7000 Signatures later...

Nov 19, 2021

Last month I finally got done signing over 7000 cards for the Limited Run Games physical release of Monkey Island.

They asked if I would hand sign cards to go in the boxes. Sure, how many can that be? 500? 800?


They had over 7000 preorders and I signed every one of those cards. If you bought one of the LRG Monkey Island boxes you won't get a Certificate of Authenticity with a crappy machine printed signature.

I signed them all.

I even left a few special messages on the backs.

Alfonso Maruccia Nov 19, 2021
Ah, so THAT's why I'm still waiting for the damn thing to ship a year after the purchase!!! :-D

Gianni Cheli Nov 19, 2021
I confess, I'm one of those 7000, and I can't wait to get the signed postcard! Effort aside, I think you should be proud of it, it's a tangible sign of how much the game series is still loved and how much it remains in our hearts since youth. I think we all dream that you can work on it again

Mauricio Nov 19, 2021
I didn't order one because It was expensive as hell so I cry myself to sleep hugging my Lucas Arts Archives Vol.3 (sadly I don't own any of the original releases).

I wonder how much did you get for the signature on that master piece and what was more full filling, hundreds of hours signing or programming/debuging?

Zak Phoenix McKracken Nov 19, 2021
"a few special messages on the backs" sounds like Willy Wonka's golden tickets! 😀

Jon Nov 19, 2021
Thank you :)

HyperBison Nov 19, 2021
Wow! That's a lot of ink!

Nick Fitzkee Nov 19, 2021
I have an autographed poster that you signed for me when I wrote to LucasArts "The Adventurer" magazine when I was 12 (you can still find my letter in the archives of the fall 1991 issue). 32 years later, that poster remains one of my most treasured possessions. Thank you! Your signature hasn't changed a bit, and I hope that anyone receiving one of these 7,000 cards appreciates it as much as I do.

K. Williams Nov 20, 2021
Ha ha! I bought 6,900 of these copies just to have you sign all these cards! My plan to slow my competitor down worked at last!

Sebadamus Nov 20, 2021
Hi Ron! I am now 43 (about as far as people remind me), Monkey Island was one of the first games I played on my first PC, I was about 12 years old and it made me imagine, think, try and try (damn pirate sword fight... that took me months).  I can only say I remember thouse times and Monkey Island as one of the best time of my childhood.

Sushi Nov 20, 2021
Sorry for the sore wrist... but rest assured each of them will be stored as modern age pirate treasures. I.e. buried in the garden with a big X on top ;)
How many pens did you go through?

Lancelot's Hangover Nov 20, 2021
I'm curious Ron: how many hours did it take to sign all these cards?

Sigurd Nov 21, 2021
Any news on the new game youre working on?  Liked Thimbleweed Park a lot, Im shure the next one will be great. Best Regards from Norway

Casey Nordell Nov 22, 2021
Neat. Would love to see these games ported to Nintendo Switch... :)

Johan Windh Nov 22, 2021
Impressive Ron. Now imagine if you had an infinite amount of monkeys...

Conny Torneus Nov 22, 2021
That is impressive Ron. Is there gonna be a limited run of Monkey Island 2 as well?

Conny Torneus Nov 23, 2021
Whoop(s), just noticed the "anthology" title. My ba 🙃

Tomas Roller Nov 23, 2021
Oh no, I only found out about this now after the whole thing sold out 😞

Chris Nov 23, 2021
I have wondered for a while whether there is a way to assign a simple game complexity score, based upon the number of puzzles and how many conditions need to be satisfied for each puzzle. I.e. quantify how hard each game is so that a comparison can be made. Of course the value would be imperfect, but still useful. I've just always wondered how the difficulty (an objective measure of it) has evolved since the early games to now.

noooh Nov 23, 2021
first time I heard of this... buying on eBay, this is gonna cost me $800 now :(

peterszky Nov 23, 2021
I got two reasons to preorder the LRG edition:

- the book about MI series
- your signature 🙂

PepeMusic Nov 24, 2021
@Tomas Roller:
Same here! Had I known that, I had immediately preordered it. This is my youth in a box. And a signature by Maestro Ron had been awesome!

Marzipan Nov 25, 2021
I'm sure a voodoo spell was involved for signing. The other half was done by Michael Land.

Dfg11333 Dec 01, 2021
Gosh, so sad I missed this. Looks like an awesome box.

Henry Dec 01, 2021
I quite remember how much I liked the copy protection sheets (wheel or code table in Zak/MM)

The boxes with all the additionals inside added to the overall experience and added another layer to the software.

This is something all-online distribution lacks (despite the good it brings as well).

Yes, back in the day when the grass was greener and so on and so forth...

PepeMusic Dec 02, 2021
That's one of the main reasons why I still collect CDs instead of mp3 data.

And those game boxes with goodies were fantastic. "The National Inquisitor" (or in Geman: "Das Nachtecho") is completely funny and a good read even without the game.

Noah K Jan 25, 2022
I'm so mad I missed this! Arrgh!

Congrats to everyone who will get a copy of this.

Emanuele Italy Apr 06, 2022
Oh noooo! I lost this :( Now will wait until the century anniversary?