Monkey Island TV Show

Apr 14, 2019

I kid you not. But I think they've strayed too far from the source material, I don't know if I can call it canon.

Rado Apr 15, 2019
Kathleen Kennedy went too far.

Maakster Apr 15, 2019
Of course I manicly klicked that link. Now I feel a little bit april foolish. Never thought this could happen to me here. I thought this was a safe place!

Julian Nicolas Treichel Apr 15, 2019
That would be so friggin cool. Come on, Netflix!! Make it happen!!

Francisco Apr 15, 2019
Before clicking the link, I thought it was a Pirates of the Caribbean tv show

Whisky Tango Foxtrot Apr 15, 2019
It wouldn't be without precedent. Maniac Mansion got a TV show, after all.

Brett Brumm Apr 15, 2019
They could have done better casting the Fettucini Brothers....

Jesse Apr 15, 2019
This is hysterical!

Colin Apr 15, 2019
Not a fan of the casting for Captain LeChimp.

HanaIndiana Apr 15, 2019
HAha! You got me :)

GermanV Apr 15, 2019
There is an Android game with that name and I think: what? They did not know Monkey Island? Never played it? There is also an Assasin's Creed game called Fate of Atlantis. Are they kidding?

Sgt Pepper Apr 16, 2019
"Monkey Island" is just e relatively obvious name for a pirate-themed island, I think, which is why it is widely spread in pirate- or otherwisely carribean-related media. You know, carribean, monkeys... I mean who the  hell names their pirate islands Scabb Island. I think giving the legendary island in the game the name Monkey Island is just another brilliant move to clarify the childish nature of the interpretation of the pirate world concept that SMI was, as Monkey Island is the name a kid or a toy company would probably come up with. I think there's even a toy brand that makes pirate lunchboxes and stuff called Monkey Island.

Sebastian Apr 16, 2019
Now I want a real TV series with Guybrush....Ron, you're the man! And you'll always be! I owe you my childhood. Greetings from Argentina.

Nathan Apr 17, 2019
Just remindee me of how much I need Monkey Island 3a.  Lucas why didn't you give back these IPs before you sold off your company?!   Why????

Jack Apr 17, 2019
It's got a three-headed monkey!

Noah Falstein Apr 20, 2019
Developers these days keep going for photorealism in everything, despite the obvious problems.  Also, it's an affront to the personal style and grooming habits of Guybrush.

David Oberlin Apr 23, 2019
That's the second biggest wrench I've ever seen!

Reagan Warner May 01, 2019
This made my heart hurt.

Feco May 03, 2019
Love it. Netflix could fly with this one btw.

Ashlay Jones May 09, 2019
As much as l like nowadays games such as GOW series, or COD, GT and the hyper realistic GTA, as well as recognizing that graphics are awsome and had been the aim of many videogames, you know, to get it improved, but I feel thar videogames have lost its charm. I mean, videogames with top graphics are more and more like imitations of reality than a paralel world that might not be as good looking, but inspired a lot more of imagination. I know kids arent the same anymore, but I miss the way a simple game like mario world, DK, top gear, even older ones like sonic, got me do involved by sparking my immagination. It's like reading a book compared to Watching a movie, no effects can match your mind.
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Miguel Jul 15, 2019
That's all fine and well, but where's Guybrush ?

Tony A Jul 25, 2019
That just made my arms flail in a multi directional wave.

Johan Windh Sep 23, 2020
Oh boy.