end is near...' However, now I'm invested again! :D

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Apr 04, 2022
Damn. I've been waiting for a proper Monkey Island 3 for decades, but I'm not going to touch it if Disney's involved.

Peter Apr 04, 2022
amazing news! thank you Ron! thank 1000 times! iam really looking forward!

peterszky Apr 04, 2022

Testerplayer Apr 04, 2022
All I can say is. Thank you.

Brian Apr 04, 2022
Will you be at PAX East in Boston from April 21-24?

Tito Apr 04, 2022
I'm feeling like the kid I was... playing Monkey Island 2 before going to school. Thank you, thank you.

Dave Apr 04, 2022
I've been waiting for this for exactly 30 years. Thank you Ron, from the deepest of my gamer's heart.

Tarrkid Apr 04, 2022
ME: There are no words for how excited I am.
RON GILBERT: Yes there are, you just never learned them.

Gvn. Phatt Apr 04, 2022
Tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. Thank you, thank you Ron. I just can't. It's too much. I'm crying.

Yosoysoloyo Apr 04, 2022
Yessss!!! I never thought this moment will come, this was too good to be true. Already loving it.

Guy.brush Apr 04, 2022
Please, take my money!!!!

Maurizio Apr 04, 2022
i am shivering, can't believe this :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
thank you Ron!!!!

Neil Apr 04, 2022
You've made a 50 year old man very happy

Marzio Apr 04, 2022
Ron I LOVE YOU ! I can play a new REAL-ORIGINAL monkey island with my son ...

Maurizio Apr 04, 2022
pleaseplease...PLEASE tell us we'll also get a phisycal copy!
i just finished my FULL REPLAY of the whole saga, JUST TODAY. i am serious.
since i received my 30th anniversary collection earlier this year.

...and Monkey Island has always been one of the best games of my life, since i was a little kid playing it with my brother and dad on his office's PC when i was little.

Sophie Apr 04, 2022
This. Is. Unbelievable. I'm so excited right now.

Jack Apr 04, 2022
Lifelong Monkey fan here. Chuffed about this amazing news :)

SMAX Apr 04, 2022
Never mind me, I'm just freaking out over here...

Ariel Bosi Apr 04, 2022
I thought I'd never see this.

This is the news of the month, the year and the decade. And I just can't, can't believe it.

Thank you! :)

kavefish Apr 04, 2022
I'm so happy Land, MacConnel and Bajakian are back to do the music!

Grorx Apr 04, 2022

DM Apr 04, 2022
I'm crying...thank you, GRAZIE, GRAZIE!!

Alex Apr 04, 2022
Yeah, yeah, but will it cost more than 20 bucks?

Franckarts Apr 04, 2022
Woooowww super excited!!!!!!

Claudio Apr 04, 2022

VelcroGoblin Apr 04, 2022
Ron, I love you.
Thank you, I've been waiting since 1992

Mauro Apr 04, 2022

Luca Apr 04, 2022
Wonderful !!!! I loved the previous Money Island Adventures (played all of them on old PC's) and now my sons waits for the new Money Island !!

Leo Apr 04, 2022
Ahhhhhhhh!!!! This is wonderful news!!

Sebastian Apr 04, 2022

Guillem Apr 04, 2022

andrea Apr 04, 2022

Tomo Apr 04, 2022
Oh my god! I was waiting for this to happen since 30 years! If I only could travel back in time and tell my younger self that everything is gonna be alright!

Now I know what I will do with me rest holiday 2022!

Gijs Apr 04, 2022
Also a big smile and some budding anticipation here 😀
- and will it feature toilet paper?

Alex Apr 04, 2022
I honestly don't have words but the grin this has put on my face more than makes up for it

Sam Fonseca Apr 04, 2022
Thank you!!

Fabrizio Apr 04, 2022
Feeling like a kid again.
This is huge!

Filippo Apr 04, 2022
MY 386 IS READY!!!!!!

RON!!! RON!!! RON!!! RON!!!! RON!!!!
(for a total of 22 "RON" times, like the number of disks in this game)

Fredrik Apr 04, 2022
You just made a Swedish 35 year old "boy" very happy.

Steve Apr 04, 2022
Wow... just wow... will I be actually able to finish what I started over 30 years ago?!?

I can't read all these comments with the tears in my eyes...

Sherpa Apr 04, 2022
I knew this would come someday. I'm crying full of joy remembering my childhood. Still can't believe its really happening. Thank for this Ron, I love you

Fulvio Apr 04, 2022
I only Say: thank you <3

RetroRyan Apr 04, 2022
Absolutely incredible! Thank you so much Ron.

Nathan Apr 04, 2022

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

mrethan Apr 04, 2022
Finally I can complete my childhood! So excited!

Juha Meriruoho Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron Gilbert. Thank you so much. I never imagined we would get to see this.

Henk Apr 04, 2022

Gianlica Apr 04, 2022
Cant believe it's happening...
Please,tell me how to pre-order, order, buy, rent, steal, whatever it takes to get it!

LasseS Apr 04, 2022
Wow,I don't even know what to say. This is the best news in years.. Thank you Mr Gilbert & co.

Paul Nicholas Apr 04, 2022
What can I say? THANK YOU!
I mean... WOW!
Never thought this day would come.
Couldn't be happier!! 🥳

Mike Apr 04, 2022
Where can I pre-order this?  I'll pay whatever you want!!!

Eric Francois Apr 04, 2022
That's the best news of the last 2 decades or more. So happy!!!

Alex Apr 04, 2022
Thank you so much! Made my day

Alex Apr 04, 2022
...and dont screw it up!!!

AWANAGANA Apr 04, 2022
Finally I will be able to add another box to the 25 I already have of MI1 and MI2

Thanks Ron.

Mike Apr 04, 2022
Thanks Ron!

Three Headed Monkey Apr 04, 2022
Best news of all time :D

Tim Apr 04, 2022
Well I'll be .. a three-headed monkey! :o You legend! <3

Stevo Apr 04, 2022
Hej Ron.
I wish you luck! High expectations here! So take your time!
And don't forget: record directly unbeep'ed, so the unbeep-DLC is easier to produce. Everybody wants that anyway!  :-P
I hope also to see a Thimbleweed Park poster at the scummbar. Such reference is essential!  ;-)
Best regards

Mike (@lucasartsfans) Apr 04, 2022
So excited!

Gabriele Apr 04, 2022
Monkey Island is not just a game, is something that compketely changes your approach to life. Years of dreams and hopes finally came true. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Colin Iwanika Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron.

Mario Apr 04, 2022

Giuseppe Puglisi Apr 04, 2022
I'm speechless.

THANKS from the bottom of my heart! <3

Bijl Apr 04, 2022
This is insane.. When the world needs Guybrush the most, this news comes out.. Thanks Ron, you cannot imagine how much 'we' appreciate this.. Thank you!!

Stevo Apr 04, 2022
...hope to see you in Berlin again at the promotion tour. I know it's not a thing you like very much, but it was cool to met you there.

Óskar G Apr 04, 2022
This completely made my day!

Vanack Sabbadium Apr 04, 2022
Oh man, i love you. This is the best news in the f*****g last 13 years.
I loved Thimbleweed Park and i'm sure i'll love this new chapter of my favourite saga of all my existence.
Thank you Ron, we all love you!

Davide Apr 04, 2022
Ron!! This is the best news in AGES!! Thank you. Where do I sign with blood for a physical copy?

Brian Small Apr 04, 2022
I'm speechless and ecstatic.  Thank you!!

Tobi Apr 04, 2022
Ron, thats just awesome. Thats THE game announcement of the decade! I played Thimbleweed Park just a few months ago and I really enjoyed the humour and the flair of old point and click adventures.

A really important note: Don't forgett to release the soundtrack on vinyl for video game vinyl lovers like me.

Fabio M Apr 04, 2022
THANKS! REALLY, THANKS! From the deepest part of my heart thanks!  Today is one of the happiest day of my wnole gamer life!

Matteo Apr 04, 2022
Can I play in
•CGA ✔️
Thanks Ron! Grazie!

Bruce Apr 04, 2022
Best news of 2022 so far!

Sir de Mercier Apr 04, 2022

This is the best news of my whole miserable life!

Jon Auerbach Apr 04, 2022
Best non-April Fool's joke ever! I got my nine-year old daughter playing MI1 last year but she stopped after the Three Trials. First order of business when she gets home from school will be picking up where she left off!

Grumpycats Apr 04, 2022
Great news!

BiboX Apr 04, 2022
Well I am glad this day has come! Once a firm release date is announced, I am taking the day off work.

Christian Giegerich Apr 04, 2022
Awesome news! Really excited for this!

Johannes Apr 04, 2022
And the Team is perfect!!! And already this year???

Brideaux Apr 04, 2022
Raise your Grog(TM) and join me for a toast.

Ron, congrats! I'm very happy that you have a chance to revisit the world you created. May we all look forward to continued adventures. Cheers!

It's-a-me Apr 04, 2022
Awesome news!!!

Any idea which platforms this will be released on! <fingers crossed for a Switch port>

Andrew Apr 04, 2022
I am so thrilled that this is happening. And that you made a light-reveal on April Fool's Day, tugging at our aching hearts, my fanboy-ing is solidified.

il CISI Apr 04, 2022

thanks thanks

Damian Apr 04, 2022
I will never forget this day.

30 YEARS WAITING............

Gene Apr 04, 2022
I knew it!

Martijn Apr 04, 2022
I somehow still cannot believe it, I expect a post in the next couple of days saying: fooled you twice!

But if not, then this is amazing news, I'm even willing to spend more than 20 dollars on a videogame...

Elena Hitomi Apr 04, 2022
FANGIRLING, screaming internally, heart exploding, breathing heavily... Okay I'm exaggerating. I'm just genuinely happy Monkey Island is coming back huhu T_T Thank you Ron and team! You are forever awesome.

hal2000 Apr 04, 2022
OMG, I wouldn't believe this three days ago but now I'm just hyped for this game! I needed this from the moment I finished MOnkey Island 2! Thanks you, Ron, for making this and (of course...) to Disnay for making it possible at last! <3

Chewy Apr 04, 2022
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you Ron ! Im in shock and Can't believe it, you've made an old gammer very happy ! how many floppy disks will it be ?
Love from the uk !!

Luigi Elia Losito Apr 04, 2022
Ron you made me Happy like a child!!!! What a Great new this Is!

Damian Apr 04, 2022

Matteo M Apr 04, 2022
I'm still speechless. Best day ever

sergio Apr 04, 2022

Dom Apr 04, 2022
Amazing news!!!

Thunder Apr 04, 2022
For me Monkey Island 2 is still the best game ever made.
Can't wait for the real MI3!

I can't believe this is happening!!!

Thank you very much Ron!

Sven Apr 04, 2022
Wohoo!! MI1 and MI2 are by far the best games I played ever. Since then there where nice games, but not games with that level of humor and depth. I still can play the insult sword fighting! Ron, I really hope you can match the level of humor and gameplay of the first two games.

Carmelo Apr 04, 2022
You are a LEGEND!!!!
I was waiting for this since years!!!
Thanks for letting this dream come true!!!

Riccardo Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron, this was huge for many of us!

Brian Apr 04, 2022
Well this is pretty awesome. Looking forward to it.

chafe Apr 04, 2022
I was sad, now I'm happy. Thank you for working  again on this fantastic universel!

Brian Apr 04, 2022
Ok. Just watched the trailer and I have to admit I cried a little bit. Seriously dream come true.

Barton Lynch Apr 04, 2022
The level of joy I feel right now is indescribable.

Corrado Apr 04, 2022
I'm selling these fine leather jackets

Dante Apr 04, 2022
Ok, today is my 40th birthday. I've nothing more to say that a simple "thank you". Best gift ever Ron.

Josh Snow Apr 04, 2022
I haven't been this excited for a game in years. The only thing that could make this deal sweeter would be to FINALLY get some MI music on a vinyl release.

Matias Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron, now I can die in peace.

Antonio Apr 04, 2022
Oh my god
Oh mio dio

Nils B. Apr 04, 2022
Here we go, fantastic News, Mr. Gilbert

Paul Apr 04, 2022
Ron, this is the best news I received in quite some time. Monkey Island is my favorite franchise ever since I was 10-years-old. I remember playing the original with a dictionary because I didn't speak German at the time (we couldn't source an English copy). Thanks for making this happen!

Alejo Mariano Apr 04, 2022
Dude idw if u are gonna to read this but my brothers made me play MI 1 when micromania was the magazine for videogames!
We were been waitting for 30 years for this game. Thank you so much for do this possible!
My best wishes from an Argentinian guy!

Morph Apr 04, 2022
This is the best news of the 2022, hands down! I can't wait to play Monkey Island 3! ;-)

Please tell me you are thinking of a Big Box edition!?!?

Thanks Mr. Gilbert!

Tiocepillo Apr 04, 2022
Many, many thanks for everything, Mr. Gilbert. Dunno how much time I've been waiting for this game to come.

Good luck with the release! We'll be supporting and buying it, for sure!:)

Guy Spinning on Scumm Bar Chandelier Apr 04, 2022

Winfried Maus Apr 04, 2022
This is the first good news in 2022! Thank you, Ron, and I wish you much success with the project!

Now... Shut up and take my money! Where can we pre-order the game? 😀

Bruno Apr 04, 2022
I've chosen wisely! I'm really really excitado!

Andres Apr 04, 2022
Holy crap... I can't ... I don't ... I ....
Thank you so much Ron :)
I hope you're as happy as I am right now.

Giorgia Apr 04, 2022
Please please please let me get a boxed copy this time!

George Albanis Apr 04, 2022
All these years, unbelievable and may I add -- IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!

Oink! Apr 04, 2022
hey! ho! LET'S GO!

Lorenzo B (you know who I am) Apr 04, 2022
Best news of the year.. what am I saying, of the decade! I hope we will get to know more about LeChuck being Guybrush's brother

BugFan Apr 04, 2022
Oh shit, awesome. Please don't make it a netflix-esque reboot!

Giorgio Aversa Apr 04, 2022
IT'S A DREAM!! 💀🏴‍☠️🔥🙌🏻

Alfredo Apr 04, 2022
Espero que no sea una broma del April's fool porque si no te vamos a guardar esta para siempre xD
Es probablemente la noticia gamer más esperada de los últimos 30 años

Björn K. Apr 04, 2022
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I am so looking forward to this game!

Lomion Apr 04, 2022
Best news of the past 20 years ! I'm thrilled ! Never thought it would happen ! Thanks and take my money.

Ryan Apr 04, 2022
Super happy to hear. However, please tell me this will have old-school 90's pixel art. The art in the trailer doesn't look promising. It seems like The Curse of Monkey Island, instead of MI1 and MI2.

AMM Apr 04, 2022
Wait a minute... Is this real? How for god's sake did you find the time to complete the biggest Lego set in the history of mankind if you are doing the Monkey Island game everybody has been waiting for for 3 decades?? Huh???

Just kidding, of course. If this is not all of a sudden turning out to be a VERY cruel April Fools‘ joke (which Ron detests anyway), then this, game-wise, is the best news to me since the announcement of Curse of Monkey Island. Ah, screw CMI, this is much BIGGER! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

AMM Apr 04, 2022
By the way, is Boris Schneider-Johne going to do the German translation? That would be the icing on the icing on the icing... you get my point... of the cake.

Gus Apr 04, 2022
So, you had to go through the whole development in order to keep the blog April Fools' day free! Phew!

Mindiell Apr 04, 2022
At last !

Goody Apr 04, 2022
Muchas gracias Ron y al resto del equipo que hará el sueño realidad de tanta gente alrededor del mundo. Mucha suerte con el trabajo que os quede por delante,para llevarlo a buen puerto, al de Melee o donde sea, gracias!!

Seph Apr 04, 2022
i'm in love

Fran Apr 04, 2022
Well, you kept that quiet!

I'm not one to exaggerate but this is genuinely the greatest thing that has ever happened. Thank you SO MUCH.

Arthur Apr 04, 2022
Thank you, Ron!

Riccardo Apr 04, 2022
I dream of an option, like in the remastered versions of MI, to switch to a pixel art style, but even so, I'm crying of happiness. Thank's Ron!

Lucas Apr 04, 2022

TJ Michael Apr 04, 2022
Will PC speaker or Tandy 3 voice be supported? Or am I gonna have to shell out for a Disney sound source?

Giancarlo Apr 04, 2022
This is a glorious day! Thank you Ron, as I said for The Cave and Thimbleweed Park: you will always have a preorder here. I cannot wait to see more!

Guybrush Apr 04, 2022
This is... Awesome! I'm very very happy, thank you very much!
My favorite game come back!

Leo Apr 04, 2022
I still can't process this news. Can't wait. Btw, here's a glimpse of the new Mêlée Island (tm):  returntomonkeyisland dot com

doglobster Apr 04, 2022
I'm in love with the art style. Looks like you are living everything up to be just the way you want it to be.

First half life and now this. Genuinely life is worth living when things like this happen. Thank you Ron & team!

Can you open up the developer blog now please!

Daniel Apr 04, 2022
Funny that just today I got into an argument in which ways MI2 was a bad game.
Still looking forward to see how you'll do MI now, be it 3a or not.

bad-habit Apr 04, 2022

Maurice Apr 04, 2022
Thank you! Like really THANK YOU. I love my newsfeed for the first time in ages.
A happy day.

stemaj Apr 04, 2022
Hooray. I'm in. 😀

Fher Apr 04, 2022
Best day ever!

Flask Apr 04, 2022
Awful gfx, no thx.

Mark Apr 04, 2022
Holy fuck! Best news ever. I was truly thrilled at Thimbleweed Park but now I'm bowled over. This is the best news.

Edna Apr 04, 2022
Omg, this is the best news since years. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Please release it with a big box!!! THANKS!!!!

halfpackpad Apr 04, 2022
Monkey Island was the first game I played on my Amiga. I fell in love with it. I always go back to the originals (and Curse of) now and then and I still feel the same sense of joy I did back then. I'm now 40 years old and this announcement has put a big smile on my face.
Congratulations for getting the chance to do something you have wanted to do for a long time Ron. Looking forward to finally getting a chance to play your vision for the third game.

Marco Apr 04, 2022
This just made my millennium.

PLT Apr 04, 2022
I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement! I can't believe this is true!

Imamightypirate Apr 04, 2022
I love you

frisby Apr 04, 2022
As you mentioned years ago, this won't be the same as game would have made in 1993 -- I hope you'll post on how your thoughts/design has evolved through the years at some point.   Thrilling news! :)

Patrick Hackett Apr 04, 2022
The world has meaning again!

MarcoRonco Apr 04, 2022
Oh my god, what a time to be alive! I was a kid in 1990 with The secret of Monkey Island, it was my first graphic adventure <3 Thank you so much Ron, you made my day!

hh3k0 Apr 04, 2022
What a time to be alive! Looking forward to it.

Space81 Apr 04, 2022
The child in me is reborn, I am crying with joy, I will play it with my children as my father did with me.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Bnogal Apr 04, 2022
Can't wait to play it with my doughter

Gracias por la valentía.

Jack Apr 04, 2022
I still dont get it ! Is it an april fool or not ?

meturi Apr 04, 2022
Just have to say, thank you!
I never forget the 5 floppy diskset back in the 90's and my first game in colour!
Thank You Mr. Gilbert

Daniel A Apr 04, 2022

Erik Apr 04, 2022
Jesus. Such great news. Honestly, Monkey Island made me realize how much I loved 10pm and schadenfreude in my life. Thank you Ron for this, I'll be fetching this as soon as it comes out.

Just Another Fan Apr 04, 2022
I'm a fan of Monkey Island and once I wished upon a star that you could end up the story the way you had envisoned it.  This day has come and I can't say how happy this make me.  Now this is officialy the game I wait the most for 2022.

A thousand thanks!

Chris Apr 04, 2022
I was 12 when i played MI1 for the first time on my Amiga500. Now i am 44. I never thought this would be happen and now...oh-my-god. Cant wait to play it with my daughter (6 years), she loves Murray and LeChuck! THANK you Ron for making this true! I hope there will be a BigBox as well! Greetings from Germany

Giulio Apr 04, 2022

P.S. I know you are more than fully entitled to artistic freedom and that you said that you'd only make another monkey island if you'd have it. And that guybrush should have never married Elaine and so on.. but please try not to cancel the current course of events too much. Star wars canon had already been pulverised by Disney..

P.S. this time there's no escape.. we are entitled to know the secret after so much time!


Miquel Apr 04, 2022
I am so, so, so happy. Thank you to everyone involved, specially to Ron for dreaming of this wonderful world we all love and for compromising !

Hurst Apr 04, 2022
Nice dude! Looking forward to it!

Dor Kova Apr 04, 2022

Pete Apr 04, 2022
Utterly over the moon with this incredible, having first played Lechucks Revenge back in '92 I've been obsessed and wanted to know where we go after the carnival with his family. Hopefully we get the true secret and a conclusion to the 'trilogy'! Would love to see Wally, Largo , and the men of low moral fire again!!!

Many thanks for the great news Ron, looking forward to the rest of 22 and hopefully a big box to complete my collection :) all the best!

