Lego Report 8

Dec 27, 2021

That didn't take long to fix and rebuild. I don't know what is taking the city of Rome so long.

Start to finish, it took just over a year. I blame Limited Run Games.

DieSkaarj Dec 27, 2021
/me *thumb's up*

Sergio Dec 28, 2021
I think you got one piece wrong. Seems like a redo.

Hans Dec 28, 2021
Congrats 😀

wysi Dec 29, 2021
well congrats for this huge piece.
i always was a fan of lego but this thing seems just like a brick monster with all the same patterns everywhere. kinda like 6502 assembler.

Ricardo Dec 29, 2021

Romans Dec 30, 2021
If we move the colosseum, it will break.

Spartans Dec 30, 2021

durschdti Dec 31, 2021

the destruction of the building has been cause by a Gaul called Obelix. The historical reply can be watch in the comic movie called "ASTERIX AND CAESAR'S SURPRISE" from 1985. Almost at the end.

My project for the upcoming days is Tales of Monkey Island. I am already in chapter 4. I hope it won't take me a year to complete it again. Played it years ago. It's almost like new because I can't remember all the quests. That's why I am here to write. Thanks for the creation of Monkey Island. I am a happy customer since 1990. 😀

Have a good 2022.


Minkiuz Dec 31, 2021
"Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Elena Hitomi Jan 03, 2022
Ask Limited Run Games for a Colosseum Property Insurance lol

Ivan Braidi Jan 20, 2022
Hey Ron, ever been in Italy and visited the Colosseo in real person? :)

Ron Gilbert Jan 20, 2022
No, but I really want to.

Ivan Braidi Feb 17, 2022
You'll be always very welcome here! :)

Pat Mar 17, 2022
That's the second biggest Roman Colosseum I've ever seen...

I know, you've never heard this joke before.

Ryan Apr 04, 2022
"Are you not entertained?!"

Asterothe Apr 18, 2022
Now we know why it really took this long!