Current Status

Dec 22, 2019

concerned Dec 23, 2019
The poor tree, some one has graffitied it.  it looks awful.

Eric Dec 24, 2019
This is amazing!

Maxleod Dec 25, 2019
While you're there, can you please try to convince the locals that killing innocent feral cats is just wrong? Also, loved your games, currently replayng Lechuck's Revenge :)

Paolo C Dec 25, 2019
Hi Ron!
Merry Christmas! (if you celebrate it. If you don't, replace it with anything you celebrate)
So I did it!
I bought Thimbleweed Park!
And I can't wait to play it!

Yes, yes, I know I'm incredibly late, but at last I kept the promise I made to you a long, long, long time ago - probably in 2014, but I cannot find the old comments to your blog posts.
(BTW I also bought Monkey Island Special Edition and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, even if I'm afraid you were not involved in them).
I'm also trying to introduce my children to the world of adventure games (although with mixed results), I really hope that the "adventure game spirit" will never die.
Thank you again Ron for all your contributions to the History of video games!
Happy holidays again

p.p.s. If you can, please extend all this to Gary Winnick.
p.s. Now I'm going to pirate the "Certificate of Guilt Absolution" so my soul will be TRULY lost forever...

Mattk3 Apr 01, 2020
That's one brutal way to mock a dead tree who was your nemesis.