@mcwoods Apr 04, 2022
Just back from my first trip to the Caribbean, was on an island.... of monkeys, doing zip lines, getting lost on jungle trails, eating French food, and enjoying rum. Rum didn't help on jungle trail; disappointed pulley wasn't hidden in a rubber chicken, and no-one mentioned the similarities between myself and a dairy farmer... shame...  . Just seen the headlines -- I cannot wait! So excited for the game.  Best of luck with the rest of production, I hope it goes well! now I'm going to have to dig out my old copy of MI 1 and MI 2 and play them again...

@mcwoods Apr 04, 2022
Oh, hang on.. where can I pre-order a physical copy - with a poster, because we all need one ? ;-)

Banana-Head Apr 04, 2022
I want to pre-order a box with codewheel, rubber chicken and wax-lips! Take my money, i need this so bad! I LOVE YOU RON

Johan Windh Apr 04, 2022
THANK RON! You just made this day a very good one for me and a whole lot of other people.

Giovanni Apr 04, 2022
THANK U!!!! This is the happiest news in the last 5 years for me

guy.brush Apr 04, 2022
Hey Ron, ever heard of the Proust effect? It's when a certain smell triggers past emotions.

Christmas `92 i found Monkey Island 2 under the Christmas Tree, I was playing it day and night.
The day after Christmas my Mom made Raclette for the family. If you do it right the whole house smells like warm cheese for at least two days.
For the past 30 years, every time I smell Raclette it instantly puts me back to the feeling I had being a 13 year old boy playing MI2 for the first time.

I guess it's time to heat up the Raclette and add some new memories.

tekoy temashako Apr 04, 2022
thank you thank you thank you!!! gracias gracias gracias!!!!!!!!!!

Chiara Apr 04, 2022
I think I'll cry
Thank you Ron

Nicolas Apr 04, 2022
This is GREAT news!!!
I really hope to see STAN in this new episode!


Jo Apr 04, 2022
Where... Do I put.. my money!?

Super excited for this!  No pressure though 😂

LilaQ Apr 04, 2022
HOLY SH!T I can't believe this. You're making a 37y/o man cry with this news. I better get my MI tattoo finished <3

Thank you so much, Ron!!!

Matt T Apr 04, 2022
THANK YOU SO MUCH RON, YOU ABSOLUTE GOD! 😀 I'm 45 and I feel 14 :-D When's it released??? I need to book time off work...

Ricardo Apr 04, 2022
Love the fact that you're finally giving us your vision for Monkey 3... but I'm hating the art style. If you could do it in the same 90's pixel style it would be Perfection.

Ken Apr 04, 2022
If this turns out to be a long-running April Fools joke, I'm going to be so angry....

DaHooka Apr 04, 2022
Oh dear, you make a old man quite happy

Bruno Apr 04, 2022
So this is the content of 22! Can't believe! I thought it was a disk, not a year!

Fabi Apr 04, 2022
Have to report a bug here, the preorder button is missing on the landing page. ;-) This is fantastic news!!

Rob Apr 04, 2022
Just commenting to say I having been crying tears of joy at this announcement and still can't believe it's real. And unlike some people, I'm in love with the new art style, especially the lighting. Can't wait to see what you all are cooking up for later this year.

swentel Apr 04, 2022
I'm twelve again, thank you!

Little Cat Apr 04, 2022
Okay, that thing I've said the last post that I am a three-headed monkey?  I take it back.


Adamlaurent Apr 04, 2022
Something I believed was as likely as a lottery win. Had given up hope of it ever happening. Cannot share how perfect this is. TAAAAKKKKKEEE MMMMMMYYYYYY MMMMMOOOONNNNNNEEEEEYYY!!!!

Paul Apr 04, 2022
It would be incredible if Steve Purcell would do the cover art!

Rapp_Scallion Apr 04, 2022
I am back from the dead! This is definitely better than Ash-2-life

Luigi Matteo (Monkey Island Facebook Italian Fan Page) Apr 04, 2022
Thank You ♥️

Anna Apr 04, 2022
I will LOVE this so much.

Sonny Apr 04, 2022
Does this mean you're using SCUMM again too or is it lost to the mouse?

mr. T Apr 04, 2022
What an insane surprise!!! I can't believe this!! :-D Yes, yes and YESSSSSAAHH!

Manu Apr 04, 2022
Unbelievable news! No words can describe this feeling! Thank you  mr. Gilbert! Looking forward to seeing the new adventures of Guybrush.

Grumpy J Apr 04, 2022
For a april's fool hater, you sure make great ones.
Great news :D

dwa Apr 04, 2022

I already feel sorry for your arm, because I'm sure you're going to sign several new thousands of physical items this year, not so long after the LRG anthology.

(I'm sure Murray could give you a hand up for this.)

Timo Apr 04, 2022
I'm not crying, you are!

Tony Apr 04, 2022
Thank you so much.

ValliteKing Apr 04, 2022
You have no idea how happy you've made me. I'll be looking forward to this. ^v^

Score Apr 04, 2022
Yes! Yes! Yes! Click! Click! Click! Wonderful News!

DIMITRI Apr 04, 2022
thanks a bunch for this!

Oprion Apr 04, 2022
You are such a kidder Ron!

Gins Apr 04, 2022
I'm shaking, I'm shaking!

After all this time, I can't believe it's happening. I know it can't possibly be as good as our collective imagination, but I don't care, because I'm just so happy that you finally get to do it.

I hope you get the creative freedom you deserve, then whatever it turns out to be, will be worth the wait... but not more than $20!

Spaniard Apr 04, 2022
The day has come and I still alive. Hurrah!!!

Holger Apr 04, 2022
Please make a German speech version with "Norman Matt" as Guybrush possible.
I beg of you

Jadira Apr 04, 2022
Really excited about this.
Where can I unload my money?

Francesco Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Mr. Gilbert

David Apr 04, 2022
Congrats, Ron. I hope you're having a good time working on the game with old friends. I'm really looking forward to reading more about this project. But, please, take your time and enjoy creating this wonder. One petition, though. Could we please have a forum again so that we could nerd it out like you did with Thimbleweed Park?

Alejandro Apr 04, 2022
thank you thank you so so so much for this! with 40 years old today i feel like a 12 years old again. thank you!

Vyse Apr 04, 2022
Wow... I am speechless. Thank you for this. I haven't been this happy about anything for the last 15-20 years. Monkey Island was the first game I ever played on my fathers old MS DOS computer. I learned the commands to get into Norton Commander just to be able to start the game on my own when my father wasn't using the computer himself. I was crying when I saw this. Thank you. No matter how the game will turn out, I will treasure this moment. I still hope many more are to come when the game releases, but I already derived more joy from this than 1 minute trailer than from most AAA games in recent years.

k0SH Apr 04, 2022
Awesome announcement!
Dream dev team!
Dat game belongs into a big box!
Dislike the art style of the trailer to be honest (looks like 'a cheap mobile game') - but maybe there is a classic mode or TP-like mode too?
Fingers crossed!

Daniel Apr 04, 2022
Please no long, thin penis-faced Guybrush like in Curse.

Ellwood Fairfax Apr 04, 2022
So why is Murray in this if it's a new sequel to MI2? I do like Murray tho.

Joerg Z. Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron!! Finally! Take the time you want to work on that game! And enjoy the time doing that. Looking forward to it!

Seth Apr 04, 2022
It's impossible to find words that express how this news makes me feel. Thank you Ron, and a heartfelt congratulations on your return to Monkey Island.

Eros P. Apr 04, 2022
wow wow wow... we can also look for a phisycal copy of it?

Roncaldiero Apr 04, 2022

Nacho G Apr 04, 2022
Yeeesssss!! Awesome news!!! Thank you so much for this Ron and all the team involved!

Kris Apr 04, 2022
Whenever a new Monkey Island release is announced, it makes me happy to be alive and ponder that there might indeed be a God after all. Thank you.

Spyder Apr 04, 2022
Well played, sir. Very well played 👏

Looking forward to it!

Ale Apr 04, 2022
Thanks Ron. Finally. We all need to know the REAL secret. You made our day, week, month, year... we want to play it!

PK Apr 04, 2022
How could I dare not trust an April Fools post!? Right now this feels like being in a parallel utopian universe while traveling 42 years back in time. Hope the game turns out the way you imagine it to be. And you have tremendous fun doing it. I will have for sure, playing it with my kids. Thanks, Ron, for putting your time and energy and nerves into creating these moments for us.

Low Level Apr 04, 2022
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh!!!! I can't believe this is happening!!! After decades of waiting, this REAL MI3 will make my childhood complete! Thank you Ron!

Fer Apr 04, 2022
This is so wonderful!!!

Cheeseness Apr 04, 2022
This is very exciting! Ron, I happy you've got this opportunity, and I hope it is rewarding and fulfilling for you.

RC Apr 04, 2022
I hope you are half as happy working on this, as we are learning about this. :) Wishing you all the best!

Winkelmann Apr 04, 2022
Quite a stunt, sir. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jezza Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron. You made me fall in love with video games in the early 90s thanks to your games. Thank you for keeping that emotion alive 30 years later.

JanW Apr 04, 2022
The first good news since 2019! Ron, you made a young boy... errr... old man who played MI2 back in the 20th century so happy! Let us know if we can support this project in any way besides preordering...

automp Apr 04, 2022
Hey Ron... I truly hope you read through as many posts, comments, articles and reactions as you can. Just to see how much pleasure you and your team are giving to so many people all around the world.
Just enjoy it and thanks for making this happen!

steve Apr 04, 2022
This is the biggest thing to happen in gaming for decades, Ron. I litterally cried for an hour while reading all the YT comments, Ron Gilbert, Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm its like a dream come true, Thankyou so much!!  For the love of RON Take my money

Mad Marty Apr 04, 2022
Is that Murray in the trailer?

perkelord Apr 04, 2022
thanks for this, ron.

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos Apr 04, 2022
Thank you for these heart-warming news. I can't find the words to express how happy I feel.
Best Regards, Ron!

Elmo Fuddrucker Apr 04, 2022
Best news in the history of ever!

yorch Apr 04, 2022
This just brought a tear of joy to my eyes.

Firebird Apr 04, 2022
Thank you, Ron, and everybody you needed to convince that making your third Monkey Island game would be a great idea!

Will I be able to play it on my Amiga, too? ;-)

Jaxx Apr 04, 2022
My apologies for my skepticism sir. And thank you so much for this dream. I actually dreamed of you the other day, even before the 1st of April (here in Spain we don't have that tradition at least on the same day) first time in my 32 years old life. Premonition? It's easy to say now.

Daniele Apr 04, 2022
Monkey Island was literally the first videogame I've ever played. I was 6 or 7, with my older brother and when pepole ask me "what's your favorite videogame?" the answer was always "Monkey Island". Sir, today you have made lot of people happy. thank you!

Mark Apr 04, 2022
What a ruse! Looking forward to the experience!

Mike Apr 04, 2022
Insert disk 195 and press left mouse button

Myles Apr 04, 2022
Been waiting for a decade for this. Signed the Disney petition and actively checked headlines every few months. This is glorious.

Chaz Apr 04, 2022
Goddamn you...

Anthony Cassidy Apr 04, 2022
And you convinced Disney to let you use the "LucasFilm Games" moniker - Take my money now!

racx_00 Apr 04, 2022
The one time I skip your April Fools blog and I miss some of the most exciting news imaginable.

Thank you, Ron! I've waited so long for this day and feared it would never come.

Darius Apr 04, 2022

Darius Apr 04, 2022

Wade Mealing Apr 04, 2022
Oh, this made my week.  I always look back fondly on the stories and characters in these series of games.

Claudio Apr 04, 2022
So many years dreaming to be incredibly rich just to buy the Monkey Islands franchise back from Disney and lend them to Ron Gilbert to make us a new game. Now I just discovered It will be no need to be wealthy to join in a new adventure with the characters that made me fall in love for pirate stories. Thanks Ron, best news ever! 😀

Ed Apr 04, 2022
I love you, Ron.

Dario Apr 04, 2022
Insert year #22
and you made it!
(2nd) best news ever, 3 decades in the (decision) making.
We will Return To Monkey Island and it means the world to us.
Shaking, crying, sleepless, thankful.

Will the physical release include a single disc labeled "#22"?

By the way, it's great to see that the comment sections are flooded with messages from Italian fans.

Ariel Apr 04, 2022
I´m happy !!

zottelmann Apr 04, 2022
30 years later and im finally able to actually buy a monkey island game when its released ;) thank you!

idarwin Apr 04, 2022
Is it compatible with my Commodore 64?

Sloane Apr 04, 2022
I'm crying. Thanks, Ron -- I honestly thought it would never happen.

Emanuele Apr 04, 2022
I've always wanted to be a pirate... again. 'Bin waiting for this since for ever. Maybe I get to be a grumpy teenager again? Thank you, Ron. Your games are the best. We love you.

melon Apr 04, 2022
A game I'll not only buy but also play.

Uhm. X-Copy is ready.

Chris Apr 04, 2022
This is absolutely amazing. I thought it would never happen.
Thank you Ron, you truly deserve to make this game at long last. Beyond pumped up for this!

Tommy Apr 04, 2022
You have to make jokes about microtransactions to unlock secrets passage in stump

TLammert Apr 04, 2022
This makes me so happy, it´s unbelievable. Thank you so much.

Matt W Apr 04, 2022
This is by far the best news in years!! I can buy 10 copies, just to support!
My all time favorite game series..

Guybrush Threepwood Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron and team, this is the second biggest game release news I've heard.

Limner Apr 04, 2022

Stefano Ferrario Apr 04, 2022
Thank you a lot Ron!!! After 30 years, this is a beautiful gift!
I hope you'll make physical copy and not only digital.
Looking forward to play again to the best video game series ever created!

Gubernatorial Pretzel Apr 04, 2022
Gee willikers!! Is this gonna be swell !!!

AWANAGANA Apr 04, 2022
I can't help but notice that hardly anyone comments on the graphic choice and the change of style, probably for fear of hurting the Grumpy Gamer's susceptibility.
Yet I remember that among the job offers there were also figures of pixel art experts, but here I don't see a single pixel.
However, I'm imagining a movie (or a dream) in which a narrator, with more current graphics, introduces the "legend" of Guybrush Threepwood and Lechuck the pirate, and where almost the whole game takes place in flashbacks with wonderful pixelated graphics and maybe some brief mention of previous episodes.
I will dream like this until the actual release of the game that we all look forward to.
Thanks Ron.

Knuttin Atoll Apr 04, 2022
Let's just hope that EARL BOEN will be the voice of LeChuck, the demon pirate from Heck. Pretty pretty please!

Christof Apr 04, 2022
I'm so happy right now! It' ll be awesome.

Francesco Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron from the deep of Caribbean...

Randlefern Apr 04, 2022
I've never thought I would be this happy again.
Thank you very much, Ron.
From the heart.

Steve K Apr 04, 2022
I got Secret of Monkey Island for Christmas when I was 10, and played all of the games since, but like Ron, I never felt truly satisfied with the ones after LeChuck's Revenge.  Although Murray was alright.  Anyhoo, two years ago I let my daughter play through games 1 and 2 and stopped there.  When my son turns 10 this summer, I'll let him play games 1 and 2.  And then we will all finally get the closure to the ending of MI2 that we need!  Thank you Mr. Ron Gilbert for making our family's dreams come true!  Can't wait to see the new game, and PLEASE take my money!  There has never been a more worthy cause!

Maxxtro Apr 04, 2022
Best news ever!
So happy you and Dave are back on the island.

Nanduz76 Apr 05, 2022
Oh my God! A three (-headed) monkey!

Mikel Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron, you just made my week better! I'm sure you'll include something controversial... in a good way. Thank you for the good work.

Kroms Apr 05, 2022
There are going to be comments on here from ~2005 from a lonely, depressed 15 year old me for whom "Monkey Island" was a lifeline. That kid is overjoyed. Congratulations, Ron, Dan, et all. I hope it's amazing.

Kroms Apr 05, 2022
Ron, *Dave, et all.

Conny Torneus Apr 05, 2022
What a Ron Gilbert way of doing it. But to be fair, you did keep it April fools free.

Now my immediate question is... How did you pull this one off? I thought Disney had zero interest?

Sulkor Apr 05, 2022
You fight like a dairy Farmer!

Conny Torneus Apr 05, 2022
Ron, pretty please. Make it a worthy sequel to Monkey Island 2. So far I see bits and pieces from Curse of Monkey Island which I loved too, although there were elements there I didn't appreciate. My fingers are crossed for this one now that you're involved. No pressure 🙃

WastelandBlaze Apr 05, 2022
That's what the world needs. I'm shakin I'm shakin right now.

QUIQUE Apr 05, 2022
Can't wait to see that hidden gem!

Simone Apr 05, 2022
Thanks, thanks and thanks again !!!
I recommend you need a nice deluxe edition

Lewis Guarniere Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron for making this a reality. Long time fan and super excited. I do have one question... is Murray going to be part of the game or is how he is staying at the bottom of the ocean after this trailer? I am super excited either way! (Have a soft spot for Murray though lol)

MonkeyFunkey Apr 05, 2022
Hail the monkeys

Jack Apr 05, 2022
Thank you

GhostPirateLechuck Apr 05, 2022
My nickname everywhere on the web has been GhostPirateLechuck since... the birth of the web. My level of overexcitement simply cannot be put down in words.

Torbjörn Andersson Apr 05, 2022
It's hard to see how any game could ever fulfill the expectations that have been built up over the last 30 years, so I'm trying to keep mine in check. But I will say this:

If the game can somehow include the EGA version of The Secret of Monkey Island as a Day of the Tentacle style easter egg, the rest of the game could be an atonal opera about the life and times of Jar-Jar Binks and I'd still consider it money well spent.

I've wanted to play that version for years, and seems increasingly unlikely that I ever will.

DrJ Apr 05, 2022
Fantastic! Best news since completion of the Colosseum. So much appreciated.

Brian Ruff Apr 05, 2022
I tested up when I heard the music

Alien426 Apr 05, 2022
Given the track record of the developers, we may be slightly optimistic that this game won't be the worst game ever.

Maybe not slightly, but very. Maybe not "not the worst", but "one of the best".


The game's announcement alone made me happy. Maybe this rock can be salvaged.

Pistol Pete Apr 05, 2022
This is amazing news! Still can´t believe it. My inner child (13 years old or so is still jumping around the room). I hope the game will come in BigBoxes as well!

asoft Apr 05, 2022
Unbelieavble! Waited decades for this news. It was about time!

Terbaryus3rd Apr 05, 2022
Please can you make a version with the classic pixel art graphics?!

Giulio Apr 05, 2022
Ok I've slept over the news and what can I say?
The excitement is definitely HERE TO STAY!!!
Plus... Ron has confirmed that Curse stays canon!

Me: "There are no words for how happy I am."
Ron: "Yes there are, you just never learned them."

Thomas Apr 05, 2022
I'm sure we all have those fantasies about what we would do if we won the lottery or became super rich somehow. Ever since my childhood, one of those dreams of mine was to buy the rights to Monkey Island and give them to Ron and the rest of the original crew just so we could get another real Monkey Island. I'm not kidding, that was always on my list. Now I can finally stop wasting money on lottery tickets.

Giulio (another one) Apr 05, 2022
Does this mean we can finally grow up after we play it?

Matt Apr 05, 2022
Please take my money!

masayume Apr 05, 2022
This means so much, for you and for anyone who loves the saga.
I hope you are having a great time developing it with such a wonderful team. And I hope that when it's out anyone will cry tears of joy over something so precius and unexpected.

Badpit Apr 05, 2022
Thank you soooo much, I grew up with your guys masterpieces. Please help keeping our favourite games genre alive and maybe giving another boost. If you cańt who else? Honestly I still have goose bumps about this news. Thanks also to the other parties, like Disney, Lucasgames and Devolver Digital. Biggest present for my soon 50th bday.

Avatauro Apr 05, 2022
I think I got something stuck in my eye

Vascanera Apr 05, 2022
Yeaaah, boyyyy! It's showtime!

Ralph Apr 05, 2022
Looking forward to this. I also like Curse of Monkey Island.

Disney should make a new Indiana Jones Point&Click adventure, Last Crusade
and Fate of Atlantis were both very good.

Woody Apr 05, 2022
And I thought Elden Ring is going to be my game GoTY 2022... Thanks Ron for completing a puzzle which was left unsolved 31 years ago.

longuist Apr 05, 2022
I think i will pirate it first. Old habbits. And then i will buy it twice, and all merchandising crap available, just because i have been actively waiting and saving for this to happen..

juancpin Apr 05, 2022
Even if it costs a Big Whoop, I'll buy it in this life and also in the afterlife.

Woodforge Apr 05, 2022
Can this come in a box? Maybe not on floppy disks

Chris Apr 05, 2022
This is great! I played Monkey Island 1+2 in my childhood and still count them among the best games of all time. I didn't like the other parts as much. Now 21 years have passed ....... and bam! the sequel to Monkey Island 2 is announced. Many thanks to Ron Gilbert. I always hoped you would develop the third part, but didn't really believe in it. To celebrate this I'll drink a grog tonight.

ChrisF Apr 05, 2022
This is great.
Thank you, it's so cool that you could make this happen Ron!

morgan Apr 05, 2022
Will you be supporting native Linux ?  I played the previous Monkey Island games without any Microsoft software (Amiga..) and hope to play this one without also ...

