idiot wind Aug 26, 2020
It's windy today. I imagine the wind getting stronger, blowing all the idiots and assholes - a large number of people from all directions - into space, so that they're gone forever and the more reasonable and tasty looing percentage of mankind can continue to enjoy their lives again.

grumpycats Aug 26, 2020
out of eurepean curiosity... any top 5 reasons why the current US President will be re-elected this november? ;-D

Anonymous Aug 26, 2020
That's easy:
Nr.: 1: Because a meteor has landed in his backyard about 20 years ago.
Nr.: 2: Because his Zom-B-Matic is working quite nicely.
Nr.: 3: Because his meteor's memoires sell quite well.
Nr.: 4: Because his skincolor change from blue to orange has made him look more natural.
Nr.: 5: Because people defunded the Meteor police.

blombo Aug 26, 2020
"Sorry to inform you an asteroid will not be taking out Earth right before Election Day"

On the bright side, it seems that the title doesn't rule out the possibility of the asteroid hitting Earth /after/ Election Day.

dada Aug 26, 2020
Well no worries, after Trump will let the New Start treaty expire in 2021, it won't take too long.

Hans Sep 03, 2020
I also loved The Dig!