Where's the Pulley?

Dec 04, 2018

It's missing the pulley in the middle. Archie McPhee's is only a 5 minute drive from me, so I might head down there and protest. I'll need signs. Someone call the local TV station.

Nor Treblig Dec 05, 2018
That's the second largest rubber chicken I have ever seen!

Daniel Wolf Dec 05, 2018
Hmmm... A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle... What possible use could that have?

Mario Dec 05, 2018
KFC would've used it for sure.

Thomas Mølby Egebæk Dec 05, 2018

Carlo Valenti Dec 14, 2018
Your disappointment is unfair. We see lots of pulleys without a rubber chicken outside, and yet, you don't complain.

patsm00re18 Feb 11, 2019
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