Wretic Apr 05, 2022
YEEEEEES! Out of happiness I'll replay the games, one of the best news of this year so far.

wysiwtf Apr 05, 2022
Plot twist: its going to be an "Action-Adventure" based on Death-Spank ;)

Jokel Apr 05, 2022
This announcement made me cry... I have goosebumps everywhere. Thank you so much, Ron! 😀

ty812 Apr 05, 2022
Native Linux support would be nice, but let's be real: I'd happily buy a monkey island windows machine if it must be.

Mega Apr 05, 2022
Ron, you sexy Beast! You did it!

NykolasAlbert Apr 05, 2022
Hello, when will be possible to get this great artwork game?

Golber Apr 05, 2022
Wow, enthusiastic!!!
Please dubbing multilanguage (italian), because for this kind if game is very important!

Ben Apr 05, 2022
You have no idea.. well, you probably do, but... you have no idea how much this means to a lot of greying 80286 gamers. Please though can we have multi platform support (like, Linux, macs). As much as I am a superfan, I won't install windows for this.

oblo Apr 05, 2022
Pixel support,  physical edition with cardboard box, mega-multi-ultimate edition... we want it all!!!! Thanks thanks thanks a lot to make this!!! At last I'll be able to buy a new Monkey Island game by myself!!!

__carlg__ Apr 05, 2022
"in 2022" ok but w h e n  ?   i want it   N O  W  >😬

Il Paul di Gomma Apr 05, 2022
Thank you 🤩

Marco Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron,
I cannot sleep no more

Nick Belane Apr 05, 2022
Do as you like man thats the only way for a new master pice. We trust!
Looks really nice, I really like the art, colour and lightning is wonderfull.
Thanks for making our year!

Tharon Apr 05, 2022
Please, Windows 7 support and no Epic exclusive, and i will insta-buy it !!!

Andrea Apr 05, 2022
Dio ti benedica!

pennydunk_1 Apr 05, 2022
Two days ago I finished Thimbleweed Park for the second time. Yesterday morning I finished Maniac Mansion for the first time. Then I went into a youtube spree, watching your interviews. Then I read your 'Why do adv. games suck' article. And at night, I came from work, routinely googled 'new monkey island game' (like I do all these years). And my head exploded. It's like the planets collided, like the universe conspired to get those news this way, like that 30-year gap never existed. Thank you so much, much love from Athens Greece, you're a legend here

Foxxie Apr 05, 2022
I literally screamed in my family's face!!! This has made me so freaking happy!! Thank you, Ron, thank you sooo much for this <3

Old Dolio Apr 05, 2022
I´m shaking... I´m literally shaking. Best game news I see in 35 years. I´M SO EXCITED... DREAM COME TRUE.

Gerard Braad Apr 05, 2022
"Look behind you, a Monkey Island 3 trailer!"

Jeff Apr 05, 2022
I am unbelievably happy that this is finally happening. Thank you so much Ron.

D@vid Apr 05, 2022
Ron, this is so fantastic.
Today is like XMAS for me :)))
Can't wait to buy my copy.

DieSkaarj Apr 05, 2022
Is that bloom Ray-Traced? I can see the fires of hell reflecting off the harbor mist.

Pepe Apr 05, 2022
This deserves to receive the most comments of all time. So here is mine.


Mikael Apr 05, 2022
Ok, Ron. But did you think about that Murray was actually a skeleton before he became a Skull, HM?

Pee Island™ Apr 05, 2022
.:. Seven facts about the Return to Monkey Island .:.

Mostly likely the world won't go down this year already. Phew.
It will cost 20 bucks (rubel, bitcoin, the currency isn't determined yet).
You probably won't need a new graphics card but you might want to ditch your CRT.
Full of vibrant characters, except Stan, the game won't feature a single masked mad person.
Disney badly wanted amazones, led by LeFlay, riding on monkeys through space but failed, hopefully.
As a traditional Ron Gilbert game it will phone home but you can turn it off (E.T. = 0).
Ken and Roberta Williams latest project will be inferior in comparison again.

There still is a lack of clarity about the orientation of the toilet paper.

Bobby Apr 05, 2022
YES YES! You got me smiling from ear to ear, I am so much looking forward to this!

Luca Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron ! You gave hope to humanity in this darkest moment!

Andres Apr 05, 2022
I Love you Ron! Thanks

sneaky Apr 05, 2022
load blown.

Reflex79 Apr 05, 2022
Ron, what about considerate an amiga Vampire conversion? Monkey Island started on the Amiga back in 1990, now there is a brand new class of amiga board and standalone system that should be powerful enough to run your game, why don't you think about an Amiga/Vampire conversion?

Mauro Apr 05, 2022
Please Windows 7 too not just 10

Michael Z Apr 05, 2022
This is amazing! After so many years! I am 42 now, playing with my 6 year old boy MI 1,2,3 over and over again ... so happy to see this news! thank you Ron!

Sushi Apr 05, 2022
I am lost for words...
(And so glad there really was a wolf)

Thank you, Ron!

Asterisk Apr 05, 2022
Will there be an Atari ST version?  If not, I will settle for playing on Linux.

Nikolai Antonov Apr 05, 2022
This has to be the biggest game announcement since Shenmue III. I'm literally too hyped for words! Can't wait for this to be released!

GABARTS Digital Apr 05, 2022
After Twin Peaks the return, this is the most amazing to hear, the genius team is back! Cannot wait, yikes! How much wood a woodchuck will chuck this time?

LeafNode Apr 05, 2022
Holy shit! It...really...happened. MI3 is here. That's the first game I'm going to buy blindfolded without reading a single review of it.

And as a bonus it's not even a violation of Ron's no April-1st-Jokes-Rule, because it obviously wasn't an April first joke, so this blog is still April first joke free! And he even announced this proceeding back in 2013 on Twitter! :D

Now, know what to do on April 1 2023!

Manicus Apr 05, 2022
Finally!!! (Greetings from Spain)

Marco Apr 05, 2022
I am so excited about this announcement, I have been waiting for it for 30 years! Thank you Ron!

Adahn Apr 05, 2022
Amazing News!
I hope I won't lose the codewheel again...

FABIOL Apr 05, 2022
Dear Ron, an announcement I've been waiting for 30 years !!! In a moment you made me go back to the little boy of that time, immersed in that fabulous and magical pirate world. Incredible. Thank you.

Hany Saad Apr 05, 2022
I (and I say this without a hint or irony) have never been more excited about a videogame announcement ever. When I was in elementary school, my friend had this game and we spend hours playing it on his computer. Mind you, this game was already a few years old when we started playing and we played it many times. It was the first game I played with this kind of humor and storytelling. This pretty much informed my sense of humor and my love for storytelling. I have literally played it every time it came out or was remastered. So, when I saw this announcement, I called my friend from elementary school which I hadn't spoken to in years. When this game comes out, we are going to get together and play it.

hardcorefan Apr 05, 2022
Wow, this is a unique opportunity to continue the saga your way, please don't waste the opportunity or the cosmos will commission... Been 30 years waiting for this moment! Is there life after the Big Whoop? Will there be a big box edition? iMuse system? Retro pixel filter option? I'm very happy that this project is real even if it doesn't fulfill everything I want, congratulations infinite!!!

Giorgio L. Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron!

Iron Curtain Apr 05, 2022
I actually met Ron Gilbert IRL back in PAX 2009. This was a (strictly from memory) conversation I had with him at that event on the convention floor:

Me: Now, Ron, I think we should talk about the secret. You know which one. Now, I'm not saying you should *reveal* the secret...
Ron: Because I *won't*!
Me: Right. Anyway, my question to you is are you going to reveal the secret eventually or are you going to take it to your grave?
Ron: *does thinking gesture* Unless I get a chance to make another Monkey Island game, I'll eventually reveal the secret.

Anyway, I'm glad the secret will be revealed in game form. It's about darn time. ;-)

Ta Apr 05, 2022
we will get a new monkey island tune, i like the music so much 😀

ChristianN Apr 05, 2022
This looks very right. I have no words. Lucasfilm Games, Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian, Dominic Armato, Dave Grossman and you, Mr. Gilbert! I like the art style, but initially in my dreams it was a "pixel VGA, but with 2022 tech"-style. Like you described in one of your blog posts years ago. So I miss Mark Ferrari on this one. But I am more excited for this than for Half-Life 3 and so happy right now! I like that it is not VR-only. (eh heh) Made my day! PS: Please look for Linux support or target the very stable Proton compatibility layer. PPS: Will it have something like iMUSE™, where the music is intertwined? PPPS: Will it have Boris Schneider-Johne for the German translation? ARRRRRRR!

ChristianN Apr 05, 2022
How did you get Disney to agree?

hardcorefan Apr 05, 2022
@ChristianN It was a matter of time that Disney collab with him, they did not go anywhere with the series without him.

I think this introduction is a sour joke from Ron. There's even Murray who is an icon of Monkey Island 3. Think a little guys, it is a brilliant Ron's joke :D

Patrik Apr 05, 2022
Ron, thank you so much! My first Monkey Island was LeChuck's Revenge on my first PC, a 286, back in 1993, two years after its release. My PC didn't even have a sound card, but I enjoyed the effects and music with PC Speaker nonetheless!
LeChuck's Revenge was so dark and mysterious, it was the first high quality PC game I have ever played, and it blew my 12 year old mind.

This all sounds way too good to be true, the only thing I would wish for would be for the graphic style to be pixel art - I think my life would be complete then. I would again be the 12 year old boy experiencing the magic of PC gaming for the first time.

LazyAndroid Apr 05, 2022
Hopefully it ships before the inevitable apocalypse that we seem to be approaching.

Madison Apr 05, 2022
Wow! I just read the news! You have no idea how amazingly excited I am - the little girl in me is crying bucket of tears! I've been waiting for this for years and years! Hoping so much - googling - hoping to read exactly this! I am beyond excited! I love it! It looks amazing! I can't wait! THANK YOU!  

Fingers crossed that it comes to Stadia :)

Martin Apr 05, 2022
Graaaacciaass Roooonnn!!!!!!

martin Apr 05, 2022
Gracias, Gracias, Gracias, Gracias!!!!

Korhan - asterothe Apr 05, 2022
This was the news I have been waiting for 30 years. There are very few things in life my love and interest have not changed all my life. MI is one them. It's a dream come true being able to know the "real" MI story!

RashoHyo Apr 05, 2022
Sorry for the delay, I had to think about what was going on...what makes me happy is thinking of you and Dave, like the old days, making a new Monkey...I hope Tim was able to keep you company too!
Thanks a lot!!!

Alfre Apr 05, 2022
I've been waiting for this for 30 years!!
It is a dream come true. Thank you very much!

SAREI ENZO Apr 05, 2022
SI VERIFICHERA DI NUOVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CIAO

Pete Apr 05, 2022

mpt Apr 05, 2022
Thank you Ron.

Gonzalo Apr 05, 2022
Gracias Ron!! Un abrazo grande desde Argentina!

EricD21 Apr 05, 2022
Watching the trailer, I am 15 years old again working my first real job at Egghead Discount Software, selling copies of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 (and LOOM, and the CD-ROM versions with the digital soundtracks...) to people who don't quite know what a huge treat they're in for. (It strikes me that, in a sense, I was a real-life "Ask me about LOOM" guy).

After a decent amount of disappointment with other "modern" point-and-click adventure games, Thimbleweed Park managed to really recapture the magic of those early days for me - big pixels, clicking on verbs. I know this won't be that, exactly, but whatever it is I'm looking forward to it. Congratulations to you and the team!

aproudfather Apr 06, 2022
after showing the teaser to our 7yo, he kept humming the monkey island theme for at least an hour while trying to figure out, how the story could continue after part two... 😀

Banana Bro Apr 06, 2022
I maniacly laughed then followed by tears. In these rough times, it's the best thing I heard. I'm so happy I could cry (still), Don't mess it up!

Herman Toothrot Apr 06, 2022
In spite of the trailer, this will be in the style of M. I. 1 & 2 & Thimbleweed Park, right?

mattew1983 Apr 06, 2022
Grazie Ron

Allan Apr 06, 2022
Thank you Ron. I am following this blog for years just hoping for this news.
As a fan of the real MI 1 and 2 I am hoping for a Ron Gilbert MI 3.
But now I read that MI 3 will be canon? MI 3 somehow explained every mystery of the ending of MI 2, so I am afraid we will not get the full vision of your MI 3? MI 3 was nice and Murray was fun, but it always felt not right without you on board. I know, we will not be disappointed. Just wanted you to know how much I crave for your MI 3.

The only thing I regret about my teenage experience with MI 1 and 2 is that I relied on puzzle solution books.
This won't happen to me this time.

Allan Apr 06, 2022
I still hope, this teaser was a joke in regards of Murray.
MI 3 and the rest may have happened in some Le Chuck magic. I am not even sure the graphics will be like this. I am hoping for the graphics vision of MI 3a. 😀

Martijn Apr 06, 2022
I still think the ending of Thimbleweed Park pretty much revealed what was the actual secret of Monkey Island. Several YouTube videos seem to think the same. But, they were all assuming that is what you meant it to be. So I'm still curious!

As a side note, I do not see Tim Schafer being involved, he *was* an asssistant designer on both Monkey Island games, right?

Sot Apr 06, 2022
Please release an amiga version!

Emma Apr 06, 2022
I had a little boy in January which was the best thing that has ever happened to me...but then I heard this news.

Murat Tekmen Apr 06, 2022

Emanuele Italy Apr 06, 2022
This news makes me absolutely happy. I can't describe it. Maybe you don't know what means that news... I was a child when I played MI 1 and 2. Then I played all your works. When I will have a son I will continue to play your titles with him.

Michal Apr 06, 2022
This is great news!! I remember as a child I had to get some help to "arj" other games to get enough space on my hard disk for pirate MI1. And then with basic English and dictionary... Each step forward was such a success! I cant wait to buy the new story now!

Pepe Apr 06, 2022
@Emma: Congratulations! All the best to you and your family. :)

Monkey Island was such a strong influence for me that we named our first daughter Elaine. A very, VERY uncommon name in Germany.

Thomas Apr 06, 2022
Gosh, I love you for that Ron. I really do. Like an Ghostpirate-Uncle I never had :-D These are stunning news, can't waitfor the game!

Caroline Apr 06, 2022
Obsessed! I'm a 41 year old closet gamer and have my kids 11, 8, 6 hooked on MI games!!! We've solved 1,2,3 (mid way through 4). This is the BEST NEWS EVER. You've actually made my decade.

Guybrush Apr 06, 2022
This-Is-Awesome! Geil-O-Mat!
Thank you Ron!

Pedro Apr 06, 2022
Thank you for creating "Monkey Island" and for deciding to make "Return to Monkey Island". You marked the lives of many of us.

Love you for this Ron!

Threepwood Apr 06, 2022
Please do another podcast! Enoyed listening to it. It was like watching a toddler grow up.

Chris Apr 06, 2022
What's with all the CMI hate? And Murray hate? I love all Monkey Island games as each have thier own charm, can we please stop with the pios "it wasn't MI3 blah blah" just enjoy we are getting finally something new in a game series we truly cherished whether you have a preference  that's fine but don't sit and demand no Murray this and graphics need be that blah blah, I'm just ecstatic one of my fav games and stories will get to live on

Patricio M. Apr 06, 2022
Beautiful notice! By the way, my hapiness is double: yesterday I noticed of the 2 week-old announcement of the return of Ken & Roberta making a 3D remake of the first conversational adventure of all times: Colossal Cave.

Rachchch Apr 06, 2022

Randy Apr 06, 2022
> What's with all the CMI hate? And Murray hate? ...

I 10000% agree! What is it with you people! You get the most amazing gift possible and then you bitch it's not in the exact hue of red you wanted.

Rum Apr 06, 2022
Absolutely agree with @Chris and @Randy. Some people just can't be happy.

Iron Curtain Apr 06, 2022
I "fourth" @Chris, @Randy, and @Rum.

Ron Gilbert's vision may be accepting CMI because he has said on many different occasions that he approved of it with the exception of Guybrush and Elaine tying the knot in the end.

So I think a Monkey Island 2.5 may fit in with his vision after all!

Ernest Apr 06, 2022
Why is CMI brought up in the conversations? this is supposed to be 3a, the third part of a trilogy as a 'what if', which marvel has been using for years with success (and now with parallel universes).

If it's the 3rd part of a trilogy it makes sense that the style matches the pixelated one of 1 and 2 (already did it with Timbleweed Park recently) and that the storyline completely ignores 3 and 4.

Those fans of post-2 have had 30 years to enjoy the modern versions. Let the fans of 1 and 2 enjoy what we have been missing for 30 years.

Sam Apr 06, 2022
Is the Secret of Monkey Island going to be revealed? I've been waiting for 32 years

Fuck The Voodoo Lady Apr 06, 2022
MI I's music was good, with a great theme. Kind of rough around the edges.
Favorite tunes: Scumm-Bar (ARR!), Intro, Captain LeChuck.

MI II's music (on AdLib) was outstanding, with a number of fantastic tunes. One of the best of all video games. Goosebumps.
Favorite tunes: Men of Low Mortal Fiber, Captain Dredd's Theme (ARR!), Hidden Beach.

MI III's music was different (real instruments) and great, between I and II.
Favorite tunes: The Sea Cumcumber, A Pirate I Was Meant To Be (ARR!), Ending Credits.

MI IV's music was great too, slightly below MI III.
Favorite tunes: Talking With Carla And Otis (ARR!), Scumm-Bar, The Lawyers.

TOMI's music was good too, between I and III.
Favorite tunes: DeSinge's Lab (ARR!), Club 41, Hardtrack and Trenchfoot.

Make the music in MI3b awesome again (melodies, rhythms, sound, feeling, goosebumps). Come on!

Rum Rogers Apr 06, 2022
@Ernest I'm a hardcore fan that played all the MI games in order, from 1990 till now. The first 2 games are light years above every other game in the series.
That being said, I'm not gonna nitpick the fact that the "purity" is not the one we expected or wished for: the choice is between this or NOTHING at all.

The pixelated, pure, "original" MI3a that could have been in 1993-ish doesn't exist and will never do. As Ron once said, it's lost in time now.

I'll happily get this as a miracle and suggest you to do the same, rather than complaining about some CMI elements not being killed off completely (e.g. Murray) or the art style being HD-based.

DieSkaarj Apr 06, 2022
I thought The Secret™ was Love™. I know it's soppy but LeChuck sailed away looking for it. And, Guybrush found it with Elaine at the end of the first game. Only it wasn't all it was made out to be. Hence, Big Whoop. Why the return to Monkey Island though? I guess we'll find out!

Matteo Apr 06, 2022
Thank you Ron Gilbert. You make my dream come true.

Jeroen Apr 06, 2022
Carefully optimistic. This clearly won't have the graphics many of us would have hoped for. I wouldn't have minded doing the CMI art style, as I felt that looked the part. But regardless, it is still MI, it will feature Guybrush.. I am sure it will feature multiple islands, grog and pirates. :) If possible, bring back the pieces of eight.. CMI ditched it for some reason. A proper overhead island map is a must as well. ;)

Jihan Apr 06, 2022
Thank you. You don't know how happy this makes me.

maxleod Apr 06, 2022
So it looks like it's not a joke. I'll believe it when I see it. But if it's true...

Orlando Apr 06, 2022
Hi Ron, amazing news, Monkey Island was my 1st computer game, I'm really excited about it. Thanks Ron, I know you tried to finish this trilogy for long time, thanks for not giving up.

pigman27 Apr 06, 2022
please dont dont n n no nono NO NO nnNNNOOOOOOOOOOOooooo..

Liana Apr 06, 2022
Thank you oh so much. We were in dire need of some good news. Thank you!

Citizen of Mêlèé Island Apr 06, 2022
Please, don't forget about Linux.
It would be devastating not been able to play that game.

Thios Apr 07, 2022
So... Do you guys think that's Elaine's ghost playing the violin? I suppose that's one way to break them up.

Kernelpanic Apr 07, 2022
I hope new Maniac Mansion / Day of the Tentacle games will come in the future. Meanwhile we will enjoy this new Monkey Island game. Thank you very much!

Basto Apr 07, 2022
Thank You Thank You Thank You, I never imagined I would see this day.

As many have already commented: Where is the preorder button?
I would immediately like to secure my treasure chest Super Turbo edition with both Season Passes, all DLCs, a multitude of the finest NFTs for my assets and a used sock.

mute Apr 07, 2022
I've been waiting 30 years. We played the first episode on Amiga. Caribbean, palm trees, jolly roger, grog, cicadas, stars. This game defines me as a gamer. I want to be a pirate.

Thorschten Apr 07, 2022
Well after i read all the comments about if the graphic style in the video is okay and if it should be pixelart... i wonder at what point you will regret your decision :D

joe Apr 07, 2022
Great news! Can't wait.

Jonas Nordlund Apr 07, 2022
Try to keep the floppy disk count in the single digits this time!

