MI Game History Stream

Nov 25, 2020

Thanks to everyone who showed up. If you missed it, here it is...

Andy Latham Nov 25, 2020
Loved it! I need to get my head around making a scripting language to feed into C++. I wish I knew where to start!

Martin 'Martinland' Schemitsch Nov 25, 2020
Dear Ron Gilbert! Thank you for providing this much needed shining light in my life; I enjoyed every minute of this event.

Allow me one (hopefully fresh!) Monky Island related question though: Just moments ago I played excerpts of 'Williams conducts Williams: The Star Wars Trilogy" at full orchestral volume to remind me of good times, especially the ones in January experiencing his debut in Vienna at the Golden Hall with our daughter. It must have been close to midnight, then it struck me moments ago (sorry for the long and winding road; it's an attempt at narrative):

This recordings has been made in March 1990 at Skywalker Ranch. I *never* even connected the realm of full orchestral music and ... Monkey Island ... until now ... so ... you must have been there, right? Did you experience these two days of recordings "right around the corner" or am I imagining things?

Thanks for 30 years of joy and bliss and tonic by a kindred spirit, so to speak.

All the best,

P.S.: Still looking forward to Monkey Island 3a; good things come to those who wait ... some times a lifetime. ;-)

Martin 'Martinland' Schemitsch Nov 25, 2020
EDIT: "This recording has been made [...]"

P.P.S.: ...and of course (how could I forget !) thank you so much for the dozens of happy hours I spent with our daughter playing Thimbleweed Park three years ago and just weeks ago when we did the same with Delores, her now being an adult (our daughter, that is ;-D); I will never forget these warm, amazing, and funny experiences, thanks to you. She watched me play adventures since she was about four years old, but these two we experienced together - on equal terms - taking turns... <3

DieSkaarj Nov 26, 2020
I still cannot get over THAT was The Secret Of Monkey Island. After all this time!

Damian Nov 26, 2020
The hair! Hahahaha...
The chat was fascinating.

Johan Windh Nov 27, 2020
Thank you Ron. It was great. I think my question was the last one, but the host paraphrased it quite a bit.

My real question was: What's your favorite ROOM in MI and MI2 respectively, when it comes to the mood and artwork?

Alex Nov 27, 2020
Thank you for sharing this with us! What a great insight view into the most iconic adventure game we all love! Greetings from Germany.

Helge Frisenette Nov 28, 2020
That was wonderful!

You didn't seem grumpy, and the interviewer seemed unusually intelligent, quick on his feet and knowledgeable.

I'd love a second one, going deep into the history of LG/LG and you both before and after MI.

Big Red Button Nov 28, 2020
I just finished watching this video and I enjoyed so much listening to your anecdotes and getting insights into cut-out artworks.
The talk was so long, but seeing how interesting it was to me it still felt too short. Whenever I watch an interview with so many insights regarding the first two MI games, I subsequently have this feeling. But that's okay, since it's just because the video is so felicitous.
Thanks a lot to both of you for it!

dada Nov 30, 2020
This is possibly the best game related interview I've watched so far. And on one of the best games I played!

The only issue was, I had to stare at a background in silence for 3 hours, dam it!

Siegfried Dec 03, 2020
I love this so much!! Thank you

Roy Dec 04, 2020
I felt asleep after almost three hours watching a boring island. A little bit more than 2 hours later I woke up again and still there this was this fucking island. How dare you!

Fred Berry Dec 06, 2020

Jonas Dec 11, 2020
Nice, very interesting! Had to replay both games immediately and am once again longing for you to make a sequel. Greetings from Sweden!

Andre Scheffler Dec 21, 2020
Was good fun to watch and very interesting!