My guild RIP

Jan 13, 2020

My Wow classic guild fell apart. Not sure what happened, no big drama. Everything seemed good and then I went on Hollidays and when I got back it was a ghost town. Guild officers are still in the guild, but none have logged on in close to a month. Maybe I was the secret glue that held it all together (joke).

So, now I start looking for a new guild. I want a guild that actively runs 5 player dungeons and is raiding at 60 or pushing towards it. But I don't want to be in a guild that takes it all too seriously. All guilds say they want to help players get geared and learns dungeons and raids, but what I've often found is that they turn into cliques where the cool kids raid and the rest... well I'm not sure.

There are a few guilds on my server where you have to "apply" and give them logs of your runs. Yeah... that sounds !fun.

I don't want to start my own guild. When it comes to Wow, I'm a follower not a leader. I think that's why I love healing. The only decisions I want to make in a dungeon is who lives and who dies.

If your guild meets the above criteria and wants an amazing undead priest healer named Delores... hit me up.

Now, back to my pile of adventure games I'm speed running.

Steve Jan 14, 2020
Just to make some baseless conjecture, I wonder if some of your guild got drawn over the non-classic by the allure of the 15th anniversary event and its easy leveling.  I think the event ended a week ago Tuesday, though.

Thanks to that event, its xp bonus and the xp dumptruck that was the special edition of Alterac Valley, I probably played more WoW in the past six weeks than I have since the pre-Legion patch (when I cancelled billing, then didn't play Legion while it was current and didn't buy BfA until shortly before Eternal Palace came out).  I tried ESO for a while....but it didn't satisfy the Skyrim itch for me at all, and as an MMO I have more fun with WoW.

btw, the new content is using the magic word for me: ONE-to-five-player instances.

Subadra Jan 14, 2020
Good luck finding a new guild!
I too am doing manic speed runs of my favorite adventure games. Recently finished re-playing all of the Pokemon games and have now moved onto hacks. I really need to find some new (old) adventure games to play

Uriel Jan 15, 2020
dunno... disappeared just Iike that? I would consider the possibility that some of your fans out there are taking extreme measures to make you code again.

Arne Jan 26, 2020
I played druid on flamelash EU but it ended up 95% horde 5%alliance and they invaded iron forge. Transferred to earthshaker EU alliance classic wish i could play with you but you are obviously on US server. So are you gonna make a monkey island MMOPORGOMO? Monkey2 is still my alltime favourite game. Guys there are many good retrostyle adventure games on steam. Just played Legend of hand and starting Whispers of a machine soon. check em out.

Brian Goldberg Feb 25, 2020
I just finished Primordia, highly recommended

Leon Mar 19, 2020
And here I am playing Command HQ.

Liana May 10, 2020
Care to share your list? Looking for a few I haven't played.