V for Vendetta Apr 07, 2022
It's a dream come true!
I've played "The Secret of Monkey Island" as a kid on a Commodore Amiga 2000 with two floppy disks and another one for the savegame.
Later, I enjoyed all other games, especially "Curse of Monkey Island" with better music and a nice graphic style (not to mention the rhyming sword fencing game XD).
Good luck with this new game. I'm definitely going to buy it if it is released on GOG!

Patrik Apr 07, 2022
I am one of the people who recently wrote here that they would prefer pixel art for graphics.
After some thinking and feeling, I've come to the conclusion that it's definitely not that important. More important are things like atmosphere, story and humor.
The feeling to discover something, to be on the track of something mysterious.
And I really like the kind of graphics you see in the trailer! I have complete faith in Ron and the people involved.

euato Apr 07, 2022
I can't remember the last time I considered buying a game at the time of its release.
Bonus idea, finishing the game unlocks the pixelated old-school version.

Pepe Apr 07, 2022
Awesome idea, euato! But I think that it might be selectable right from the start if it was implemented.

Rum Rogers Apr 07, 2022
I think a shader-based pixel art Easter egg will be there. Just for fun though.

aloisage Apr 07, 2022
I'm a fan who played The Secret of Monkey Island back then
with my brother
on a New Year's Eve...

I think we will meet again this New Year's Eve.

Thank you Ron! The style fits very well, my son also likes it (who by the way played part 1 with me some time ago :). We watched the trailer at least 10 times. With the style you take the younger ones with you. Great decision! I trust you.

Noah Morriss Apr 07, 2022
Super excited!!

Mattthias Apr 07, 2022
I hopenow later you will make an "open world"  3D remake of the first two games with fast-paced real-time puzzle beating.

God Helmet Apr 07, 2022
Please make a floppy disk special edition for it.

MI3 aka CMI was great btw. Loved the atmosphere of this game.

Detrios Apr 07, 2022
je suis heureux que vous ayez enfin eu les droits, même si c'est sous la direction de LucasFilm Games

Jeff w Apr 07, 2022
As a long time fan of the series I am beyond happy and grateful you have the opportunity to do this. It was a pleasure to meet you in person as well when I was at pax a few years ago when you were showing off thimbleweed park. My son is also excited to see what comes from you. He loves your games as well!

Björn Apr 07, 2022
Dear Ron,
I wake up every morning with a smile. There's a new Monkey Island coming out.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Is a tour to Germany planned like in 2016?

I promised you a truck with Monkey Bucks if the info from April 1st is true. 😊

I was able to convince 27 people to buy Thimbleweed Park. With a new Monkey Island
i´ll top this.

I'm also really looking forward to new Monkey Island music. Please, please also on vinyl like the Thimbleweed Park Version. 😊

Your biggest fan from Germany


Danilo Martins Apr 07, 2022
Man oh man. Oh man... Oh man! Oh, man. Man, oh man. Man... Man!!!


Marten Threepwood Apr 07, 2022
This is the best news in a long time. I am so full of anticipation. Monkey Island has always been more than a game to me.

Klausi Holk Apr 07, 2022
I used to play this game with my father on the Amiga. It was like an unforgettable journey. And it's so wonderful that the journey continues now.

Eagle Apr 07, 2022
Please take my money!

Alexander Haselbacher Apr 07, 2022
I'm crying. Happy tears.

Mariano Apr 07, 2022
I'm so happy! Been following your blog since the beginning, waiting and hoping for this announcement :)

Ernest Apr 07, 2022
if there hadn't been any pixelated games made in the last 20 years I'd completely agree with you but pixels are back as a trend stronger than ever, in games, in art, even in movies. Including the latest game made by Ron! So having this game to be pixelated is not only possible but completely fitting.

Anthony Franceschi Apr 07, 2022
41 years old now, and I recall Monkey Island being one of the very first computer games introduced to me by a wonderful childhood friend. Only the fondest memories with MI 1 and 2, (ok, and 3 lol). Thank you Ron for this wonderful surprise, made my entire 2022 already!

Anthony Franceschi Apr 07, 2022
Must add as well, the Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology last year through Limited Run Games felt like a culmination of emotional happiness - not so! This news I believe has brought pure, genuine joy to innumerable folks around the globe - almost as a counterweight to the events of the past 2+ years. Hats off to you and your team!

Marion Apr 08, 2022
Sometimes I think adventure game fans are their own worst enemy. Ron announces a new Monkey Island game and you all shit all over it because it's not pixel art. It's sad. I feel bad for Ron having to read all this hate. I'm thrilled to get a new Monkey Island.

Volontier .CH Apr 08, 2022's not that i'm not happy. it's like i don't like that "D" that is behind but it's pretty darn present. If would like to experiment the 'old' team with Ron & Tim. But things changes, no matter what and sometimes you've to admit the fact that you're just a nomad...

Ignacio Apr 08, 2022
Are you going to be open beta testers? I want to participate (for free obviously)


the wood that chuck the chok Apr 08, 2022
guybrush is back, unbelievable!
thanks ron!

Thorsten Apr 08, 2022
Dear Ron, now I just have to write to you.

I am now 43 years old. When Monkey Island came out (in Germany) I was only 11. Back then, already with part one, there was no other topic of conversation at school (thanks for the bad grades btw.) and later, when I saw screenshots of Monkey Island 2 in a game magazine, I probably felt.. love.. for the first time.

I often sat there on summer nights as a kid on vacation with my parents, listening to the recorded music on my fancy Walkman™ and dreaming of living on a pirate island too (where it's always night). I played the games many times and the former music recordings are now OSTs in all their great variations. It's hard to put into words how glad I am that I grew up in a time, when Monkey Island could be a part of my childhood. For that, I thank you and everyone who was involved.

So many good adventures (Zak, Indy, The Dig, DotT,..) but nothing came close to Monkey Island. Their sequels not that much either. And the other day I also played Thimbleweed Park. ... Sorry. It was not my game. But as the well-educated person I am, I of course understand, that times change and you change with them. What was good before can feel boring nowadays.

But it doesn't matter! I am very much looking forward to the new part and assume that you will easily master the task of taking me back to my curious, naive, pure childhood! Nothing more. No pressure.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let me help you to help me to get that, what I original call, "second best experience of my life". It's just three simple things:

In the special edition of Monkey Island 1 and 2, as well as in Monkey Island 3, Guybrush has.. light blonde hair.
... Why?
Please make it stop! Correct the grievance and give Guybrush back his clearly (!) brown hair! (his hairstyle in SE#1 was strange anyway)

I would be super happy to see the lookout guy again. He's the first character you talk to. He's helpful and cute. To this day, I wonder what happened to him. I worry.

Okay, do you remember, when I said it's just three simple things? This is by far the simplest!
Not long ago (...) you said yourself, how you think a Monkey Island 3 should look like. And sure, I know we don't live in a low-resolution world anymore, you all have to make money, appeal to the younger target audience etc. etc. yes. But still: How INHUMANLY BRILLIANT would it be, if you press F10 in the game, to change to the VGA version! Yes! 256 colors! No speech! MIDI music! And Guybrush with brown hair, hugging his old, nameless, lookout buddy!
Oh man, I would play the game entirely like that on my first playthrough. Yep, you read right! I calculated, that at least 78% of gamers would play the game twice with that feature, which will give you.. well.. basically nothing. Not more money or anything. On the contrary, you would have to redo everything, hire artists for the graphics, the iMUSE sound system and so on. But Ron, you have to understand: It's my childhood! So, I am sure you will find a way. Thank you.

And that's it. Thanks for reading. I'll spare the request, that no one other than Steve Purcell is allowed to do the cover, because that's what's going to happen anyway, because it's logical.
Absolutely. Logical.

And now just call Tim who knew nothing about that all and then you do at least something small on the game together. A complete reunion! It's that simple. We only have one life.  =)

Seriously, thanks for the great time back then, now and in the future.

beemo Apr 08, 2022
I hate being so conflicted about this. On one hand this is the news I've dreamt of since I was like 10 years old. The first two Monkey Islands mean a huge amount to me. I also feel like I strongly agree with virtually all of your commentary over the years.

That said, the art direction. I'm really confused and surprised at the trailer and the apparent direction. I hate to say it but it's really tempering my thrill. After looking into the art director's past work, it seems very clear what we're getting at this point. It just seems so polarizing? These paper doll diorama sets with strange block noses, like I respect this guy as an artist with his own style but geez, it just seems so far from what Monkey Island wants to be: really strong depth, lush hand drawn backdrops, lots of textures and moody shading. Melee and Scabb really felt gritty and scary and packed with detail. It wasn't just pure smooth cartoon wackiness, the textures were approaching realism. The atmosphere was so strong that it felt like it's own little world you were peeking into. The humor was mostly in the characters and they just oozed hilarious expressions without trying too hard. I wouldn't even necessarily want a full blown return to 256 colors and pixels, but it seems possible now to bring the original concept art style to life. I see fan art even that just blows me over.

I don't know, it kills me to complain at all and I'm sure it just repels you against fans further. I want you to WANT to make this game, and I hope you feel it's worth it. I know how annoying stubborn fan bases can be, but I'd sure love to hear you talk more about the art direction or give some of us who resonated so strongly with the old aesthetic a little hope.

Carla Apr 08, 2022
Thank you so much for this! It looks great and I can't wait ♡

maxleod Apr 08, 2022
An EGA 16 colours version would be great. That's how I played MONKEY 1. With PC beeper sounds and music. Ah the nostalgia...

Ammar Apr 08, 2022
I searched for monkey island because I was in a tough mental state and needed to go to some of my happiest memories by just listening to the Moneky Island soundtrack or watching some videos and boy was I rewarded with good news.

pc Apr 08, 2022
Any early info on system requirements so players could start planning hardware for the ultimate experience this special occasion deserves. Linux support? 4k/6k/8k? 5.1/7.1 sound? HDR? 120hz? Memory requirements? Multi-threading? Can it be played offline or is an internet connection required?

AWANAGANA Apr 09, 2022
Ron I will tell you the same thing that Michelangelo said to his Moses: "why don't you talk?"

Stan Apr 09, 2022
This looks amazing! It will be awesome to have another Monkey Island game! I also LOVE the art style in the trailer! It fits nicely with the Special Edition of 1 and 2.

I'm fine with there being an option to change the beautiful HD art to ugly pixel art with a keypress, such as F10 like in the Special Editions, but please do not make this a pixel art only game. I have no nostalgia for ugly, overdone pixel art. That's why I won't play Thimbleweed Park.

I'm super excited for some new insult sword fighting!

Andy Apr 09, 2022
The best news for 30 years

hardcorefan Apr 09, 2022
I second what @Thorsten said:
Not long ago (...) you said yourself, how you think a Monkey Island 3 should look like. And sure, I know we don't live in a low-resolution world anymore, you all have to make money, appeal to the younger target audience etc. etc. yes. But still: How INHUMANLY BRILLIANT would it be, if you press F10 in the game, to change to the VGA version! Yes! 256 colors! No speech! MIDI music! And Guybrush with brown hair, hugging his old, nameless, lookout buddy!
Oh man, I would play the game entirely like that on my first playthrough. Yep, you read right! I calculated, that at least 78% of gamers would play the game twice with that feature, which will give you.. well.. basically nothing. Not more money or anything. On the contrary, you would have to redo everything, hire artists for the graphics, the iMUSE sound system and so on. But Ron, you have to understand: It's my childhood! So, I am sure you will find a way. Thank you.
that would be the coolest thing ever! a two mode game, caring about old school generations plus new school ones!!

the dumbest of the twelve apostles Apr 09, 2022
Hopefully Gilberts invests the resources into a great MI adventure with beautiful high resolution graphics, groovy sound and fitting voice acting instead of wasting them on some of the nostalgia mentioned here before. If Gilbert had been this backward-facing, there never would have been any progress. You still would play his adventures in CGA with shitty PC loudspeaker noise. If you can't let go, play the old games. Jesus.

beemo Apr 09, 2022
agree he shouldn't just go for backward-facing rehash, ESPECIALLY for the script and puzzles. i trust ron not to just go for a "remember this joke? remember this character?" fest. that's the problem with all the knock-offs.

BUT i think there's a natural evolution to the first two games in terms of graphics that would absolutely thrill everyone, what they would look like in high resolution, or if the same artists were able to make those games today. for me it's not hard to imagine. but it certainly wouldn't look like the broken age style graphics of the trailer. it's all subjective, i just look at Monkey Island 2 and i'm in awe of the beautiful hand drawn graphics, there's so much detail and texture, you can really get lost in it. there are scenes on scabb island alone that are works of art to be framed. i also love how it switches to cut-scenes with slightly different styles to them.

with everyone caught up in the aesthetic conversation, i will say that the story, punchy dialog and challenging puzzle design is what's most important and i have full faith in it

lutinmou Apr 09, 2022
Après m'être cru plus grand, plus fort, j'ai lu la cascade de commentaires remplis de souvenirs précieux, et je me suis juste mis à chialer

Comme le merdeux à lunette en CE1 au premier rand.

46 ans, jeu extraordinaire, pirate fantôme, Ron prends-moi toute, blabla ... mon livret A aussi, ma femme si tu veux blablabla ;-)

Passons aux sujets sensibles :
- Bordel, les frenchies, vous êtes là ou bien ????!!!
- The Curse of Monkey Island, even without Ron, feels fantastic to me !
Ok, vous pouvez me lyncher, mais petit rappel des faits. Super jeu, animation, et surtout surtout voix française avec Paolo Domingo, la voix française d'Aladdin de Disney !
Alors voilà, je me mets à rêver : aura-t-on une version française doublée par Monsieur Paolo Domingo (French voices with original cast from "The Curse of Monkey Island") ?
Veuillez agréer, cordialement, tout ça
Ps : je t'aime Ron voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?
Ps : Amiga version or be banned

Javier Galan Apr 09, 2022
Plz, let it be scuumm. Don't like the latest interface you, Ron, were experimenting with Delores mini-adventures. It is good that there is a verb there that does nothing. You could always try to talk to a table, and there is a good answer when trying it, isn't? Also, move verbs are underused usually, see "Flight over the Amazon Queen", in that game the move action is really a non undervalued verb.

Lars Apr 09, 2022
Even if I prefer large pixel games I'd buy and play it. But I hope you're going to make it a BIG BOX release with goodies inside!

If you're making it for the fans then it should be a large pixel game. If you're making it for the new generation and for new gamers then a modern look is better.

Ralph Apr 09, 2022
Ron! Please do innovate! Don't listen to these people! These are the same "fans" that would have bitched when the scumm interface came out because there was no parser.

DJ Nest Apr 09, 2022
I can only wish for an Amiga Version Ron.
Today is possible with so much talented artists and the Amiga scene
has many accelerators today capable doing this.
Please please please consider an Amiga Version.

Kristof Apr 09, 2022
Best news ever. Can't wait for the game to come out.

Franzy Apr 09, 2022
Trying to raise second generation Monkey fans... All good now :)

Franzy Apr 09, 2022
Et oui, on veut une version française, avec des vrais pirates dedans!!

Chris b Apr 09, 2022
First, please sell us a ring tone or two please.
Secondly, we need a proper user forum for all our speculation and such.

the dumbest of the twelve apostles Apr 10, 2022
Such a progression of pixel art would have made sense 30 years ago. Meanwhile many games already made the step to high resolution with appropriate animations and styles and even more will follow (some look fab). You don't want Ron standing in booth with pixel art again.

Rex's art (Knights and Bikes, Tearaway Unfolded) looks different enough than BA's to me. It's a nice style which works well with the animation system Gilbert has chosen too. The characters look great, I wouldn't mind some more detail here and there in the background but overall it's fine and we've only seen one scene yet.

Going 100% Purcell Cover art style would have been nice too but ...

MI1(EGA) ist the most beautiful MI to me. MI2 lacks better post processing, enhancing sloppy pixels by hand. Higher resolution pixel art doesn't make sense to me. If you want pixel art, then you choose a great style and go for it but then again i very much prefer high resolution 30 years later. In the future a nifty AI alters the style on the fly as you want. Till then let Gilbert concentrate on one style.

David F. Choy Apr 10, 2022
Will it support MIDI? Need to know if I still need a Korg M1 for full effect. 🎹

Peter Apr 10, 2022
Will there be a boxed version? And a GOG and/or Steam version for MacOS? Just can‘t wait to see it 😀

Adamlaurent Apr 10, 2022
Days later and this has still made my decade!

Stephan Apr 10, 2022
I hardly comment anything on the internet but in this case I have to make a rare exception.

First of all, thank you for your work and bringing Guybrush back. A yearslong wish of mine has come true.

Secondly, in my opinion, a proper sequel of the series needs an adequate copy protection - so please consider and provide code wheels 😀

Greetings from Austria,

maxleod Apr 10, 2022

I want a codewheel and EGA gfx anc beeper music&sound. After it's called "Return" to Monkey Island, the monkey island wasn't in Lechuck's Revenge, only Mélée Island was as some kind of easter egg.

Fred Apr 10, 2022
Are people seriously complaining about pixels? art? and such?. Please, Oh the pain, puh-leeeze MAKE IT STOP AAAHH!!! We're going to get a MI game by the very RON "effin'" Gilbert. A game, an idea, most of us, thought long lost gone.

Rapp Scallion Apr 11, 2022
Thanks Ron, eager to return to Monkey Island! This world sucks anyway...

Guy Apr 11, 2022
This is wonderful, thank you, Mr Gilbert.  Please consider making this free-as-in-freedom software.

FL Apr 11, 2022
The best game announcement ever!!!
Just the one that a Ron Gilbert Monkey island deserve!!!

The teaser trailer then is wonderfull!!!

Ger Apr 11, 2022
I dislike the indie art style. I hope the game will be good but I doubt it with that art. Why such art style is a staple in indie productions is beyond me.

Ger Apr 11, 2022
I repented of the above too harsh comment. But I disliked the art of Broken Age and it influenced the tone of the game. But I am sure this one will rock (I hope so)

Thimbleweed Park has Linux native support so.. Apr 11, 2022
I feel like this one will have also! I hope we'll have some word about it soon =)

Zeus Apr 11, 2022
Best news since 30 years.. please make a descent boxed copy of the game.

The announcement reminded me, that i still had not completed Thimbleweed Park. So I completed it yesterday. Awesome game too!

gabor Apr 11, 2022
I almost never comment on anything on the internet but this news has probably made my entire decade.

GrumpyMonkey Apr 12, 2022
Ok ok first of all: Love the fact, that there is a new game happening (at all)! I am a player of all the Monkey Island games and found that the first two were by far the best, although I still had fun with MI3 and especially the Telltale games.

I've read through almost all the comments here. A lot mention the graphics are/should be to new/old/not pixeled. But I think some people taking that all that too seriously?

@Thorsten for example said, that the pixeled version should be optional. Which is fine I guess (if you think about the special editions)? Also obviously he said it with a wink as he directly mentioned that it would be a big amount of extra work, probably uninteresting to youngsters. So it's fine. - But I would like to second his question regarding Guybrush's hair!

Same goes for a physical edition. If there is any, then it's fine (I would buy it for sure) but I think everyone knows how much more money this costs instead of selling the game only online. Also I am sure a lot of people not mean a DVD case, but the good old cardboard packaging box. This would be more like a collection thing (MI 1-3) maybe. ;-)

Some people want the old SCUMM system to return "because it's the 'real' part 3". Yeah, surely would be awesome. On PC! But they will for sure port the game to consoles, so I wouldn't cross my fingers on that extra work for just one system were the game can be pirated that easily too.

What I want to say is: Please calm down. 😀 If people "demanding" something, it's surely more of a question for optional stuff. They don't mean "If it's not pixeled, I won't buy it!" So come on, let people have their thoughts and dreams. Some may be too much but others might stuck in Mr. Gilberts head?
It's good to get feedback. Any feedback.

And in the end these questions are also a confirmation for Mr. Gilbert, that he made two incredible and memorable games that everyone loves.

Milana Apr 12, 2022
A box would be nice but apart from a key rather with a USB-C Stick than a DVD. Sadly PCs (whatever OS drives them) don't use a cool game cartridge format.

Henry Jones Junior Apr 12, 2022
Dear Mr. Gilbert,
thank you so much for this wonderful information. I loved Monkey Island as a child/teenager back in the 90s. I only wish for, that you use the "Zeitgeist" from that Decade and do not cower before the modern political correctness and wokeness!

And DeathSpank was dope ;-)

Pepe Apr 12, 2022
Comment #555!

Do I win something? :)

Allan Apr 12, 2022
Dear Ron,
After some days I am gonna sharpen my 2 cents:

First, thank you for the first wonderful games. You made our lives better.
Second, thank you for making a sequel. This is our biggest news since Monkey Island 2y
Finally, if you can make the third game the way you want it, we will love it, period.

Joe Biden after a deep nap, or two. Apr 13, 2022
I wonder when it will be released this year, in October?

Martinland Apr 13, 2022
Joe Biden after a deep nap, or two:

Not later than December I guess. ;)

Apina kapina Apr 13, 2022
Is there a hint about the release date in the teaser trailer? Dude on board walks by the ship ramp nine times meaning that the release is on September?

NetGhost Apr 14, 2022
MI longtime fan from Ukraine here, and this trailer was probably the best news of the last 50 days. It's both an echo of serene nostalgic childhood and something exiting to look forward to, and such a welcome distraction from the wartime newsfeed.

