Lego Report 6

Dec 22, 2021

We should be done in time for the upcoming gladiator '22 season. Tickets are still available. I hear Ferocianus Maximus is going to do well this year.

PeevishDave Dec 23, 2021
On your left, you will notice the magnificent Amphitheatrum Ronium. Its construction began under the rule of Ronulus Augustus Gilbertus in 70 AD. The outer wall is estimated to have required over 100,000 cubic metres of expensive legostone, which were set without mortar.
In the early years of the Ronosseum, Gladiators fought to the death, but then the emperor Ronulus enstablished - by the edict that was known by posterity as "Why Gladiators Games Suck" - that the games should have included no more senseless martyrdoms. As we learned from historians, that was the moment that marked the ruin of the amphitheater, which was soon converted to a recovery center for cryptodenarius enthusiasts and then closed for good a few years later.

PeevishDave Dec 23, 2021
should no longer include*

Norulus Trebligus Dec 23, 2021
It's coming together!

This December I've bought myself the first Lego set after a loooong time.
It only has two thousand three hundred fifty-four pieces which sounds like nothing compared to colossal nine thousand thirty-six!

@PeevishDave :D

Ignacio Dec 23, 2021
Great idea Nor Treblig. I haven't done the same yet, 'cause I'm still helping my children build their Lego sets. What set did you get?

ELena Hitomi Dec 23, 2021
I can't wait for the spectacle. Let the battles begin! Pep should host the show haha!

Nor Treblig Dec 23, 2021
@Ignacio: It's 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery.

The last big Lego set I've bought before this one was 8480 which is also a Space Shuttle (Lego Technic, released in 1996 and probably bought in the same year).
That was back then when Lego Technic was still about Technic!

Ricardo Dec 23, 2021
Hnm... I see... Too much free time. Get back to work and finish your new game!! 😀😀

Zak Phoenix McKracken Dec 23, 2021
As italian, I can only comment with a big WOW!

DieSkaarj Dec 23, 2021
Wow! It's really coming together. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next step.

Hans Dec 23, 2021
What are you gonna do with it when it will be finished?

Ron Gilbert Dec 23, 2021
Not sure what I'm going to do with it when it's done.  What to buy it?

Nero Dec 23, 2021
Put on your tunic, toga, sandals, laurel wreath and burn it.

Nor Treblig Dec 23, 2021
When is it considered finished? It looks broken right now. A broken build.
But I'd buy it if you release a fixed version. This means you'd have to buy a second set and properly rebuild the Colosseum with all walls, arena floor, roof... 😀

Hans Dec 25, 2021
I could buy it and then take it apart within a year. 😀

Brian Dec 26, 2021
About time!

Of course the best thing to do with it is to dress up mice in tiny gladiator costumes and take pictures.