Ransome *Unbeeped*

Mar 01, 2018

We just released the new Ransome unbeeped DLC on Steam and GOG. Give the trailer a watch, but I have to warn you, if you're offended by words like beep, beeper, beephole, or beephead you might want to avert your ears.

It's a little depressing that a few people are actually upset that we're charging $1.99 for this. Making this wasn't free. It took a lot of work. Programming, testing, audio editing, etc. It feels like people think it was just copying a bunch of audio files over. I've always objected to DLC that was made at the same time as the game and all they do is flip a bit. This is not that kind of DLC. The code to make this work was not written until just a few months ago. We had the idea of MAYBE doing this DLC during the development, but none of the work was done.

We've released two MAJOR updates for FREE since launch, so I think we deserve to try and recover some of our costs. It sometimes feels like people expect game devs to make games for free. This is my livelihood. I use it to pay my rent and buy food. Game pricing is completely screwed up, it's why you see predatory free-to-play games and loot boxes.

The other reason it's not FREE is so people don't suddenly (and without warning) get a full-on unbeeped clown swearing at their kids. Having to pay something provides some parental friction.

Buy it!

It's only $1.99 and you'll support game devs trying to make a living so they can keep making games.