Thank you so much for this unexpected and amazing gift, Mr. Gilbert.

Pepe Apr 14, 2022
I wish all the best for the people in your country. Let's hope that this "special mission" (harrr, harrr!) will be over before the release of the new game!

NetGhost Apr 14, 2022
@Pepe thank you. I would be a great way to celebrate.

FL Apr 14, 2022
I just finish read the new interview. And seen the new screenshots.

While the background of the trailer slowly grow on me, I am really sorry to admit that I really do not like the new art direction and stile.
It is not about the pixel art.
It is the art direction itself that feels so out of place for MI.
At first glance it seems just to belong to Day of the tentacle.
This polygon-like super deformed flat design looks to me so cheap and uninspired. Similar to hundred cartoons you meet everyday on various cartoon network or youtube channels.
One of the key graphic element fron mi1,mi2 and curse was that sense of wonder of these tropical exotic places. The Melee night, the light on monkey island, the exotic beauty of MI2. Now I am afraid to see the first day time scene with this new art style.

Sonetimes reinvent the wheel is such a bad decision. Why it is so hard for designers in general to put they ego on a side and put themself simply at service of what cane bifore?

The right answer was there, easy. something between MI2 and Curse. 4k. With a lot Special effect. MU3a.

Stampil Apr 14, 2022
@FL.I agree with you... the design look like a game made with Flash. so 2000.
too bad it was not made in Pixel art, or like curse of MI. but i would buy it anyway ;)

Minkiux Apr 14, 2022
@FL, I agree with you, too :(
I'm not really fond to this style. Something between MI1/2 pixel art and MI3 cartoon style would have been a better fit for MI (IMHO, of course).
Even better with special effects nowadays PC can deliver.
I really hope to change my mind and get convinced of this new art direction when I will finally have my hands on the actual game, tho!

some dudey dude Apr 14, 2022
I want--nay, I DEMAND it be fully compatible with my CGA graphics card, and you better include those sweet, sweet verbs, "Mr Gilbert"!

Rashohyo Apr 14, 2022
Dear Ron
A few days ago you included a cautionary note in your 2013 called it just a result of an historical moment, and as cold and cynical as you were in what you wrote, I thought you were joking (as you usually do)
Today I read your interviews and saw the first screenshots of the game and realized that the note was indeed real.
I've been following you for 30 years in everything, I've prayed and written so that you could make this game and have fun doing it, but was also sure of what you wrote and always told us! I can't accept that those things were made in Thimbleweed Park (which I loved) because you were talking about Monkey Island which for many of us is part of our childhood....
I hope you can feel my sadness in what I write because this is MY "historical moment", and it sucks!

Fled Apr 14, 2022
Everyone bitching that "Ron promised us!" is forgetting about:

Seventeen - The game would be the game I wanted to make. I don't want the pressure of trying to make the game you want me to make. I would vanish for long periods of time. I would not constantly keep you up-to-date or be feeding the hype-machine. I'd show stuff that excited me or amused me. If you let me do those things, you will love the game. That, I promise.

Chris Apr 14, 2022
I am also not super enthusiastic about the art style based on the handful of published screenshots. For me they just feel too polygonish and they lack the warmth of pixel art. It makes everything look a bit harsh, soulless, and inhospitable. Of course we have to wait until the real game is out to truly debate the art style, and I respect Ron's creative judgement on picking the art style that he thought was best for his new game.

beemo Apr 14, 2022
i didn't even want retro narrow pixel art, i just wanted it to look cool. this doesn't look like a lush grizzled piratey environment for guybrush to barge in on. i'm bummed on the art, i believe it's a misguided attempt to be on trend, but it's actually more dated looking imo. my only hope is that the puzzles make up for it.

sorry the backlash makes you sad ron. i get why you'd feel that way. but we're super appreciative that you're making this game at all. maybe this is just the beginning of more monkey island games from you. we love the standards in games and design that you articulate so well. i hope you feel like this is the game you've been dreaming to make. if it truly is, then it will be good.

AWANAGANA Apr 14, 2022
A few words after seeing the screenshots and reading the interview (not entirely out of disappointment) I got the idea that maybe it was better if Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island 3 remained a chimera.

Davide Apr 14, 2022
Guys, my mind is litteraly blowing. Iesterday, before go to sleeep, i read the interview by Ron and Dave.
I've dream  playng Return to Monkey Island ALL THE NIGHT .
I really hope it'll be released soon, this tension is exausting.

Ps: about the art direction. I've been one of those old school guys expectating for the pixel art.
But...looking again and again the new screenshots, I really think that this stile fits great to Monkey Island mood.

Thanks again, Ron and Dave!

Marcel Taeumel Apr 15, 2022
Yes! This new art style has strong vibes from good ol' Day of the Tentacle. I like it. I can imagine that this art style can pull of not just comedy but other moods such as eerie voodoo stuff and dramatic pirate-y shenanigans. Well, after all, what matters is the combination of visual art style and music and storyline and root beer and ... Uhh, I am confident that this will be a genuine, fresh, contemporary piece of monkey business. Thank you!

(Is Mark Ferrari secretly working on a "pixel mode" for this game? Hehe. Maybe he is even in the game, wearing a pirate hat, standing in the streets of Mêlée Island, complaining about modern times, longing for the one-and-only color palettes. Cycling around. Har har.)

Tasogare Apr 15, 2022
Love it, please make a macOS release/version!


scsibear Apr 15, 2022
Have to admit I'm a bit worried about various platform support here, TP was win 7 & up but installing Delores insisted on win 10 only...what happened there?  So many people hate win 10 and 11 and stick with 7, can you make this win 7 support also, failing that linux or mac os, I have a hackintosh and could use that. But I will not put 10 anywhere near my puters.

GABRIEL Apr 15, 2022
We need Lemonhead on this one... Its imperious

SynnLee Apr 15, 2022
Having played the first three MIs, when I saw the RoMI trailer, I felt excitement for a game for the first time in a decade or two, but after seeing the Verge article and the art style shown there, I've jumped to the "should've remained a what if" bandwagon. Majority of the Monkey Island core personnel (programming, design, music) has been brought over to work on RoMI, but art is what makes me thing all this is a waste of time and money, at least for us old-school diehards. Genuinely hope it turns out I'm wrong, though.

DM Apr 15, 2022
I must observe one thing: we'are all frightening for the art style, that is not similar to monkey 2 ecc. ecc.BUT if we're looking closer, this style, close to DOTT, is somerhing that shoul be the most close to "the real monkey 3" if this would be made in 1993, resolution apart...

Minkiux Apr 15, 2022
@DM, yeah, the style reminds Day of The Tentacle, but, simply put, it is NOT Monkey Island. Period.

Riff Apr 15, 2022
> but, simply put, it is NOT Monkey Island. Period.

Why is this not Monkey Island? It look like Monkey Island to me. I don't think Ron could have done anything other than make a game that look exactly like Monkey Island 2 that would please people here. I don't want that game.

Margit Apr 15, 2022
The art will be the big divider here. To me it looks like corporate art, the kinda stuff you see on facebook or grubhub splash pages, really toned down the hype accordingly.
Still congrats to ron for finally being able to make his ideal monkey island game, even if it looks like something nobody expected.

Stampil Apr 15, 2022
one solution for the art may be a "F10" key ;)

admiring fan Apr 15, 2022
you guys still predicting a "pixel mode" are really setting yourselves up. there's just no way they're building two entirely different art directions at once. you don't understand the development nightmare that would be. it made sense for the special editions because the pixel mode already existed in full, that was the base game that was free to them.

i mean hey, that would be mindblowing and great but it's not gonna happen. i also don't even want pixel art, i want the equivalent of what we got back then, which was the most advanced graphics they could come up with. we have the technology now to fairly easily put every single pen stroke of anyone's art on the screen. they could just have steve purcell or peter chan draw the most detailed high resolution scene imaginable and use it as a background with no compromise. but this doesn't hit that mark, this looks like a baby cartoon.

i'm less bummed from an aesthetic point and more from a practical mood point. less details means literally less things to think about and look at and explore. less depth and shading and grittiness means everything is bright and shiny and right up front and my brain isn't really having fun looking for clues or being creeped out.

remember even in monkey island 1, lechuck's lair had grotesque faces and teeth and gross shit oozing out of the walls. melee and monkey island were kind of scary places. in this new screenshot you literally have just blank clean rock walls, and about 4-5 mushrooms. that's it. i understand these games aren't horror games, but let's be honest the demographic is almost solidly adults who are going to be excited to play this. at best, young adults. the originals might be silly and kid-friendly but they were actually a lot more mature at the time then this looks. they didn't have a "this is a kids game" look and motif. i mean lechuck's voodoo fortress in MI2 is legit pretty scary looking. scabb was a gritty and dangerous place, which made guybrush funnier because he stood out so much and he was so out of his depth. the whole point was you were an oblivious dorky guy WAY out of your depth and in a DANGEROUS pirate environment. the new art direction (which i would increasingly say for all the sequels after 2) seems to really have forgotten that core atmosphere. i HOPE i'm wrong. i'm sure it's better than a few screenshots could sum up, but there's enough out now to draw a few conclusions.

i'm sure all we're doing is making ron feel like he should just throw his hands up and resent his own fans. i hope that's not what's happening. i respect his grumpy high standard viewpoint so much. he showed us what those standards could even be. i hope he can absorb it in a way that feels rewarding, hopefully only sharpens his understanding of how to make even better games.

Minkiux Apr 15, 2022
@Riff don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting another pixel art game. I'm ok with a modern and hi-res (4K?) graphics style. But I was more in hope for something between Special Editions and MI3 as art direction rather than a Day of The Tentacle art.
However this is just speculation. I really hope to change my mind once we have the final game :)

DieSkaarj Apr 15, 2022
I like the art-- I'm just back from the Verge interview. MONKEY1 and MONKEY2 had completely different styles. Personally I love what Ferrari did with the EGA palette. 256 colours diminished the contrast. Chan and Purcells' work would of been nicer in 16bit 640x400 for MI2, too. I'm really happy to see the artwork realised as intended.

However, I really want to see the interface. I'm expecting something new and intuitive. But, really I'd be happy with a collection of verbs. The old dashboard is a temporal in-line function I'd be overjoyed to see from back when I was a younglin'. Seeing those verbs made me think HOW I could interact with the world. "I think therefor I click" - DieSkaarj.

Anyhoo, is there any merch planned? I need some new T-shirts.

PK Apr 15, 2022
Dear Ron, after all this 100+ comments about graphics, pixels and the like, I can relate to the challenge you aptly named in the adventure gamers interview.
I salute you for daring to undertake this endeavor.
Please just keep going. I, for one, am sure I will love this game- because it‘s yours.
Thank you and the team for working after 30+ years to give us this chance to see your vision. Enjoy the fun of doing what you do best.

Joerg Apr 15, 2022
I saw the screenshots. The art style is the worst i could imagine.

kgoku Apr 15, 2022
The best game announcement I could imagine. Hope you'll have total freedom to do what you want.

Hans Apr 15, 2022
Hi Ron, I assume Boris will be doing the German translation??!

bigmac375 Apr 15, 2022
Very excited for the future of adventure games

Marco Apr 15, 2022
Seriously, why are you all so grumpy?

vivat Apr 15, 2022
Graphics is ugly AF, thats it. You can bullshit it all you want, it's just ugly, devoid of atmosphere, austere, sterile. I'm assuming this is a game for the veterans who played it in EGA/VGA mode with Sounblaster or on AMIGA, not for the new post 2000 degenerate gen gamers. If you don't have the dough for better graphics or have lost your taste, say so. Speaking for myself - I haven't waited 30 years for this.

Blacktoast Apr 16, 2022
I've played MI1 on an 8088 with CGA and later on MI2 on an Amiga 500. RMI looks great to me. Can't wait for the release

miguel baptista Apr 16, 2022

I can't remember how many times since Tales I have googled "Ron Gilbert New Monkey Island". I mean, in 10 years? I would be embarassed to know how many times I did that.

Thank you Ron, Dave, and everyone involved.

As for critics, you can never, ever, please everyone.
Rest assured, you put a smile in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.


Maico Apr 16, 2022
I for one adore the new art style. The modern reimagining of the classic title scene of Melee Island... everything from the fire at the peak, the yellow light spilling out of the windows of the harbor buildings below, the starry night sky... it's just gorgeous.
Now I'm as nostalgic as everyone else about EGA/VGA color palettes, 320x200 resolutions and pixel art, but the criticism I've seen above is really disappointing, misguided and ill-informed. This classic late 1980s-early 1990s aesthetic was the direct result of artists and graphics programmers exploiting the popular consumer video hardware of the day to the very maximum to deliver the best graphical experience possible. It's narrow-minded to argue that the graphical direction for a game being made in 2022 shouldn't strive to do the same.
A single pixel on today's standard monitor resolution (FHD 1920x1080) is invisible. To render a game in pixel art today is simply faking it, and there will be telltale signs and give-aways (e.g. sprite scaling) that break the illusion that the art is composed of authentic low-res pixels.
Like Ron told the Verge, RTMI isn't an FPS or a kart racing game. Those genres utilize the highest graphical fidelity that can be squeezed out of today's video hardware. To insist that adventure games be frozen in time with respect to a visual aesthetic founded out of necessity 30 years ago does more harm than good. How else are we going to keep the genre alive with a new generation of gamers if we don't exploit the magic of modern video cards??
Let's not be so backwards focused, and instead embrace evolution. You never know, in another 30 years time you might find yourself feeling a little nostalgic for 2020s-era graphics!

Nathan Apr 16, 2022
Ron and team I love the art style!  It is beautiful. I did want a pixel art game, for nostalgia sake, but when I saw the trailer I fell in love. I think the more people see the more they'll realize how well the essence of the original style was captured and transformed into a modern version.

So incredibly grateful that you'be made this game. Really, thank you so much. Just knowing I'll get to play this soon makes every day a little brighter.

Ger Apr 16, 2022
I saw the new screenshots and saw that the church was closed down. Is it an antichristian message? I suppose there are some christian people among your fans albeit not many I suppose. I, as one, would not buy the game if its that case. But I suppose it is because LeChuck took over Melee and ordered it to shut down any church. :)

Pat Apr 16, 2022
The new screenshots have extremely dampened my anticipation. The backgrounds have a similar amount of detail, even less, as MI4's, and the characters are even worse. They look like something out of a children's book for 4 year olds, a few circles and lines and done. I mean look at the guy in the key store, or the two guys in the paintings. it's ridiculous.

wake up Ron Apr 16, 2022

at least this type of gfx !!

Christopher Apr 16, 2022
First of all, i was so incredibly hyped as i saw the News and the Trailer.
But i have to admit - as many of you - that i'm not getting comfortable with the artwork.

I mean - for a crazy game like DOTT - its perfect - even though i found it good back in the day DOTT was released.
But Monkey Island ist so much more than a crazy Comic game. The music, the Carribean Style, Melee Island, but all of it looked serious in some kind of way.

I am so sorry that i am really
disappointed, but thats just how i feel actually. Well, i will play the game anyway, and deep in my heart i hope that there will be a way to press
A key and swith to a different artwork ;)
Greetings from Germany

Thorw4ld Apr 16, 2022
@Ger it is a video game about pirates that has GHOSTS in it. Dont take yourself and your religion so seriously come on

Ger Apr 16, 2022
Thats what I hope. That is a LeChuck thing. But I can expect anything coming from Disney

ontherun Apr 16, 2022
Past is past, this is now. I'm looking forward to the new game!

Stampil Apr 16, 2022
It's remember me the design of Sonic the movie, that what we have when you want to redesign something... the design of the Special Edition wasn't so bad ( except the hair ) and that could have been a great continuity. and we are far from the realistic of face zoomed of the pixelled origin game. too bad.

IEP Apr 16, 2022
I am excited.  Also, Ron, if you read this. People on the internet whine about every little thing.  Don't take it too hard.
Personally I like the artstyle.

Somehow on the internet people always think they have to demand that everything has to be like they think it has to be.
Which I learned to just ignore.

Have a nice day.

Sebastian Apr 16, 2022
A real successor to Monkey Island 2 was one of the things that was left to be screwed up, as the list of nostalgia objects from the 80s or early 90s gets smaller. It is really hard to produce something that blends in into something 30 years old but it can be done, f.e. Rogue One or Thimbleweed Park. Why create Thimbleweed Park as a pixel point and click adventure but a new Monkey Island not ? Makes no sense to me. Iam sorry.

Chris Apr 16, 2022
I don't think most people who are skeptical or disappointed about the new art style (including me) are being demanding, whiny, or disrespectful like some of you are saying. We are just being honest about what we see, and we're not sulking or starting petitions asking for changes to be made.

Still I think it's important to say out loud: We all love Monkey Island, and we will all buy and play the game. And I think we all respect Ron and his right to finally make his MI, with the art style he chooses.

Personally, just for the story and puzzles and dialogue and everything that makes it so unique, I'd still play the new MI if it was a text based adventure game from the 70s.

AWANAGANA Apr 16, 2022
you say that the past is past, I tell you that pixel art is the challenge of the future. Visit @LivingWorldsArt on Twitter and find out what Mark Ferrari (also formerly Monkey Island) is capable of.
For the series ... "when a genius is born".

The 'Make Pixel Art Great Again' mob Apr 16, 2022
Humans ... most of them will praise the art style after they got used to it, then they'll never want to return. Remember how porongraphy used to look like in early computer days? Right! Go for it Ron & Team.

Btw. the mood of Meelee Island reminds me of Monterey's default background. Would be nice to see the island animated with some music playing. I would Alpha/Beta-Test this.

Reto Apr 16, 2022
Excelent, new Monkey Island with DOTT graphics! Will count the days. I catch myself already whistling the music of Monkey Island while working. 😀

Ger Apr 16, 2022
We don't need a new art, the artists worked hard for it, but it can be implemented a filter to turn them to EGA, a compromise between this art, and pixel art.
I made some examples:

Reto Apr 16, 2022
Ger, Let it go... You can't just put the graphics and choke them into EGA graphics. They would need to be made for exact that resolution. Shrink also your resolution and you will see nothing anymore. My first impression of that game was in Hercules Monochrome, later EGA. But game-graphics have evolved since... If we get the same style of game play and the same type of sound I am super happy with it!

MCGA Apr 16, 2022
For the love of normality, let this continues as if the last 30 years did not happen. As if Twitter did not happen!

I still play Monkey Island 1 and 2 on a 486 with a Sound Blaster on a CRT using the SD-Card as an IDE drive.  Best way to play these old games IMO.

I'm ready to put down money now if there's a big-box option, given that this is NOT WOKE.

Ger Apr 16, 2022
@Reto but if you can convert on the fly it just do it with any resolution no matter zooming. I get not everybody likes that effect but I get a hint of those times when I see it.

Reto Apr 16, 2022
Yeah, I get a worm fuzzy feeling as well, when I start an old Monkey Island game with it's time correct graphics - no question. But for me, this version does not need that. I hope that a new chapter can start with that and, who know..., we see in a few years MI4a? 😀

Gaspar Apr 16, 2022
I can't believe this is real!!!! I had lost all hope of a new Monkey Island game from Ron and now i'm litteraly crying of happiness.This is amazing!!!

Silva Apr 16, 2022
So when are you suing Rare ltd. for plagiarism in Sea of Rhieves for stealing LeChuck and renaming him flameheart??

Silva Apr 16, 2022
Sea of Thieves*

He even has an underground base with a lava river where his ship is anchored, they're trying to do a storyline where he gets resurrected by his followers and everything. Don't put up with it!!

LazyAndroid Apr 16, 2022
I for one am happy that this is not pixel art. A lot of the wonderment that I gained from adventure games when I was a kid, was seeing how they evolved and imagining what they could be. Indy3 left me in awe. But then came Loom and MI1+2 and Indy4. And each one of them was visually an improvement that left me stunned and stimulated my imagination. Then came MI3 and it changed everything (visually), while I didn't really like the new cartoony look of Elaine, LeChuck and Guybrush, I liked that it was now a possibility for them to have that cartoony look and visually I liked everything else, the backgrounds, the icons, the animations. And this happened with every single new Lucas adventure game. They were never about retro and maintaining a style, they were always about pushing the boundaries with what could be done in 2D. They lost their way when they couldn't translate this well into 3D. I get the appeal of pixel art, but this is not a retro game to satisfy my nostalgia. It's Monkey Island and it should have the best art possible for it and I trust the teams judgement and vision for it. Sticking to an art style that was used 30 years ago just out of necessity is a sure way of not advancing the genre and killing it.

Jorge Apr 16, 2022
Hi Ron, I like the graphics and I will definitely buy the game, but I have to admit that I'm not entirely happy with the character design. I like the character design of monkey island 2 special edition, Curse of Monkey island and Day of the Tentacle style characters. I consider you a genius but I have the feeling that it is going to be a very radical change in the design of the characters. Best regards and may Disney give you permission to make more games!

Esteban Apr 16, 2022
What always distinguished the first two games for me, apart from the story and the humour, was that they were slightly scary. At least for me as a 10-year-old at the time.
The atmosphere was very dense due to the implied realism.

