Lego Report 5

Dec 12, 2021

After 7000 signatures, some progress. I am getting help.

Elane Dec 13, 2021
About time. 😀

fat cat Dec 13, 2021
Not bad, for a dog.

These yummy beige-green colors remind me of less favorite moments in my life.

bxm Dec 13, 2021
Well they do say Rome wasn't built in a day ... but I bet the real Colosseum was built quicker than this ;)

Eigendrea aka Rum Rogers Dec 13, 2021
What's the name of that cute little fella?

Ron Gilbert Dec 13, 2021
Her name is Pep.  She's named after Putt-Putt's dog.

Eigendrea aka Rum Rogers Dec 13, 2021
Awww she's gorgeous! Greetings to you both from me and Sam (my dog, named after some Freelance Police dog you might have heard of!) :)

Ricardo Dec 13, 2021
Wait... She looks a lot like Jenn Sandercock's dog... 🤔

Grumpycats Dec 14, 2021
it starts to look like the "Millennium Falcon"
good job ;-)

Johnny99 Dec 15, 2021
Didn't you start with it over a year ago? About time to get some help! 😉👍

Lars Dec 18, 2021
Nice dog, clearly not a Pirahna Poodle.

Tiffany Dec 22, 2021
Too cute!

Fred Berry Dec 23, 2021
Master of my Fate - Ye Banished Privateers.