Guilty Pleasures

Mar 24, 2020

After 15 years of defeating one apocalypse after another, Sam and Dean are finally taken down by a real one. With only two episodes left in the 15 year run of the series, production has been shut down due to CORVID-19. Two episodes!

Supernatural has been one of my guilty pleasures for two episodes shy of 15 years. My guess is they will turn it in to a crappy comic book for the final two episodes. That would be a shame.

At a game design workshop 8 years ago, one of the question we all got asked was about guilty pleasures and I mentioned Supernatural expecting to get laughed out of the room, but to my surprise it was greeted with a huge round of "me too!".

If you've never seen Supernatural, you have 15 years of Netflix binge watching ahead during home confinement.

Reznorix Mar 25, 2020
Fan of the show since the beginning.

Mike McP Mar 30, 2020
Me, too!  I liked it much better early in the series, when it was a monster of the week type of thing, but I still watch it.  I hope we get another series like it to fill the gap.

I  tried to watch what Netflix was recently pushing as a family of monster slayers, but it was an abomination.  It was so bad I even blocked the name of it from my memory...just awful.

Natalija Apr 01, 2020
I really enjoyed that show but I'm afraid it's gonna have a bad ending (for example, them killing each other or something).  Try watching "Money Heist" - (season 4 will be released this year). After Dr. House  that's one of the best series I have ever watched

Conny Torneus Jun 27, 2021
Any thoughts on the Supernatural "prequel" That was announced by Jensen Ackles and his wife?