With the new screenshots I honestly have the feeling that this new style would have seemed way too childish to me even back then. Sorry for the negativity.

grumpy fan Apr 16, 2022
grumpy fan 0s ago
I could understand those who say they're happy that's not pixel art. but this MK is the direct continuity ok MK1 and MK2, so why reinvent the wheel with a childish design ? if not pixel art, at least using the design of the special edition for the direct continuity.

Trurl Apr 17, 2022
I was scared playing Doom III at night, alone, the lights were out with headphones and later on the incidents on the Ishimura. I guess The Dig came closest to such a feeling, dealing with ghosts, crystals and Brink on an alien lonely planet. Who'll pick up this yummy IP?

From the screenshots RTMI's style is relatively clean & simple, compared to Knights and Bikes it offers less of a grim and spooky mood, at least without animations, music and characters doing whatever they do. On a sidenote blind people probably have less opinions about such things.

Oh man, I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully it will be avalable for Mac on GOG on the first day.

People care slightly less about music: There probably exist fans for PC-Speaker, Paula, AdLib (OPL), Midi, FM-Towns, low bandwith MP3 and audiophile lossless audio. They'll probably go for real instruments. I like characteristic electronic sound in combination with real instruments where is suits better. Just don't compress the joy and life out of music like TTG did or even TWP slightly suffered from.

I'm glad that there also will be new characters. The more, the better. Obviously you want core characters like Guybrush, LeChuck and Hermann but I don't need to see Stan, Elaine, Murray or the voodoo lady again. Just a fresh great new adventure. The less fan service, the better.

Rum Rogers Apr 17, 2022
How is Herman Toothrot a core character compared to Elaine?!

Albert Apr 17, 2022
I read an article that said there might be console support.  I was curious as to what the pc specs are.

Vincenzo81 Apr 17, 2022
Dear Ron, i've got no words to unveil mu feelings right know. I still got the original boxes of the first two episodes and can't waiting to play the Return to Monkey Island! So a huge thank you from a 41 years old child! Buon lavoro

Largo LaGrande Apr 17, 2022
Shut Up and take my Money

AWANAGANA Apr 17, 2022
It seems that the truth is being censored on this blog. Certainly you don't spit on the plate in which you eat.

Trurl Apr 17, 2022
I forgot but at least he had been stranded on MI for 20 years. Maybe MI3 had the best Elaine there ever was. Arrr! LeChuck was great in MI3 and TOMI.

DieSkaarj Apr 17, 2022
Hah, agreed /AWANAGANA, so with Guybrush getting back to his roots does it mean he will be a normal brunette? The fair hair diminished my suspension of disbelief.

Munster Apr 17, 2022
@AWANAGANA: Did a post about the art style disappear?

Fred Berry Apr 17, 2022

Another good pirate song.

Master of my fate - The Banished privateers.

Ingo Rogerson Apr 17, 2022
I am reading "The last game" by Tim Powers.

Excellent book.

AWANAGANA Apr 17, 2022

in fact I was referring to your post.

Paul Apr 17, 2022
I love the art style!
Can't wait to play this game

Ron Gilbert Apr 17, 2022
Please don't personally attack people in comments or the comment will be deleted.

The Easter Bunny ;) Apr 17, 2022
Hi Ron, first of all many many thanks for finally finishing the story around Guybrush.
I hope that I will get used to the new graphic style, unfortunately I miss the "seriousness", especially that of LeChuck's Revenge, less the pixel style.
On the other hand, I'm already looking forward to the story and a reunion with all the characters.
Happy Easter!

Almanith Apr 17, 2022
Cubism. This is the 'new' experience? Well, honestly it does not shine - IMHO. Thimbleweed park was just perfect fit for MI.

Dav Apr 17, 2022
guys, let's think for a moment: we're talking about Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island 3. I have personally been waiting for it for 30 years. are we really sure that if this game had been released in 93-94 it would have had too different graphics from this one, apart from pixels? who can grimly know? as many have noted, the graphics are very similar to that of DOTT, which is the last game Ron worked on. he probably loves this art style, he would have chosen it then, as he noticed Rex and his style long before the game was in production. We cannot judge the cure termali art style until we are released from the expectation that "the real monkey 3" should have had the monkey 2 graphics.

Dav Apr 17, 2022
Cure termali/current

Nico Apr 17, 2022
OK I need ur help guys. Long time ago, I saw a magazine article about SoMI, where the day and the year Guybrush arrived at Melee Island was mentioned. Does anyone know something about that date and time? Was that canon?. Thanks in advance

Nr. 2698 Apr 17, 2022
I have to say that as excited as I am about a new Monkey Island, I was appalled by the graphic style.

Well we all expected a pixel art adventure. But even if it isn't, one would certainly have expected better quality graphics.

BUT there are quite understandable reasons that can be guessed at.

Many do not know how time-consuming and laborious graphic design for adventure games is, simply because an extremely large amount of content is required.

Personally, I make pixel art animations for someone's adventure game in my spare time and no one can imagine how time consuming and it is.

In the good old days you generally had more leeway.

Especially with the first Monkey Island parts, the graphics (including the concept art) were extremely complex and stunning.

And Lucas Arts/Disney aren't interested in releasing a game that doesn't pay off. In an indie production it would be a little different.

You could already see something similar with the DuckTales reboot. If you see how complex the series was produced in the 80s and how loveless the graphics were in 2017, you can see a possible connection here.

So possibly a big compromise on the graphics.

Jimmy Apr 18, 2022
I'm beyond excited this is happening! I used to wake up at night full of sweat realizing that I would probably never learn if LeChuck really is Guybrush's brother. Getting a closure to this story as originally intended feels like a dream come true! Thank you Ron for revisiting this part of our lives. And about the art style, just tell everyone you left the pixel art version for the Return of Monkey Island Special Edition in 10 years: "Return of Monkey Island redone in glorious 320x200 resolution and 16 extraordinary colors!"

Groundhog Apr 18, 2022
Never mind the art, but the big question on everybody's lips. On their chapped lips, right: Do ya think this computer game is gonna cost more than 20 bucks?

Roli Apr 18, 2022
I fell in love espacially deep with the first Monkey Island and its graphics then! Earlier played and enjoyed the Indy 3 adventure in EGA 16 Color graphics. Then a bit after that I was fully blown away, when I could play Monkey Island in VGA 256 colors!
Also the box was so very beautiful made, I'm still stunning about this picture today!
As I saw it then and today, the graphics in Monkey Island were in no way comics-like. The humor was within the words and situations/story. When you played Guybrush, the graphics were absolutely stunning and made as well as possible for that time! What it really should look, if more were possible then, was shown in the portraits, when talking with pirates in the bar or screening Elaine and guybrush from near. This was absolutely beautiful and spectacular and very life-like art!!! This was my impression of Monkey Island. Note: The art and art style is a VERY big part of a game, so it will have a big impact if you may like and love a game or not so.

Then graphics became even better in Monkey Island 2, as handpainted graphics were scanned and used!
The end of Monkey Island 2 was virtually a big slap in my face. I was seeing it maybe once or twice again, but didn't wait for the text running to end, so I didn't see the cliffhanger at the very end.
So this was my impression of Monkey Island 2, and this ruined a bit my big love for the part one.

Few years later I saw my younger brother playing Monkey Island 3. It shocked me, what a graphic style was used for this game. This made no sense for me and for how I fell in love years before with the graphics in Monkey Island 1. I had no reason then to play Monkey Island 3. It destroyed everything what MI 1 has built up. Remebering the ending of part 2 and now such a distinguished graphic style... why should I have played this, as a fan of Monkey Island 1? This just made me sad, as for me things just got more worse.

I also had/have some problems with the graphics in the Monkey Island Special Edition. Portraits, so Pirates, Guybrush and Elaine were SOOO beautiful painted in Monkey Island 1! So it's ugly for me to see how graphics look many years later in the special edition. It takes so much of the atmosphere/mood/beautifulness the first MI gave to me.

Now Return to Monkey Island: In the trailer, the background looks very good for me! But my heart is not happy with the very simplified graphic art of the characters.
I like the graphic art of "The iconic High Street of Mêlée Island", but not the flat character looking out of the window.
I think I can live with the "locksmith shop of Mêlée Island", but would like a person/face with some more details, a bit more realistic.
I can very good live with "A mysterious and dangerous location on Monkey Island".
Unfortunately, I absolutely dislike the screenshot "The courthouse of a chilly new island".

Maybe and I hope, such information/feedback can lead to a better game in the end, graphics that more people will like and love than just dislike but play the game.

It really worked well for the Sonic movie. I rather wait a halve or year or so longer, but am more confident with/for the graphics.

Anyway, I'm very very very thankfull and happy, that a 3rd Monkey Island from you Ron Gilbert will happen!
Thank you so much and all the best wishes and effort for Return to Monkey Island!


Tootsie Apr 18, 2022
I love the fact that Ron Gilbert is making a Monkey Island game. What more can anyone ask for? It's a dream come true! But what's the point if it doesn't look and feel like a Monkey Island game? If pixel art is limiting, I don't know, maybe it can have a crt shader overlaying the enhanced and improved graphics, or something . But always respecting the old games designs and art style.

StartFromScratch Apr 18, 2022
People complain for a reason. Not a big deal. But the sheer amount of them is overwhelming.

GhostPirateLechuck Apr 18, 2022
Thirty years are gone and this nice Ron guy finds the will & the financing & the people & the planets aligning to go back to Monkey Island and make several thousands of fellow human beings blissfully happy...
And yet even here people find ways to complain because their glass is not full right up to the brim.
Now I am 100% sure, the human race is doomed to go extinct after all, I just hope that the extinction will happen a couple of months after the game is available for PCs :)

Dav Apr 18, 2022

Allan Apr 18, 2022
Hi, it is me again.
I have seen the screenshots, and I like it.
I just have the hope, that the game will have creepy and mature moments like in MI 1 and 2:
Hiding from Largo, hiding from LeChuck, Zombie Voodoo Torture Stuff, Spitting Contest, graveyards, bones, creepy underground Caves in MI, priestess, ... and much more. Please may it be not just funny but also creepy 😀

hardcorefan Apr 18, 2022
Melee island and some other graphics look cheap and poor. This tittle deserve more effort, if you don't want to go into pixels oldschool mode I can understand, but this looks soul less and uninspiring, the character eyes are a joke, looks like a random and cheap android game. Sorry guys but I ve been dreamed of that new game for ages and I wanted to express my thoughts.

Benjy Apr 18, 2022
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
I'm so happy

RW Apr 18, 2022
I have to agree with the sentiment that the new screenshots don't feel like Monkey Island.  Personally I'm not bothered about pixels, its more the art style I think doesn't fit.  It can be Hi-res - but with a more MI aesthetic - for instance the original concept art for MI2 could easily be realised on modern hardware.

monkey grumpy fan Apr 18, 2022
love it, love it, love it, thank you Ron, is a dream come true after 30yaers

sentimental stab Apr 18, 2022
@RW I agree, original concept art or Day of The Tentacle art in hi res would fit better. The point in here is that there is no good concept art behind, it doesn't matter if we are in 1989, 2022 or 2050, it just does not look cool enough.

a spiffy-looking dog Apr 18, 2022
Hi! I'm a spiffy-looking dog and I want to be a fan-fiction writer. Below is a sample of my fan-fiction.

The Return of Spiffy

Chapter 1

~The Three Tails~

Filled with enthusiasm for writing fan fiction, Spiffy the dog tested the newly added pet door on the Scumm Bar, hopped inside, and locked it. The bar was filled with other grog-swilling pirates. Spiffy hung the key on the wall next to the important-looking pirate's chair.

"Thank you Spiffy," said the important-looking pirate as he poured grog down Spiffy's throat.

Spiffy dashed over to Loom Guy with a burning question.

"Loom Guy, help," Spiffy tugged Loom Guy's jacket, "I can't write this fan-fiction with my paws because I am Spiffy the Dog," said Spiffy the Dog.

Spiffy begged, "Plain ol' Spiffy, you see," and Spiffy gave a twirl.

Spiffy cut to the chase, "I need you to write this for me, Loom Guy."

Ask Me About Loom Guy said, "I was appalled at the reception to Loom among the aficionados. Many of these people hated Loom. 'Too *!&#ing simple' was the oft-repeated complaint."

His enthusiasm continued, "True, Loom is not a game for aficionados. It is a game for beginners. It will bring new customers into our audience. It will prepare people for bigger, more complex games such as those from Sierra or the Ultima series."

And continued, "But the aficionados worked hard to kill this game, and I suspect that its sales suffered as a result."

And continued, "That's bad for our industry."

"Loom Guy!" said Spiffy.

"Aye," said Loom Guy.

"What do you mean 'Aye,' I want you to write my fan fiction, not tell me about Loom," explained Spiffy.

"Aye," Loom Guy replied.

Spiffy smacked Loom Guy with the bone of contention, "No aye! You're taking over my story! What kind of monster would take over someone's story. You'd have to be some kind of fan fiction writer or something."

Loom Guy nodded in agreement, "Aye."

Then he thought about it.

"You mean like Curse, Escape, and Tales?" he asked Spiffy, his face lit up, sticking the fan-fiction badge on his coat that the afformentioned dog had slid onto the table.

Everyone gasped.

Spiffy pawed.

Loom Guy peeled the badge as he read the room.


That's all I've got so far.

sentimental stab Apr 18, 2022
The Cave concept art was super cool, this could have been a good path to follow.

Holger Apr 18, 2022
On so many German gaming sites that feature "Return to Monkey Island" as a news story, the user comments on the style of the new graphics are pretty clear: that it doesn't fit Monkey Island. At least a large part of the people are of this opinion, not all, but most, at least that's my impression.

Please, Ron, don't disappoint the fans of the first two games that much. We've held these games so high for over thirty years, we've also been a big part of giving the game the reputation and cult status it enjoys today by making fan pages, writing blog posts, videos, verbal advertising, and so much more.

I wouldn't care at all if I had to wait another five years if only the style of the graphics would change, towards more realism, more towards Monkey Island 1 or 2.
Basically just like you announced in your blog post a few years ago. That was just perfection.

AWANAGANA Apr 18, 2022
I finally see that someone is talking about concept art, which I think is the key point.
All the games of the Lucas era from Maniac Mansion to Grim Fandango had graphics and a design basically studied for the type of story and game (except maybe MI3 not to my liking) and were almost perfect, it was not necessary to add or remove nothing.
This time it seems to me there is something out of tune, it is as if they wanted to change but not too much, and obviously half measures are always the prelude to failure.
For DOT a slightly lopsided and surreal graphics were perfect for a story of tentacles and time travel, as well as for Grim Fandango the angular characters, to make the idea of ​​skeletons but not too macabre, it was exceptional (too bad Tim is missing in the team: D). MI1 and 2 and what are we talking about? They are the fruit of pure creative genes.
But now this graphic between DOT and KNIGHT AND BIKES ... I must say that it stinks, I don't know how to explain it but I don't see it at all up to the game and the story (even if I don't know it yet) it doesn't make the right atmosphere and it ridicules the characters too much. Then maybe it will be a masterpiece but let's not forget that the most important impact in a video game is precisely the graphic aspect, otherwise the story may never know it (as happened to me with MI4 never played for more than 10 minutes).
In short, in the end if you want to change then better dare and completely distort the initial graphics using the super powers of the tools available today, or stay within the initial concept that gave so much glory to this saga. As I said, the middle ground is never the best choice.

P.S .: If it is too long I divide it into 3 episodes :))))

AWANAGANA Apr 18, 2022
P.P.S. : but the third episode in 30 years :)))))

ZoomGuy Apr 18, 2022
My god! Why don't you all return to you nostalgia caves and let Ron make his game. I for one love the art and think it's refreshing.

AWANAGANA Apr 18, 2022
Turn your computer off and go to sleep!

Rum Rogers Apr 18, 2022
I'm not particularly digging the chosen art style, but guys Ron owes us NOTHING.
He can do whatever he thinks suits the game best.
Do I think the style fits my very personal idea of Monkey Island? No.
Will I support the game and the devs no matter what? HELL YES.

I wanna say that again, for those who feel somehow "betrayed": Ron owes us NOTHING AT ALL.
There's no betrayal at all here, either accept the game as-is or don't, but please stop whining. There's no way the art style can be changed at this point in development.

Long live Ron Gilbert.
Long live Monkey Island.

Kemp Apr 18, 2022
Hi Ron, it is a dream for me and many that you make another monkey island. I'll get straight to the point. I like the backgrounds, they are in the style of Day of the Tentacle. But the characters are too Picasso style. (in my opinion) And please Rex Crowle is a great art director but we are talking about a saga with an already recognized style (I know there were variations between monkey island 1 and 2, and the curse of monkey island). If the previous Monkey Island didn't exist this wouldn't be a problem. I understand your point of view of wanting to innovate but understand us your fans. I like the characters of monkey island 1 and 2 in HD as well as a more cartoon style as in curse of monkey island or DOTT. It's a much bigger change than curse of monkey island was in its time. A greeting from a fan.

StartFromScratch Apr 18, 2022
Most people only saw the trailer. These screenshots will underline the impression that something isn't right.

Viceroy Apr 18, 2022
whoever mentioned The Cave reminded me how much I loved that game! Vastly underrated, and the art was super cool. I'd LOVE to see that style in MI. Or any style with some darkness and depth. Oh well, maybe next time.

Can't wait for this game and I hope it breaks down the walls for top notch adventure games to flourish again.

Just an anonymous guy on the Internet Apr 18, 2022
Thank you Ron!

This is fantastic news. Monkey Island games mean a lot to me. I replay the series every once in a while. You and your colleagues have created this amazing world that is charming and hilarious and awesome and I absolutely love what you said in the interview with Adventure Gamers that your primary goal when approaching this installment was to create a good pirate adventure. This is such a perfect attitude. It's inspiring, really. I struggle with writing and you may not realize it but it sounds like really good advice — dismiss the nonsense and just try to write a decent story that you, yourself, would enjoy.

I saw that you were bummed out to hear the criticism of the art style. I, personally, don't get the criticism. That's not true, I do get it — people want the same thing that brought them joy when the world was whole, but, like, what are you gonna do, not play Monkey Island? That's just crazy talk. Anyway, change is good and change is necessary. And the art does look great. It's done with love. You can see it.

Count this guy in. I shall play it and I shall enjoy it.

Thanks, again!

DM Apr 18, 2022
I too would have expected graphics closer to pixel art, or stylistically more similar to that of Monkey 2.
But ... it's Ron's vision. If, as he said in the interview, he felt this new style fit the story of Return to Monkey Island better, that's okay. Only he has the overall vision of the whole project, we must trust him.
It would be different if this choice had not been made directly by him, but somehow suggested from above, for purely commercial and not artistic reasons.
But it seems he is very confident in the art direction, and he reiterated that he has total control over the project. Again, let's trust him.

Looking back at the teaser several times, leaving behind the expectation for pixel art, you can realize how full of atmosphere and mystery it is.
Cant' wait.

Emanuele Apr 18, 2022
Well, as we've been waiting 30 years, I hope you won't just drop the game on Steam. I'd be personally prepared to fork out good money for something physical to go with the game. Me and my buddies used to treasure everything, box, manual, elaborate thinge to attempt to safeguard against copying the game... will there be (buried) t-shirts? Posters? Mugs? Grog bottles? Thanks. And again, can't wait. It's silly but this game returning means a great deal to me.

Munster Apr 18, 2022
@DM: Yeah, I'm a little surprised that so many people have focused on the game's art direction. It seems like no one has shown any interest in the world itself. Personally, I felt a bit flat when I heard about the game was being made, but it's got stuff.

Why is the ghost lady wearing one boot, eh?
Why's there's a light over the pigeonhole on LeChuck's ship?
Is the pigeonhole accurate to actual pirate ships?

I don't know.

The locksmith using a giant key as a curtain rail is pretty cute. It reminds me of the giant cotton swab key the cannibals used to open the giant monkey head.


a spiffy-looking dog Apr 18, 2022
I rewrote the silly story I wrote earlier.

[fan-fiction] Monkey Island: Spiffy's Return | Chapter 1 | The Three Tails |

Miguel Baptista Apr 19, 2022
Seventeen - The game would be the game I wanted to make. I don't want the pressure of trying to make the game you want me to make. I would vanish for long periods of time. I would not constantly keep you up-to-date or be feeding the hype-machine. I'd show stuff that excited me or amused me. If you let me do those things, you will love the game. That, I promise.

PS: Alot of us want to play this version of Ron's Monkey Island,
I can't see why it won't be possible to release a new version, one or two years down the line, with pixel graphics.

AWANAGANA Apr 19, 2022
as the great Oscar Wilde said "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about" (referring to the game of course).
Guys, writing your opinion freely is the highest expression of democracy, and, in this specific case, it's all free advertising :)))))
So let's always talk about it, let's talk about it often, good or bad it doesn't matter ... but let's talk about it.

Munster Apr 19, 2022
@awanagana: fine i hate it

that ghost pirate that carries the boxes with the strange medallion has lipstick on his teeth. is that like a joke or a mistak caused by terrible art direction. what are you trying to say wrong gilbret

the chef on the deck looks angry all the time what is his problem does he not like his job or is this a mistak caused by terrible art direction. answer you critics wrong

Very Grumpy Apr 19, 2022
Dear Ron Gilbert, Please reconsider your point 3 of ' if I made a new MK '
the design it's a shame in comparison of your original game which are realistic at most possible for that time ( face zoomed)  

this MK3a is not a continuity at all, why are you not workin with Mark ferrari ????

