Job Opening

Sep 18, 2018

I have a (paid) art job opening for my side project. I'm not going to say much about the game other than what I'm looking for in an artist. Think of it as a puzzle.

I'm looking for a great 2D pixel tile artist. You need to have experience building tiles sheets for a tile-based game, I would prefer it if you've worked on a released game, but if haven't and your art is just a hobby and you're really good, that's OK.

I'm looking for someone that can create a very distinct art style and can help set the look and feel for the game. I'd like someone that can do more than just create art based on a task list, but rather someone that can act like a mini-art director.


  • You need to be able to spend 20+ hours a week working on the project for a couple of months.
  • This is a PAID position, so you have to have the ability to work.
  • Must have prior experience building tile sheets and tile maps (the more the better).
  • Understand how to organize a tile sheet and create interconnecting reusable tiles.
  • Need to be up on the "state of the art" in terms of pixel tile based games.
  • Must love pixel art.

If you're interested, please contact me and include the following:

  1. Your name.
  2. Link to your portfolio/website/etc. It MUST include your tile work, but should also include other work to show you're a great artist beyond just tile work.
  3. A list of games you've worked on.
  4. Why you think you'd be awesome for this job.

I can't emphasize this enough... I want to create a very unique and interesting look for the game that goes beyond the stock 8-bit tile work out there now (not that it isn't great, just not what I'm looking for). Your portfolio doesn't have to include that new look, but it should show me you can help create it.

One last note, please don't post the above details in the comments, use the contact link.

Sgt Pepper Sep 20, 2018
Awwwh why am I sixteen-year-old schoooool kid

dada Sep 21, 2018
Dam i wish i dedicated more time to tile sheet artistry!

Evan D Zappel Sep 22, 2018
I've done a lot of game art but sadly zero tile stuff. Hope you get someone great, this sounds like a cool project!

Brian Ruff Sep 22, 2018
Good luck Ron, I hope you find the artist you're looking for.

Siddesh Sep 23, 2018
What do u mean by side project?  You don't love it as much as your MAIN project?  Hmmm....

Ron Gilbert Sep 23, 2018
I love all my projects equally.

Siddesh Sep 24, 2018
Then why did u say it as a side project???

Zak Phoenix McKracken Sep 24, 2018
Because he wanted to. No objections.

urielz Sep 24, 2018
Being this a side project implies the existence of a main sekrit project. Exciting times!

Big Red Button Sep 27, 2018
Hopefully, more information on this game will follow soon. I have a bunch of questions now. 😀

seguso Oct 01, 2018
is there a text-only version that I can buy today?

(would also accept ascii graphics)

OhWoes Oct 04, 2018
Oh boy, Telltale games went under and shut down. Maybe you could find someone from there?

Pretty devastating article by The Verge:

seguso Oct 11, 2018
When we'll be able to know more about this project? Keep us updated! :)

John Peanutt Dec 12, 2018
so TWP2 is on track , nice ..bwahaha

Patsy J. Moore Feb 11, 2019
Good article. I think I may be a little to late to vote though.
You can play our game too,