Nov 07, 2020

For the first time in four years I am slowly remembering a feeling known as calm. I look forward to Jan 21st when I can read the morning news and not feel a sense of dread.

We now have two+ months of a narcissist ranting, blaming, and of course suing. Oh, he also has nukes.

What was I saying about calm? Never mind that.

David Fox Nov 07, 2020
I'm celebrating. No nukes for at least a few days.

Tony Asmus Nov 07, 2020
I'm glad to see you both here. I have also asked David the following question.
I hope it is worthy of an answer.

What do you think about a book about your time at Lucasfilm Games. Not you alone. You (both), Gary and other former employees of Lucas. You are legends for many people. Have you ever thought about that? I think it would sell well. Maybe even as a kickstarter project.

I ask you right now because I hope to meet you in a good mood. πŸ˜‰
Congratulations on making the right choice. Your vote has contributed to it.

Tom Nov 07, 2020
Happy to see the results after watching closely from outside the US.

It would make great TV to create a "Trum[p]an Show" where he is kept at Mar-a-lago and fed news about having won. He'd probably just golf & tweet and not notice.

axel Nov 07, 2020
ist ja noch mal gutgegangen ...

Emma Nov 07, 2020
It feels like the world is sighing in relief today. Finally. It was a long four years.

Johan Windh Nov 08, 2020
From the bottom of my heart: Congratulations. And thank you. Sweden thanks you all.

Ping Nov 08, 2020
Oh, thank Guybrush - finally this racist, sexist, science denyer nonsense person will be out of position of power.
He did enough harm.

Frank Mercer Nov 08, 2020
In Canada, like everywhere else, we are relieved to see this madness soon leave the White House. Here, we don't quite understand how this guy could have spent 4 years at the top. I was personally worried about the possibility that he could start a nuclear war, but I doubt now that he even understands how the launching procedure works...

Alfredo Nov 08, 2020
YEEEAAAAHHH! Apart from being the BEST video game artist, your political views are humanists. Cheers from Argentina!

PS: Bought TP and just finished it on hard. LOVED IT! Please keep making games!!!

Mike C Nov 08, 2020
At least you admit that trump has been living rent free in your head the last 4 years.  The hyperbole is absurd.

Dale Nov 08, 2020
Ha, I was just thinking to myself 10 minutes before I saw this post:

"So, let's imagine the best-case scenario, where his ridiculous lawsuits are thrown out and he's not able to steal it like bush did in 2000, and he doesn't try (or fails at) a coup d'etat, and he doesn't barricade himself in the oval office, and there's a relatively-normal, peaceful transfer of power...

...what's he going to do in the next few months, knowing that he's not getting back in?"

It's something I hadn't considered until to day, I'd been concentrating on getting him out. But the thought sends chills down my spine. It's maybe just as scary as all the other horrible options.

David πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Nov 08, 2020
All I can say - I'm an outsider - is that he did not declare war to any other country.

I respect him for that.

Twitter Inc. Nov 08, 2020
We have lost a prominent feature for the company. Thoughts and prayers!

Dipper_Berlin Nov 08, 2020
Congrats, well done Americans! Relief!!!
Finally you have a woman in the highest office and a great one at that, latecomers ;)! Looking forward to Kamala's work and Joe's, of course. Even here in Berlin, Germany there were some fireworks.

It was the latest numbers from Philly that finished DT off - so I think watching Rocky or Fresh Prince this weekend is in order. I certainly will.

I believe I will later think back to these four years as an absurd nightmare with all these bizarre, unhinged lies, the hate, the barely concealed greed and corruption, the anti-science attitude and the shock about how low people can go in their defence for all that. Horrible people everywhere in the world felt emboldened. A traumatic event for many, for me definitely.
Enjoying the respite here - as long as it lasts - and preaching now there is a lesson there for all of us that if you don't go vote... there could be Trump.

Lars_Germany Nov 08, 2020
Congrats, now there is a chance to make amerika great again.

@David Nov 08, 2020
We've got three months to go yet...

dada Nov 08, 2020
Yeah, that was a sigh of relieve, I hope its not just a short calm before the storm.
I'm pretty nervous about how deep did he manage to plunge his claws into the so long overlooked cracks and crevices of US democracy and with the help of his cult following will be able to rip it apart.
I'm starting to seriously suspect that Donald Trump is some retarded version of Damien Thorn.

Alien426 Nov 08, 2020
Personally, I look forward to the Secret Service evicting the Orange One from the White House. But they would probably just change the locks when he's golfing.

Haven't entered the Green Card lottery in 4 or 5 years now. Guess it's okay to start again.

Evan Nov 09, 2020
> It would make great TV to create a "Trum[p]an Show" where he is kept at Mar-a-lago and fed news about having won. He'd probably just golf & tweet and not notice.

Hahaha! What a great idea!

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos Nov 11, 2020
Although I do not live in U.S.A., the four years of Trump presidency was a mental trial, fearing every day all those new ways of him to ridicule politics, common sense and basic humanism.
I certainly understand that being a world leader is not a walk at the park, but let's hope that the "back to normality" thing does not include again any new bombardments that bring western democracy alongside greedy entrepreneurs.

