Lego Report 7

Dec 27, 2021

Placing the last piece.

And then disaster stuck while moving it.

Most of the debris is still assembled large chucks, so it shouldn't take long to fix. I'm sure this happened to the real coliseum.

Shorsh Dec 27, 2021
Stop talking like Stan when moving the coliseum hahahah

dada Dec 27, 2021
OMG this is why I don't build colosseum!

DieSkaarj Dec 27, 2021
Well done. And, I hope you've got a good pair of slippers.

Molydeux Dec 27, 2021
With The Hand™ inside it looks a lot bigger than on the other pictures and gives it a god game like feeling. Please! Don't place me inside the arena. I'm only a peasant. The lions! Ahh!

Evan Dec 27, 2021
Nooooo! Pep, what have you done?

Zak Phoenix McKracken Dec 29, 2021
Are there Lego gladiators included?
h t t p :

maxleod Jan 02, 2022
Only a Colossus could have moved the Colosseum.