Winni Jan 03, 2021
Oh yeah... Back in the day, I bought a "Wave Blaster" add-on card just to finally enjoy the music of Monkey Island 2 in decent quality. :)

Nick Fitzkee Jan 03, 2021
Saw this a few years ago - it really is incredible to hear the difference, but what astounds me most is how well the PC speaker version (the first version I heard) approximates polyphonic sound. If you ever want to comment on the development of the score, I'm sure it would be popular (judging by the comments in the video you shared last month).

dyoghenes Jan 03, 2021
This video shows even more sound cards. It's really amazing how far technology advanced so quickly.

Christian Jan 03, 2021
Hi Ron!

Thanks for sharing this.
If I may be so bold to ask a question to you: as I remember in all the sharing of memories regarding MI1 and MI2 development out there on youtube etc., the music is not mentioned a lot (or at all). This makes me wonder if the music itself was not a big thing during the development at all, and we just got lucky that Michael Land and his colleagues delivered such a great score.

Was the score considered in a special way during the design and development phase, or was the game handed over to the sound department so they could "do their thing"? And did you know at the time when you first heard the score for MI1 and MI2 that something special was added to an already brilliant game?

MonsieurPaul Jan 03, 2021
Ho I love so much the opl2 version!!!!
Maybe because I had a sound master II with that chip 😉

Delores (not that one) Jan 03, 2021
Wow, the MT-32 sounds <i>amazing</i>. Wish I'd had one of those, back then. But of course the music was great and really immersed you in the game either way!

Johan Windh Jan 04, 2021
Such a brilliant theme.

DieSkaarj Jan 04, 2021
I love how pronounced the stereo separation is on the CMS/GB/SB1.5. It's beautiful.

Andre Scheffler Jan 04, 2021
The MT-32 version (which is also easily available in ScummVM nowadays) blew me away the first time I heard it and made me forget how old the game was as it sounds so cd-like and made it a whole new experience for me.

Also the other Lucasfilm/LucasArts game benefit from MT-32 so much!

Jason Wesley Jan 04, 2021
I don't want to have you play favourites here, but what do you feel seems closest to the original designed score?

Andrey Jan 05, 2021
Too bad hardly anyone owned an MT-32 card back in the day. The MT-32 approximation on General MIDI cards was so-so.

Then there was the CD release with CD-DA tracks, which are my favorite from back in the day... And also the 2009 SE release, which has the best music IMHO (no offense).

Jeff Jan 05, 2021
I was lucky enough to own an LAPC-I (card version of MT-32) back in the day and MI (especially MI2) sounded amazing. Lucasarts, Origin and Sierra always took full advantage of the Roland card, it sucks more people couldn't experience it that way.

LasseS Jan 08, 2021
MT-32 one is impressive of course, anyone lucky enough to afford one of those back in the day got some impressive music out of games at the time.

I grew up with the Amiga version and have always been partial to how that sounds, it was a really good conversion of the tracks. The later released CD version with VGA graphics and redbook audio is what Im most familiar with tho as thats how I replayed the game semi-regularly over the years.

PC Speaker one is surprisingly decent, Lucasfilm ganes always had pretty impressive PC speaker work starting from Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken.

klein Heiti Jan 08, 2021
Maybe a little offtopic but have you ever seen this Video by banjoguyollie?

It's a Monkey Island Maintheme Cover with real instruments.

dma Jan 10, 2021
This is the best. It's fab. The rest just isn't this good.

vince Jan 12, 2021
Don't forget the AY-3-8910 version for Apple II Mockingboard

Aractus Jan 17, 2021
That Creative Music System recording brings back memories! People today forget that an MS-DOS PC 286/386/486 had a physically separate sound card just like a graphics card (and of course those motherboards back then didn't have on-board graphics either).

People also forget that a 30MB hard drive was standard at one time... 30MB!! And all this was before USB was invented as well, so everything had to use specific ports not a "universal" port.

Delores (not that one) Feb 04, 2021
BTW, anyone remember Turtle Beach's soundcards? I occasionally saw ads for those way back when, but never knew anyone who owned one. I always wondered what they sounded like.

Johnny Walker Feb 05, 2021
And which is the CORRECT one? (Answer: Amiga)

CaryMGVR Apr 02, 2021
A real toe-tapper, that one!

MT-32 is the best one Apr 22, 2021
Amiga was never the first platform for any scumm game. Amiga versions were always ports from the real one, thus Amiga version is incorrect and inferior.

Faulbrut Apr 25, 2021
Monkey Island meets metal

Emiliano May 28, 2021
The msdos pc speaker version is my cellphone ringtone since many years !

Korekutaa Sep 07, 2021
It's amazing how even the creators of the games can't (or won't) spell their names correctly. It's not "Monkey Island", it's "The Secret of Monkey Island™".

Just saying..

Mike Jan 13, 2022
That PC Beeper sound... I finished The Secret of Monkey Island™ on a CGA PC which only had the onboard beeper.
The first thing that comes to mind is the Stump joke where the game started asking for random diskettes which I did not have.

Great memories and a whole lot of fun!
Thank you Ron!

Malte Feb 10, 2022
I remember that when I played MI2, the sound track had one note that was slightly off/ had a buzzing sound to it. When I recalled that back to a friend he didn't agree with that. Now I have the explanation 😀 Interesting to hear the differences between sound cards!