Munster Apr 19, 2022
He betrayed use? omg whyyyy

Monkey 2 faces are photoreal except when u drink teh grogs. this game look like humungus game foe kids

Disney brandwashed wrong omg

Dont buy his game, adventure gams have bad gamplay and they r also dad

DM Apr 19, 2022
@ Very Grumpy

Definitely true for Monkey 1.

But already from Monkey 2 the close-ups of the characters are absent and if we think of some characters (the Governor of Phatt, the guard, Rum Rogers Jr) we can guess that a slight "cartoonization" of the whole style was already underway.

trolley Apr 19, 2022
That's the second worst background style you could have chosen :)

Sentimental stab Apr 19, 2022
I see the intention of making something in between classic LucasArts era and Disney target, but somehow it didn't came well... First I didn't like the trailer mostly because of the characters but the color palette used was cool and the music really boosted the M.I. mood, I was kinda still hyped; now I am not happy at all from what I have seen in the screenshots.. I hope that Guybrush character got charm and the music and story could play a big role on the game, but they must understand that showing graphics only, being this a very important element, people create certain expectations..
I remember after finishing M.I. in 1991 watching the first Lechuck's Revenge screenshots in PcMania (Spanish Magazine) and I was totally blown away. I wish I could had that feeling with this tittle though I had that very bad feeling years ago when Disney acquired  the games, I knew that would never be the same. Anyways of course we will support it, buy it, and play it. I just wanted to place in context the people that don't understand the ones that are disenchanted with the art style.

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Trolley: yes curse is the worst right. Bill till and larya herb suxed and scrowled up the art

Speakin of Larya herb. He complaned about wrongs bad art direction on mi2. Said he was a little sux. Im sensing a paton here wrong

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Sentimental stan: i first saw mi2 in game. when i saw woodtick with the odd camera framing i thought it suxed due to bad art direction. and now i know who to blam for that

Sentimental Stab Apr 19, 2022
@Munster How old are you? when you played it for first time, after 2000's? Everyone's from the time knows that MI2 was ahead of its time..

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Stan: im born 1990 so it's b4 my time. I played monkey 2 around 97.

Munster Apr 19, 2022
I play mi2 B4 i saw domic tomato become the voice of deluxe pants own guybrush threepwood

Fan fact: Did u no guy.brush was named guybrush cuz he was a litteral brush that you pant with in deluxe paint. Wasnt the file extension like some idoits believe.

Those LucasFilm Games were inspired folk. Too bad the only good games they made were based on star treks.

Miguel Baptista Apr 19, 2022
Move along Ron, nothing to see here,
Get back to us after the release of the game.

Munster Apr 19, 2022
It's games like this that turned Tim into a psychonaut who got his first badge of not terrible game design after he climbed out of the shadow of crappy adventure games.

I want to return to monkey island......but the art. Don't like it, can't take it serious like real art ie monkey1&2. Too bad those games were poorly designed videogames. sorry wrong you need help, go here

DM Apr 19, 2022
@ Sentimental stab

The emotional reaction to seeing the screenshots, which are probably not even from the game but just storyboards, is perfectly normal.
As I said above, also I expected and would have liked the pixel art graphics very much.

But ... on reflection, why are we all waiting for this game?
Why have we come to feel so sorry if some images are not as we intended?

Because we have been waiting for Ron's VISION for thirty years. Not for ours vision or someone else's.

For this reason Curse, which in all respects is a good game, has not completely filled that void left by Monkey 2.
Because who had played the first two could felt from so many little details that something was not going as they expected.
That something was missing. And it wasn't graphics.
Was the mood, the atmosphere sometimes scary, the grotesque approach similar to Lynch or Fellini.

It's Ron's vision that matters. His vision of Monkey Island 3 is worth more than our expectation for pixelart graphics.

And the vision of him is ... this. Return to Monkey Island.

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Dm: Ron has a vision, but is Monkey Island / adventure games just another one of his silly narrativist pet projects? Let's face it, MI will print tons of mickey mouse dollars. Who really cares about Monkey Island and adventure games? Just cash in, baby! Slurp up that 1985 game design. Yeah!

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Oh yeah and ron if you don't improve your game design chops im gonna learn about narrativism and game design, make the best game ever, and put you out of business.

those mickey mouse dollars aren't guaranteed, ron. watch out i will use your platform to destroy you

look im studying the craft ron

im learning from a real pro british game design. face facts ron, the only bad game out of britain was simon the sorcerer, a clone of monkey island. so your basically screwed.

what do you say to that ron. look, im using a competitive game dynamic against you. oh wait im an ideological artist and competition is inherently problematic. good thing im a fast learner who learns from his mistakes

DM Apr 19, 2022
That's Right. However, the "adult" aspect of the first two Monkey Island - which I also love - does not mean that it cannot be continued with this artistic direction as well.

There is an image of Rex Crowe in particular that could be very suitable for explaining this concept:

The style is that of this new Monkey Island, and it is by no means "childish". On the contrary, it contains in a very elegant way a nuance of emotional states that could hardly be synthesized in a face drawn in a more traditional way.

AWANAGANA Apr 19, 2022
Mah "de gustibus non disputandum est".

Munster Apr 19, 2022
AWANAGANA: I don't know what "there's no disputing about taste" means. I'll have to think about it.

DM: I like the expressiveness of his knights and bikes art style. However, due to emotional blindness or whatever, I can't really say how "effective" the art is. To me, everything just looks nice. Regardless, it wouldn't stop me from destroying him in an art competition and taking away his disney dollars; only the inherently flawed nature of competitive game dynamics would.

Simplicity is good. Fancy graphics are a waste of time and money that only triple-A studios involved in the rat race like to justify. Who cares.

Oh, and if Rex Crowle took off his glasses his nose would be a ghost floating on a moustache. not sure why he puts so much emphasis on noses in his art. I'll get over it.

Rum Rogers Apr 19, 2022
OK, go make your own game then. We'll watch your interviews when your game is nominated GOTY. Don't waste your precious time in here. Bye!

DM Apr 19, 2022

"De minimis non curat praetor"

In this case,  given the relevance to the game itself, graphics and style are "the minimis"

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Rum Rogers: But I'm working on my narrativist skills. You're saying my time is better spent elsewhere, huh. I suppose good time management is a part of any person's toolkit. Just like strong verbs and concrete nouns for effective communication, which admittedly, aren't my strong suit.

I can't program or draw or design anything, so I suppose that might need to change. Everyone knows interactivity is the basis of competitive advantage of the home computer, so that would seem the best place to start. And since ron's games are barely interactive, they will probably win a billion GOTY awards

ron hasnt even implemented the world famous herman toothrot meditation game dynamic into any of his adventure game designs. what an ameteur. he just makes the same game over and over

Munster Apr 19, 2022
DM: "The commander does not care about the smallest things."

Oh! I think I kinda get this one. The one who possesses themselves is only drawn to the things that matter to them personally. Where clowns like me are drawn to hovering over every pixel of every book in the libary in The Last Crusade adventure game co-designed by Wrong Gilbret, thus wasting the time they have available for more meaningful pursuits, such as destroying wrong gilbret on his guestbook, and reminding him a billion times that he chose his art director...poorly and now the project is doomed to be inferior art than it could have been and smiles with not happen when people play his game

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Doh I think I got it wrong. A more direct translation would be:

"Satan reasons like a monkey, but God wishes for better graphics."

blombo Apr 19, 2022
BTW, what happened to "The Secret Revealed or Your Money Back"?

Can we still hope to finally learn The Secret of Monkey Island™?

Munster Apr 19, 2022
if someone mentions anything interesting in the trailer or the screenshots, I will steal some of their disney dollars.

Based on the principle "the commander does not care about the smallest things." I have concluded that "forest thinking" (relationships) is superior to "tree-by-tree thinking" (focusing on details).


Munster Apr 19, 2022
blombo: the secret is that hell will look mundane when you return, but it will hold a dark secret in the form of a monkey. your welcome. just kidding i dont know

Munster Apr 19, 2022
Hey where did my disney dollars go

Munster (Bye) Apr 19, 2022
Okay, I'm leaving forever due to dead community and you'll never see me again

I'll be gone quicker than Chris Crawford after they ruined GDC. I'll be gone quicker than @LegacyBeware after dissing on peoples which is something you just dont do! Especially if you've got any brans like me. Rex Crowle has no brans. Ron gilbret has no brans. Every person on that 25 person team has no brans. Dominic Tomato has no brans so hes perfect guybrush. Apparently I have no brans either. so im a leaving forevers! one day I will mak better gam that will destroy rons with its genius! bye

Fuz Apr 19, 2022
@admiring fan excellent post.

Guys, this is not a matter of "pixel art", but of art direction and style. Monkey 1 and 2 were pseudo-realistic as far as the technology back then allowed them to be. Remember the closeups in Monkey 1?
I myself wouldn't have wanted a pixel art for Monkey 3. It wouldn't have been appropriate. Sure, I loved to death Thimbleweed Park and its awesome pixel art, but that's a different approach and theme. What I expected Monkey 3 to be was a great, evocative 2D with frame-by-frame animations, instead of cheap skeletal ones.

Now, please allow me to remind you guys something:

Damper Apr 19, 2022
Is guybrush's nose also going to be a rectangle?

Rum Rogers Apr 19, 2022
I agree with everything, but the art style has been long chosen and the game is about to release.
Get used to it, 'cause this is what we're getting.

In other words: Indiana, let it go.

Daniel.S Apr 19, 2022
MI2 Best game ever. Iam falling in Love for a life time, one day over 30 years a go. I hate april fools but i love  all a woodchuck do!
Dos 5.0 forever

AWANAGANA Apr 19, 2022
Looking and reviewing the screenshots, perhaps for the excitement of waiting, in the end they don't seem so bad to me.
Too bad because now the wait will be unbearable :))))))

Joe Apr 19, 2022
I personally love the art style. I always pictured the game with pixel-art, but this is so cool... The animation is great. I love the teaser. I'm sure it will be awesome.
Thanks so much. I still can't believe it's true.
We definitely live in the right timeline. :)

Meatsauce Apr 19, 2022
Really looking forward! At last, we've all been expecting for this for a long time!

Dear Ron, one more thing: now that you have access to Disney, PLEEEEAAAASEEEE speak with them to work on a point-and-click Ducktales adventure game with Don Rosa!

Minty Apr 19, 2022
Wow this comment section seems to have devolved into some surreal therapy session for some illiterate called @munster...i think you need to just stop and think for a minute mate. This isn't about you this is purely about a video game with clearly an emotional fan base you just love it your way and everyone do the same, respect others and thier choices and opinions, stop spouting stuff about how you will destroy this and that as its just silly. Let's just wait and see on the game we get, if people don't like it then that's fair enough but stop thinking that waffling silly crap on here that you will do better blah blah thinking it will change something is just moronic. So let's all take this back to basics, it's monkey, it's new, it may not be everything we each individually imagined but that's what individuality is. If you like it great if you don't that's fine too but don't start hate preaching because you personally feel hard done by, this is life, stop being a spoilt brat over it, be happy someone is keeping these stories alive.

Alex Kidd Apr 19, 2022
Sorry Ron, but the art style doesn´t feel right at all. Reminds me of Dexter´s Lab =). I played the original MI on an old 286 with Hercules graphics. That´s monochrome. And the game still looked beautiful, immersive, and realistic. Those qualities were lost in Curse and the other "non Gilbert" sequels. I´m sure the story, the puzzles, the gameplay, etc, will be great in Return because you´re a genius, and i love every single one of your games. But you know what they say, love enters by the eyes. I really don´t care about pixel-art, or verbs, or SCUMM. I didn´t even knew what a pixel was when i played MI1 =). I lushed for that beautiful and misterious night on that island deep in the Caribbean. Oh, and those character portraits... Elaine really was the girl to die for on that portrait.
Of course, i´m buying the game and will play it, and certainly enjoy it no matter what. I just felt a little feedback won´t hurt.

Rino Apr 20, 2022
Hi Ron, please enable us to have another German Monkey Island with Norman Matt as Guybrush. And how about dubbing the special editions of 1 and 2 and releasing them as a special box with Return to Monkey Island? I think there would be a lot of happy people and buyers :)! But even so, thank you for the best gaming news of my 32-year life so far!

Miguel Baptista Apr 20, 2022
I still can't believe Ron is making a new Monkey Island!

Gzuz Apr 20, 2022
In Ron We Trust

Groundhog Apr 20, 2022
Ron & Co., put an end to the Monkey Island-gate and announce an art DLC ): I can't be the only one who'd happily pay additional 20 bucks for Peter Chan's painted art DLC or Mark Ferrari's pixel art DLC. As far as I know, this would be the first of its kind in a game.

Johnny Threepwood Apr 20, 2022
@Rino agree, you fired Monkey Island and you were instantly transported into a mysterious caribbean island. A real, breathing place. It ws a REAL pirate story as much as Treasure Island.

Now it's a kids' cartoon for mobile :(

DieSkaarj Apr 20, 2022
Did anyone notice that the position of the jail has moved more toward the road on Melee island? I think the Grog must have leaked into the foundations and caused the ground to subside. I get why some of you all are fretting about (artistic) canon.

DieSkaarj Apr 20, 2022
I mean I get it from an artistic perspective. It highlights the exit better and puts it more inline with the horizon. But, realistically, would it not be better to move the camera rather than the building? I'm a big fan of surrealism, but you've got to respect the source/reference.

trolley Apr 20, 2022
Ron, are the backgrounds are animated? This can make all the difference :)

Ian Apr 20, 2022
Hi Ron, as a huge fan of the series, I was excited when the announcement hit the internet. It's a shame none interviewing you asked about puzzle design, since it's one of the most important things, but I digress.
To be perfectly honest, the art style chosen is... to say it doesn't fit the well known MI Caribbean piratey theme would be an understatement.

First of all, it's not about returning to amazing pixel art of MI1&2 for the sake of nostalgia. Curse of MI didn't utilise that style, yet still looks absolutely GORGEOUS. Here, the visuals have no detail whatsoever. There's no depth to the image. Everything blends together, the lighting looks flat. No standout element that attracts the eye. It gets worse, every single element - from characters to background elements - is so abstract, so pretentiously sketchy, so hideously deformed, so screaming for attention, that all these elements combined create an absolute chaotic mess. Have we completely forgotten the concept of striving for artistic beauty?

When I think of Monkey Island, I don't think of an ugly imitation of Picasso's work that doesn't understand what Picasso tried to achieve with his work. Moreover, did anyone even think for a second whether this kind of art style fits the subject matter? Even if one was to assume the artists were trying to take a page out of Day of the Tentacle's book (wacky game by design), the comparison doesn't do Return to MI any favours. DoTT was CONSISTENT in its execution, the use of colour, composition, the concept of lighting and shadow and so on. Return of MI looks like a collage of mututally exclusive elements that don't create a cohesive whole.
Very disappointing.

Dave Apr 20, 2022
Stop the whining and the kids' pixel nostalgia, it's been 30 years and a new monkey needs to go on and experiment new things. It'll be interesting. Besides, you've only seen a small trailer and 4 screens and you already scream "blasphemy". It's pathetic: true monkey fans trust Ron's work

DM Apr 20, 2022

someone Apr 20, 2022

Well said.

Still very excited for the game though!

Ian Apr 20, 2022
True fans aren't fanboys. When you're praising things without any thought (even when they objectively leave much to be desired or don't fit the source material), you're not doing anyone any favours. This kind of attitude leads to Indiana Jones IV or Terminator movie sequels kind of disasters. Have some STANDARDS.

man with absolute truth Apr 20, 2022
This just isn't going to work. We'll have to make our own game. We can call it "The Unknown Fact of Primate Peninsula." It'll run on EMS memory!

Nr. 2698 Apr 20, 2022
So the graphic style for the new Monkey Island stands. The developer's decision should be respected and left as it is.

Everyone is free to decide for themselves whether they want to play it.

I also think the conflict with the artworks isn't specific to Monkey Island or pixel art, but one that affects art in general.

Whether it's in computer games, comics or cartoons. Most of the work is done digitally. Also with useful tools like blenders etc.

Analogue artists like Mark Ferrari, Peter Chan and Steve Purcell didn't have these and had to work with a lot more care and planning.
To put it bluntly, it's like the difference between mental arithmetic and a pocket calculator.

They mixed their color palettes themselves, were able to use light and shadow in a controlled manner, in short they mastered their craft, as you can see very nicely on the Monkey Island 2 concept art.

And I would also like to say that in the pixel days of Deluxe Paint there were already similar digital tools with which some graphic atrocities like Larry 6 were committed.

The style of the first two parts is definitely comic style. In addition, these parts already had distorted perspectives, although not as much as later in DOTT.

A certain Chuck Jones, creator of cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Co. is said to have been the inspiration here, if I remember correctly.

And in conclusion, there is nothing left to do but to become creative and create something yourself or to support the numerous indie developers with projects that are closer to your own ideas.

ChristianN Apr 20, 2022
I really want to see the art style in motion. I loved the trailer but skeptical about how I feel about the screenshots.

I GUESS a lot of worries about the art style come from that this 'stylized' form of art direction in games has been done over and over again. And often (so far) not always very well. And often (so far) it was an excuse for financially cheap art direction and just calling it "artistic" at the same time.

I have to admit, that I am grown tired of these stylized art styles. It's everywhere. Imho an art direction does not need to/should not be artistic just for itself being artistic or stylized. I feel like a lot of old games we love so much did NOT have these problems, because the results we love so much, were mostly due to the limitations in those days. Plus great artists. But thinking about a "style" was luxury.

I am no game dev, so I have absolutely no idea, but maybe the dilemma today is, that you can choose an art style. And highly stylized/comical seems to be "in". In ye olden days, the "pixel art"(tm) we love were just results of very talented artists dealing with the limitiations (i.e. pixels) of that computing era. But doing the best they could do to make it look good and real. That is my GUESS that there were not much talk about stylization or a specific art style.

As a kid I felt like the world of MI1 was just huge and enormous, like an open-world. As if I could go anywhere and explore. Well, because I was a kid, but also because the art really invited you to the illusion. MI2 then later felt photorealistic for me. I thought that is it about how far computer graphics will go. Or Fate of Atlantis. (but I love the EGA of Last Crusade more, and it was the very first adventure game I played and it holds a sprecial place in my heart. Though I prefer VGA on all others games. But EGA for Crusade and LOOM.)

Often overlooked between bigger names: Sam&Max Hit the Road. The 'art style' is one of the best for me. And Full Throttle (amazing!). And The Dig. When we look at these art styles they are all very differently but the share something, which I can't 100% point my finger at. (Technically 256 colors and 320x240) But they all share (incl. Fate of Atlantis and Last Crusade) that they are not stylized. They went for cinematic or "photorealistic" graphics while being STRONGLY limited by 320x240 pixels and 256 colors. Maybe it's like with old practical special (limitations) effects in movies and CGI (no limitations). The limitations often gave a game or a movie a huge part of its soul.

Another issue with technical limitations gone today: uncanny valley. If you would try to imitate the art style of Fate of Atlantis to 1920x1080 pixels with 24bit color, it would look either cheap/artificial or uncanny.I guess that's why many game devs go for an "artsy"/stylized art direction.

Because a stylized art style gives you back those limitations. (which would do 320x240 also) And limitations are a very good thing. The limitations of 320x240 VGA gave many LucasArts games their "soul".

So to end on a bright note: While I personally never liked stylized/surreal art, and I think I lose some immersion when looking at a game and always being reminded that I am looking at a specific "art style"... (my credo: Great art styles make you NOT think about them at all. Or only the very first minutes and then you forget about the style. That was was I experinced as a kid with MI1. It felt real to me.)

...but a stylized art style gives you limitations. And this COULD wirk very well. Because all our love and memories and nostalgia about the old adventure games was about the limitations of those. And our imagination being inspired and lifted by those limitations. That is where immersion REALLY happens.

I have faith in the team and Ron and I certainly do not dislike the style. It could work. I like the trailer far more than the screenshots and so I really want to see the art style in gameplay and in motion. Some background animations, some glowing fireflies and so on. My initial reaction to the screenshots was just "ok... it's THAT art style... again..." But in the end I really don't know.

I feel sad about the backlash about the art style and I think we should give it more than a fair chance. But yeah... it was the part I am not thrilled about. (I was like Rich Evans watching the The Force Awakens trailer: "OMG! OMG! IT'S A NEW MONKEY ISLAND!! WAAAAAT? EVEN DONE BY RIN GILBERT? AAAAAAAAAHHHHH... IT'S BEEN OVER 30 YEARS... OMG! OMG! LET ME JUST INSTALL SCUMMVM RIGHT NOW. WHERE ARE MY PIRATED FLOPPY DISKS? I NEED TO *DO* SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! A NEW MONKEY ISLAND... oh-uh, seems like they are going for surreal/stylized art... oh well... hopefully it will work... uh... please let it be goo-- OMG! IT'S MURRAAAAY! I LOVE MURRAY! HAHA, HE GETS KICKED IN THE WATER BECAUSE HE READS GILBERT'S BLOG! THE RETURN OF MONKEY ISLAND. 2022. AAAAAAAAAAH!!" (realistic dramatization)

All the best to Ron and the entire team!