Grumpycat Nov 11, 2020
> K K

You forgot to put "world leader" in brackets...

(mis)leading 4-5% of the worlds population does not make anyone a 'world leader'.

Ontario Nov 11, 2020
You mean I don't have to begin my sojourn to wireframe world? Enjoy the calm, Ron! I am happy for you! It is going to be a long two months!

Sam Nov 13, 2020
Yeah that's cool, you can go back to leaving the dread to the other countries you've been destroying since before Trump.

Winfried Maus Nov 13, 2020
> Grumpycat
"(mis)leading 4-5% of the worlds population does not make anyone a 'world leader'"

The USA are a hegemony power that leads large parts of the world through direct and indirect influence on other nations. These are just the economic superpowers that the US clearly lead through political influence and military dominance: The European Union, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea.

It's not far from how the Roman Empire worked functioned: Usually, kings of occupied countries were left in place, but they had to do the Emperor's bidding. Even the EU with all its economic power and its armies follows America's lead. And disclaimer: I'm German and live in the EU, and this is what our political landscape has felt like since 1945.

As for Trump: The guy is currently staging a coup d'Γ©tat and it seems nobody is paying attention to him anymore. Over the last days, he's been replacing key personnel in very dangerous functions with his loyalists. You might soon find out in the US why the fathers of your constitution put those liberal arms laws in place - so that you can defend yourself against someone like him. The problem, though, is that only Republicans have bought guns in the past, and now it's the Democrats who need them.

I'm afraid Trump is not over, yet.

Shawn Nov 13, 2020
It's fine. He likely won't take part in a transition because he is a baby. Other than that he is just doing this crap to fleece this hillbilly sheep. Hopefully.

Grumpycat Nov 14, 2020
> Maus

"political influence and military dominance"

Because `we` let them πŸ˜€

- Germany (still) has a couple of US military bases sprinkled all over the country.
- Luxembourg is hosting a permanent US Marine Corps for reasons that escape me.
- Poland is more than happy to welcome (new) US military bases, not even mentioning the intercepting missiles stationed already there.

So it seems for every Dominant there is a (willing) Obedient.

Dave J Whitebeard Nov 14, 2020
Is there a way to re-elect Guybrush for anything? I'll take governor or deckswab, I don't care. I'll apply for citizenship. Which NPC do I need to harass! Eff the mouse!

Grumpycat Nov 16, 2020
It was awful, he didn't start any war! What a madman! It will be a relief when we have again a  president who burn to crisp children in the middle east for... diversity I guess.

Dipper_Berlin Nov 16, 2020
*Yawn*, same old bs. When you have a President who hasn't achieved anything and there is virtually nothing he can be praised for  - and nothing it was, apart from the destruction - just take something horrible he DIDN'T do and praise him for that. Hey, Trudeau hasn't started a war, Merkel hasn't, you like them too?

@RealGrumpyCat Nov 16, 2020
> Grumpycat form 4 hours ago πŸ˜€

1. choose your own funny name
2. 'children in the middle east' ? not sure what you are answering to...

Idisagree. Nov 29, 2020
Stop hating on Trump people. Joe Biden and his team are, very sadly, ten thousand times worse.

It's not a matter of Reps VS Libs.
It's a matter of Reps VS a criminal entity that highjacked the left, plays the part more or less well and that will never do anything remotely positive for the people of the country.

Just look at the elections. I can't believe so many people could swallow the idea that Trump is just having a temper tantrum because he lost, or preparing a coup. His accusations of fraud are believable. The elections could very well and very simply have been rigged. Trump and Biden aren't fighting for a cookie. The winner becomes/remains the president of the USA. Dismissing Trump's accusations as a temper tantrum is taking a huge risk, all the more so when the liberals are reacting like Colombo villains.

bstar Nov 29, 2020
@Idisagree, it's perfectly fine to disagree.  What's not perfectly fine is to say there is bountiful evidence of fraud, but are unable to provide any proof- it's dishonest and dangerous to a country that needs a peaceful transfer of power.  Virtually every one of Trump's election fraud court cases has been thrown out... does that mean the courts are also compromised?  Finally, there was no such repudiation of Republicans in the Senate, which was determined on the same ballot.  How do you reconcile that?

The burden of proof is on Trump and his cohorts to prove the election was fraudulent.  Feelings and hunches don't come into play here.

Anon Nov 30, 2020
You're switching from Governor Phatt to Stan's previously owned Administrations.

Dipper_Berlin Nov 30, 2020
Trumps accusations of fraud = no evidence
Trump is a rapist = a lot of evidence

I agree with disagree Dec 09, 2020
Yup, the guy with all the nukes hasn't started a major new war or droned US Citizens...  can't say that for going back how many presidents?

Brian Dec 16, 2020
Wow. I don't feel calm yet, Ron. Nope, no sir. All you have to do is look no further than your comments to see that there are still people who believe in magical thinking. If it reinforces what they believe to make them feel they are privileged and justified in that privilege, they will believe anything and anyone.

Girlbrush Apr 13, 2022
Still feeling calm?