Aug 19, 2019

Been playing a lot of Forager lately. I'm not a big fan of gather and build games so I didn't really expect to get into this, but I was wrong. I started off playing for around 20 minutes and put it down, figuring I saw what I needed for "professional" reasons, but a day later I was back, and then back again.

I can't place my finger on what is different about Forager. It might be the overly simplistic graphics give it a light, charm and whimsy that other game don't. When I was on Twitter, I followed @_hopfrog and I have to admit I was very skeptical. I was also completely wrong.

Forager is a great game.

I added it my short list of "I wish I'd made this" games.

FPC Aug 20, 2019
Ooh! Would love to see what else is on that list?

I thought three + three + three is 'threethreethree'

Ghost Aug 22, 2019
Me too, please share that list. I need some good game recommendations.

Daniel Aug 25, 2019
Just do yourself and the world a favor and develope an up to date pirate or cowboy game or whatever. Screw retrographics. MI and MM weren't retro back then either. Call it "Captain Jack Candy on stranger rides." or whatever. It's gonna be a blast.

meanmrboson Aug 28, 2019

Alex Aug 29, 2019
Und ich möchte wissen warum Du es wissen willst ...

Francesco Pretto Sep 10, 2019
I think the secret of Monkey Island has been discovered, and it's not coming from Ron Gilbert but from Michael Z. Land instead: the Scumm Bar theme is not original but it's instead an old English folk song: (click sheet for midi file)

Eric Sep 27, 2019
Hey Ron! New update? What are you working on these days ;)

Daniel Sep 28, 2019
Hey Ron, when are you buying beck the MI-Rights and grand the World Monkey Island 3a? When you'd do so, would you consider up to date- 2D-Graphics like in the High Res Cutscenes back then or would stubbornly insist on a retrolook?

Fabiano "Chikago" Oct 29, 2019
Miss you on Twitter, If you can give a wave sometime, I would like it!

Johan Nov 07, 2019
I miss this blog!

Ed Nov 08, 2019
Fight for the rights of Monkey Island! If the reunión of gnr happened,you can!

dada Nov 08, 2019
Houly comouly! They almost reunited, i had no idea. And their tour grossed over half a billion $. Well, if we call Slash and Axl there just might be a chance to get some of those MI rights!

Zak Phoenix McKracken Nov 10, 2019
How are you? It's been a while we don't read a post from you, or news about you or news on upcoming games of yours. Hope you are fine. Ciao

Steve Nov 10, 2019
I don't see any mention of you having tried the game Whispers of a if you haven't, I (for one) give it a hearty recommendation.  I just finished writing a review of it on Steam where I talk about all the ways it's "...really good, but not quite as good as Thimbleweed Park."  (My actual words were more like 'favorite point-and-click adv. since TP,' but who's counting.)

Steve Nov 10, 2019
btw I think I meant to say "for what it's worth" in those parentheses, rather than "for one."

Evan Nov 22, 2019
Hope things are good with you! I miss this blog.

Giorgio Novelli Nov 24, 2019
Hope everything runs well, in coding and in your life. Ciao from Italy

Daniel Nov 25, 2019
Hey Ron! We love you, hope you're ok. Greetings from Chile.

Gene Dec 10, 2019
I hope Ron's on some new amazing project, so he has no time for his blog right now.

Gene Dec 10, 2019
(At least until April 1st, when we all will see the traditional post.)

Nathan Dec 13, 2019
I have a feeling he has been sucked into WoW Tron style.