Wendy Apr 20, 2022
Amazing news!!!!!!!!!! Ron, you're the greatest!!!!!! About the art style... The least I want is to say something bad, but the characters on the courthouse paintings... ouch... I remember each Monkey Island game had state of the art graphics and sound. There are so many people who tried to replicate the look and feel with crt shaders or even improve them with AI filters and enhance the sound with midi soundfonts. Or quite the contrary, play the ega version of the game with internal speaker sound. I don't believe this art style can inspire so many people to do this kind of things.
But maybe i'm wrong (I really hope i'm wrong) and once I actually buy the game, it will be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for making another Monkey Island, Ron!!!!!!!!! It's a dream come true.

Diduz Apr 21, 2022
@Christian I like your balanced post. 😀 Anyway, the EGA/VGA low resolution was actually 320x200, not 320x240. It's a common mistake. 320x240 didn't come up until DOS games began adopting the "unchained" VGA mode. ;-)

Seepgood Apr 21, 2022
I'm so excited :)

Is there gonna be an official release of the soundtrack? Michael Land's work is magnificant and I would love to finally get some Monkey Island on Spotify

Grumpy fan Apr 21, 2022
"it's been 30 years and a new monkey needs to go on and experiment new things"

Humm... No.

Even Ron Said MK3a must be a continuity with MK1 and MK2
"It would be a retro game that harkened back to Monkey Island 1 and 2 "
"I would want the game to be how we all remember Monkey Island"

and I imagine we were all agreed with that...

But it's surely the monn... magie of Disney

Step Han Apr 21, 2022
Dear Ron

Thank you for everything what you're giving to us, especially another "Monkey Island" game by yourself and for having the crew as complete as possible.

"Thimbleweed Park" is for me the real proof that you can still do game development as well as back then and also how fascinating the combination of the well-known and highly proven style with meaningful innovations may seem (pixel art with such effects like parallax scrolling, voice acting and much more). I'm very proud, to have that game in a box, as possible anything like the old ones in my bookcase and especially to have my own reference in it as a voice mail with text included.

If somehow possible, it's certainly helpful to include other members of the Thimbleweed-Park-Crew.

I particularly like this style, so that from my point of view more may appear in this way.

Apart from how you do it and as a loyal trusting fan i'm already happy enough at least to get a new game from you and that this is now a sequel to Monkey Island 2 in your own way.

I wish you, as well as myself and for everyone together, that the new game is also a complete success.

I believe in you, as a developer and of course in your true nature, that you may be happy and also delight others with it.

All the best

PS: Have you ever seen someone play „Rampage Knights" and have you ever tried it yourself?
PPS: The humour, difficulty and individual possibilities of it are in your sense.
PPPS: What about „Knights and Bikes" , do you already know it?

Dave Apr 21, 2022
@Grumpy fan

"Even Ron Said MK3a must be a continuity with MK1 and MK2, retro game and blablabla"

Uhm, no.

Ron clearly said that a lot of time has passed since that post, and that things changed already: the post simply expressed what he thought 10 years ago, now he would do things differently. And that's what they are doing. Give him credit, and try not to be stuck forever in the past. Life goes on, and so does Monkey Island.

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022
@Grumpy fan
What's with all these "MK1", "MK2" and "MK3a" continuity shenanigans? I do love my Mortal Kombat games just as they are!

Miguel Baptista Apr 21, 2022
The ending of MK2 where Goro was in fact a child and evil older brother of sheng-tsung got me very confused.
Hope they make a proper sequel one day.

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022

Wasn't that explained in MK3 with Reptile being their stepdad?

Miguel Baptista Apr 21, 2022
MK3 wasn't done by the original creator.
And it didn't have those big pixels. Can you believe that?
The nerve of some people, man.

Miguel Baptista Apr 21, 2022
By the way, you fight like a dairy farmer.

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022
I stand corrected. Plus robots like Sektor and Cyrax weren't canon. Like having giant monkey robots. Not canon.

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022
How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

Miguel Baptista Apr 21, 2022
I've spoken with apes more polite than you!

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022
As much as I'd love fighting a bit more, I don't wanna spam this section too much further! XD

So I'mma just reply: "Uncle! Uncle!"

Miguel Baptista Apr 21, 2022
You can't match my witty repartee eheh
np mate!

Btw, daily reminder that Ron is making a new Monkey Island game.

Ger Apr 21, 2022
A very well known character would not appear in this game for the first time in the series if it must respect canon.

Vadermouse Apr 21, 2022
Reaction to new monkey island = Tom & Jerry Nightmares at the Amusement Park

Levith Apr 21, 2022
OK, so not retro game for Monkey Island. Instead we'll have a new and enhanced experience of a game. Great news, but kindergarten kids can draw better than the new art style. I really hope those game captures were only for some beta version and not the actual game.
Ron Gilbert always delivers quality.

DieSkaarj Apr 21, 2022
I hope this MK3a doesn't have the Test Your Monkey mini-game.

Rum Rogers Apr 21, 2022

Haha that brings me back. I'd totally forgotten about that mini game in MK1!

trolley Apr 21, 2022
Dear Ron, the reason we are trolling about the art is that we don't have anything else to discuss. Give us some new information on the game...

Antonio Apr 21, 2022
A long time has passed, another bit of good times are yet to come.

Thank you in advance Ron.

sentimental stab Apr 21, 2022
Hi Ron, hope you are doing fine ase @trolley comments: give us some munchies :D
Now that we know that the art is done and can not be changed, would be cool to know something about the story, or characters :)

sentimental stab Apr 21, 2022
I am really confused about the story also, to me it looks like a hybrid Monkey 1 and 3 in terms of story content

DieSkaarj Apr 21, 2022
/Rum Rogers: Look behind you! A three-buttoned controller!

Lorenzo Apr 21, 2022
Don't complain about the art... MI 1 and 2 where state of the art at the time. They used a cartoonish style that reflected what cartoons looked like in the early 90s.
The new episode looks modern, as it should. It would be sad to play just a nostalgic game.

In a way it's a blessing Thimbleweed was made, that is a nostalgic masterpiece, and it's done. I salute a modern looking RTMI

Tilde Apr 22, 2022
Take it easy about the horrible art style. Ron Is always joking and is full of surprises. A little patience and he'll reveal the true game.
Thank you for your humor, Ron. You're the greatest!!

hardcorefan Apr 22, 2022
"Take it easy about the horrible art style. Ron Is always joking and is full of surprises. A little patience and he'll reveal the true game.
Thank you for your humor, Ron. You're the greatest!!" I was like you one week ago, how can be a joke if actually there is more people that likes this concept art rather than not? just check for the trailer likes and comments, it is time to face it.

Guybrush Apr 22, 2022

The Three Pirate Leaders'Tm Apr 22, 2022


Chuckie Apr 22, 2022
So is this new game based in Disneyland?
Extracted from mix'n'mojo about MI2 ending:
"The game's ending in conjunction with the numerous Disneyland references throughout the game have led many fans to subscribe to the theory that the titular Secret of Monkey Island is in fact what the ending of Monkey Island 2 suggests: that all of Guybrush's adventures have been the fantasies of a child who got lost from his parents in an amusement park. This explains the appearance of the E-ticket at the Disneyland-like underground tunnels.."

Vid Kidz Apr 22, 2022
Art Style: Gorgeous Vector Graphics

Hilda Apr 22, 2022
Ron Gilbert could never release a game with those ugly graphics. I believe that is another prank and another wtf precious moment like mk2 ending.

DM Apr 22, 2022
I've seen some videos from Knights and Bikes, who have Rex Crowle as art director. It's stunning.

Janfranco Apr 22, 2022
@Lorenzo Does this looks like "cartoonish style" to you?

It's not "Modern", it's just ugly, cheap and YET ANOTHER copycat of Samurai Jack (which is from


Kemp Apr 22, 2022
I don't think it's a prank, Rex Crowle is the art director and that's his style. Rex Crowle is very good but I don't agree with changing the original references of such a legendary saga.
To give an example, I love "Day of the tentacle" if that game had a sequel, I wouldn't have worried if Rex Crowle had been in charge of its sequel, because in my opinion it's more similar.
Anyway I have faith in Ron Gilbert and I want the game to come out as soon as possible!

Penauts Apr 22, 2022
Janfranco is 100% right, the style isn't, modern, just cheap and soulless

Scott Apr 22, 2022
Stop complaining guys, Ron hasn't disappointed us yet, and Knights & Bikes looks great, so stop worrying. You've not seen one image of Guybrush or gameplay video yet!

Lorenzo Apr 22, 2022
@Janfranco I would hardly define that "realism" :)
If does not look like a cartoon, it looks at least like a comic

On the fact that this graphic is ugly, I think you are right – to me, a person that grew up in the 80s-90s – that graphic looks ugly too, and not in line with the original series

Yet, I don't contest the choice to make the new game look "contemporary". It probably sells more to younger generations, and it definitely tells me that Ron Gilbert and co. are making a game (a today-game) and not a "revival"

Rum Rogers Apr 22, 2022
To whomever keeps complaining hoping it's gonna be somehow useful: complain how you want, Ron has made his decision and it's not gonna change.
It's this way or the highway. Your choice!

DM Apr 22, 2022

But we must say that a progressive stylization of the game was already evident in Monkey 2. Look at the governor of Phatt, the guard, the cook of Elaine's mansion ... they are already strongly "cartoonish".

So, logically, we have to assume that if the game had been made in 93 (and why not in 94 or 95?) It would most likely have followed this trend.

If we look at the Lucas adventures of the period, we see that they have the same cartoon / deformed style, Day of the Tentacle above all.

Roland Apr 23, 2022
Does anyone really like the graphics of Knights and Bikes or Broken Age???

Delores Apr 23, 2022
If Ron wants to make a new monkey island bringing back the franchise with new art style it's one of the most emblematic moments in life. We're witnessing history.
But why, I repeat why it has to be the awaited monkey 3 the one who suffers this change of heart. Why not make the promissed mi3 for the fans with the retro style as he said eventually and make a mi6 from scratch and for new players with the art he likes.
We're the targeted audience and we'd like a mi3A, as you would have made it originally. You can still remove the mi2 start, release Return like a new game and if it's succesfull then make mi3A for us, your 3 decades fans who still today are playing your games.

Rum Rogers Apr 23, 2022

Been a fan for 32 years, and I don't think Ron owes me anything. This is the game "for us fans". Grab it and be happy it exists.

XYZ Apr 23, 2022
If anything, I thought that Broken Age's failure taught people something. None wants to remember it or talk about it anymore for two reasons - it wasn't a return to the LucasArts type of adventures Kicstarter promised and the visual style put many people off, despite being OK in itself. The result: the game got forgotten shortly after release.

This is Steve Purcell's Monkey Island-themed art from 2019:

And this is the direction they went for with Return to MI:

WHY??? The mind boggles... I'm sure it'll look better in motion than in static screenshots, but it's such a far cry from what the beauty MI strived for. Honestly, I want a graphical remake already. Call it a Special Edtition, whatever.

Mike Apr 23, 2022

This looks nothing like the artwork Ron showed us.
Also, it looks nothing like Broken Age.
And if that game had a good story, and was good from beggining to end, no one would be talking about graphics.

I'm glad this done by comitee.
Just a quick glimpse at the Youtube trailer shows how many people like what hte game.
People are entitled to their opinions, of course. Or wanting to change something like a characters hair in the Special Edition. That's reasonable.
How old are you people? How entitled can you be?

If enough people asked kindly, and respecfully, without making Ron Gilbert their personal "geanie in a lamp for all things", I'm sure Ron would consider a Special Pixel Edition sometime down the line.

In the meantime, hope Ron remembers rule 17.

Fuz Apr 23, 2022
I like the graphics of Broken Age. In Broken Age.

Fuz Apr 23, 2022
@Lorenzo I dunno. What is the audience for the game? Younger people who don't play adventure games? Or people who know and LOVE Ron's Monkey Island?

jim Apr 23, 2022
nice to see that you made it to a release after all these years !!! thank you for the suprise!

Roland Apr 23, 2022
Thank you XYZ for the two pictures! The difference is like Day and night! Even when I first thought also Steve Purcell's picture is very simplified compared to the Cover pictures of MI 1 and 2.

The Trailer of RTMI looks good to me, except the too simplified characters. No bone nor ghost should look like that, in my humble opinion.

DM Apr 23, 2022

As i said earlier, if you watch carefully you can discover that...this is a retro stile, actually.
Is the style "super deformed" of all the Lucas adventure back in the 93-95 (except Indy 4 and the Dig, but as all we know the pipeline for those games was starded before).

Exept for the resolution, this is a totally retro style.

We (me included) all expected a Monkey 3 made in the same style as Monkey 2. But this is something that, even in an alternate reality where monkey 3  had been made in 94, would never happen. It's a paradox born after the "decalog" made by Ron in 2013, something that exixt only in our head.

Speaking about the style and not the resolution, this is the most philological graphics that the game could have.

DM Apr 23, 2022
Speaking more about philology, it is fair to remember that back in 93 DotT was the first Lucas game to have a true artistic direction.

Larry Ahern, animator of Monkey 2, and Peter Chan who together with Purcell had designed the backdrops, chose as a reference the Warner cartoons from the 1950s, in particular "What's Opera Doc", which in turn was strongly influenced by the aesthetics of expressionism. German of the 1920s (Metropolis, Dr Caligari etc.).

Why did they follow this line? Not by chance. If you remember in those years - before full motion video games like Phantasmagoria - the software house experimentation was directed towards cartoon style games. Sierra had experimented with Leisure Suit Larry 5 (1991) and Willy Beamish (1991).

If Ahern and Chan had worked on Monkey 3 in 93/94 they would have chosen the same, deformed and expressionist style. What we have now, more or less.

All this again to say that the style of Return to Monkey Island is everything, but not "contemporary".

It is strongly, totally, definitely retro.

Thank God.

Slink Apr 23, 2022
> Why not make the promissed mi3 for the fans with the retro style

Ron never promised you anything. This is fandom at it's worst!  Ron does own you anything. He did not promise you anything.

Jeff Apr 23, 2022
Sad to say, I can't 'relate' to these Samurai Jack-type characters. I find myself not caring about the locksmith or the Judge-guy *at all*... which is a shame, because one of the legendary strengths of the MI games has always been the incredible characters: the first time you see some new pirate-guy on screen on a new island, you're dying to go talk to them and see what their zany story is. But these rectangle-nosed, Picasso-vector-cardboard-cut-outs are not remotely human. And yes, I say that knowing this is a fantasy/cartoony type of gameworld.

Maybe their designs are skillfully-rendered for this particular style, but there is so much more personality in the pixelated-with-care faces of Largo, Governor Phatt, etc. than in these new characters. Or the third MI, with the hand-drawn animation style; love it or leave it, that game had tons of interesting characters with *faces* that actually looked like faces, and exagerated pirate bodies and outlandish outfits that nonetheless looked like human bodies and human outfits. Not feeling it with these characters one bit.

In the monkey-cave screenshot, I can barely tell what parts are in the background and what is in the foreground... I guess this is what other ppl are calling 'flat.' Hard to navigate a world like that; it actually makes me want to look *away* from the screen, rather than studying it for clues/hints/interactive elements.

Maybe it will all improve with more atmospheric FX, music, animation, etc., but I can't help but cringe and think the Rex Crowle-y art direction (check out his website; this is bread-and-butter) is going to sink this ship, no matter how good the writing and puzzles are.

Sorry to be a bummer, Ron; just one lifelong fan's honest feedback.

Still excited, though, and thankful you are working on this. Keep at it!

Nelly S Apr 23, 2022
I think those published photos are just a joke. Ron is simply teasing us to generate expectations for marketing purposes or something.

H. Sand Apr 23, 2022
Monkey Island saga improved graphics with each new game. The trailer is ok. Those screen captures can f--- us good... It was a good dream, but time to wake up and focus on other things. But what a great experience those first two games were!!!!!

Lorenzo Apr 23, 2022
@Fuz: perhaps you are right, I don't really understand game marketing tbh (I'm too old, and out of the market eheh)

Changing the subject, I wonder if Micheal Land is credited for the music just because he wrote the original theme, or because he actually has an active role on this... to me music is definitely as important as the graphic. The fist two MI had great atmosphere also thanks to the great music, which really defined the spirit of every island

Rum Rogers Apr 23, 2022

The Holy Trinity (Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian) is doing the music for RMI. Actively.

XYZ Apr 23, 2022
It's kind of tragic - when I first played MI1,2 or Curse of MI, the beautiful artwork, sheer artistry on display made me excited to make any progress.. It was, together with great puzzle design, one of the driving forces behind my desire to explore this wonderful world. This sense of wonder, the felling of "I can't wait too see what they have in store next, where this adventure will bring me!".

Looking at all the 4 screenshots released so far, I'm getting seriously worried my reaction will be the exact opposite of what a game designer wants - the visual style alone will make me quit playing the game early, dreading to witness any more of these hideous, blocky excuses for characters and ugly, deformed, textureless, devoid of any detail backgrounds..

And I liked Day of the Tentacle, which some like to draw comparisons to... But this is Monkey Island, not DotT, and besides, DotT looked so much better than this! The backgrounds were so much more skillfully drawn, the use of color was better, the characters didn't look like Aztec/Picasso monstrosities..

Upon seeing these screenshots for the first time, I really, really wanted to like it all. OK, let's have some sleep, give it some fair judgment later, maybe it'll grow on you, I thought to myself. Nope. Didn't work. The more I look at the shots, the more F_U_G_L_Y I find them. Soulless. Reeking of someone's first draft in Photoshop.
Only the one with the monkey in a cave is less.. hopelessly bad, I'd say - maybe that lava, when animated can breathe some life into the whole picture. But the rest? Ugh...

Father Andrews Apr 23, 2022
Well, it's a mobile game with "those" kind of graphics. Ok, let's deal with it and play it. Then write a review. I hope it will be great!! If the game it's about to be release, there isn't much more to do as fans.
I thought that Monkey Island 3A was the game the creator and the fans really wanted.
Maybe Disney made a deal with Ron to restart the franchise and appeal all audiences was a prerequisite. Who knows? Let's wish it will be an awesome game!

Miguel Baptista Apr 23, 2022
Here was I thinking this new generation of kids were more spoiled and entitled than the one I grew up with.

By reading these comments, I can see I was wrong.


Magme Apr 23, 2022
I don't know if anyone here is a Saint Seiya's fan. It was an 80's anime with huge amount of fans around the world even today. They tried to remake it numerous times to appeal new audiences. It failed miserably every single time. They should have made it for the millions of fans. Who cared about Saint Seiya except the fan who worshipped it?
The point is: try to appeal to your target audience. Who want in 2022 a new Monkey Island game? The fans? What's the only aspect of the game a fan would like? To remind and relieve the joy of the original games. Having to look a new Monkey Island like those pictures... I don't know. It's disappointing.

Silvia Apr 23, 2022
So, it's not monkey 3. It's return to monkey island. It's a new game and it has the answer to the amusement park mistery. OK... have to digest it to accept the new art style and enjoy it, instead of involuntary scatological responses for that horrible sights. No monkey 3. It's return... No monkey 3... I should have to convince myself to like it. No monkey 3... just return. New game, Ron Gilbert. For everyone. Not just fans...

Nesslake Ford Apr 23, 2022
I love the art! No, just kidding. Let's drop Michael Land and bring Lady Gaga in to make the soundtrack. You should accept it. Let the man make the game he wants. He owes us nothing. So sad...

Rebori Apr 23, 2022
I just finished the new Pocky & Rocky game. It was a snes game of the 90's. It has the same art style, music and mechanics as the original but enhanced it in every single way and with a new story. It's awesome. It's all it takes to relieve your childhood and appeal new audiences. It's very simple to understand how to bring back a beloved franchise.

trolley Apr 24, 2022
Exactly my feelings. But it's too early to judge. Let's see how the backgrounds are animated...

DM Apr 24, 2022
@ Silvia

It's monkey 3.

They are exploring new art style, as natural consequences of time passing.

It would have been the same in 93/94. They would have explore a different style from Monkey 1-2, as it's evident from an image found into Monkey 1-2 source files that clarly shows how the background artists were already experimenting for more stylized looks.

Rum Rogers Apr 24, 2022
@Nesslake Ford

Yes, exactly, he owes us nothing. On the other hand, we owe him some respect since he created what we all love and we're talking about here. Respect choices. What you want can be achieved by creating a time machine, getting back to 1992 and convincing Ron to stay at LucasArts. Good luck with that.

Stella Apr 24, 2022
@Rum Rogers
How much do I owe Ron Gilbert for making games, he enjoys making? I bought, played and enjoyed some of them. I'm happy about a new quality adventure from him. From what is shown, the art style (final or wip) isn't fully convincing. Going high resolution is a good decision but I was expecting something more exciting, more beautiful and better suited to MI. But it's just a few screens, so, let's wait and see how it will all turn out in the end. At best it will be awesome.