Evan Feb 27, 2019
There are pros and cons in my opinion.  As a subscriber to Creative Cloud and Maya LT, it's nice to always have access to the latest and greatest features. But having no option to just buy a version and stick with it sucks.

Allegorithmic had the best model, buy it out right, or make payments until you pay it off...then you own it.  Now that they are in the Adobe fold we'll see what happens. I guess if it eventually gets bundled into my Creative Cloud subscription it could be OK.

That being said, I really don't like how Autodesk and Adobe are getting are gobbling up everything.

Ben Sanders Feb 27, 2019
That seems like what everyone is moving toward. I absolutely hate it.  After seeing this...er...headline...because there's no article, I took stock and realized how dependent I've become on software that requires a perpetual license.

Francisco Areas Guimaraes Feb 27, 2019
I think it depends. If it's something you use everyday, it works great, it's always updated and it's 50-100 per year I think it's fair. Two good examples are git kraken ($50 per year) and PyCharm Ultimate ($89 per year)

Mike McP Feb 28, 2019
As a guy who used Office 2000 for over a dozen years (moved to Libre) and CS2 to this day, I completely agree.  I can't imagine someone paying monthly for a productivity suite, unless you REALLY need to be on the cutting edge.  I see subscriptions more as a testament to how lazy we've become.  Hey, you kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!!

Pierre Feb 28, 2019
I totally agree.

Fun little story: I used to work for a startup, and the designers in our team had an Adobe Creative Cloud license. One month, the company forgot to pay for the renewal fees, and the whole team was instantly blocked from not only working, but even opening the work they had already finished! It took two or three days for the problem to be fixed. Of course, this happened right before an important demo...

Subscription software is basically mafia software. You keep paying, otherwise you get into troubles!

When Adobe announced this a few years ago, I had initially hoped that would be a huge boost for libre and open source software, but people are people and habits are very hard to change...

So, for people reading this, please have a look at libre and open source software alternatives (Blender for 3D, Krita for digital painting, Inkscape for vectorial, Darktable for photo processing, GIMP for bitmap processing, Godot for game development), and think about how proprietary licenses impede your daily work.

dada Mar 01, 2019
Yeah definitely fuck that along with everyone responsible for making the decision to switch to that model.

Ed Mar 02, 2019
Agreed 100%

Brian Goldberg Mar 09, 2019
fer sure. like with what valve is doing now, especially with artifact. that shit is some sneaky-ass pay-to-win BS. not exactly subscription, but it is. maybe worse

Bunglemeister Mar 10, 2019
I stopped using Adobe products as soon as they went subscription mode. Happily designing with Sketch, Affinity Design and Photo ever after.

Don Pythno Miguel Jul 09, 2019
In the case of Photoshop it is really sad, because I don't see much competition. GIMP has always disappointed me because of instability. I had a student subsription to all of the Adobe products. It was challengig to quit the subscription because the website didn't work properly to quit my account. So I had to chat for an hour with customer support. They were really helpful and understanding, though. Still, I felt like they obfuscate the process intentionally. Also when I wanted to uninstall the software I had to do it via the cloud software updater which updated itself for quite some time before I could uninstall. Unfortunately the uninstall process failed and I had to do everything manually. Maybe get an older Mac/Win PC and use older Photoshop software from ebay?

Derpa derp Jan 25, 2020
Yep, FUCK Autodesk and FUCK Adobe in their collective fucking extortionist asses. And in the same vein, fuck Microsoft in their spyware asses too. A coworker of mine has used Mechanical Desktop 2009 for 10 years now, and it still does everything needed, but due to a bug in the program and Win10 (don't ask why he is running 10, not my personal decision) the program asks you to register it again but does not accept the registration info we saved so many years ago. Called AD and they said, too bad so sad, we aren't helping you with that! Fuck that shit, we fucking paid for the fucking program, and a bug caused the issue (a known bug by several accounts on teh interwebz). Funny thing is it worked fine on Win10 for over a year, but magically it bugged out only weeks after AD announced support would no longer be given for non-subscription based software. Fuck 'em, I'll crack it one of these days and they can get fucked - we bought it fair and square. Come at me AD, you wanna lose another court case?!!!

And anyone who thinks ANY subscription based software (with exception for games that have actual updates in content) isn't extortion, you are deluding yourself and need to do some hard thinking about whether you should be using a computer anymore, lol.