April Fools' 2022

Apr 01, 2022

For 18 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been April Fools' day free because it's a stupid tradition.

So to mix things up a little I'm taking this opportunity to announce I've decided to make another Monkey Island.

Kope Apr 01, 2022
Well, here we go...

I knew this day will come!

Lorenzo Apr 01, 2022
every year, on this day, I come here to regain a little faith in humanity

this year you hit us below the belt

Chewy Apr 01, 2022
I'm telling Disney!

Zak Phoenix McKracken™ Apr 01, 2022

Joe Apr 01, 2022
I'm confused. I don't know what's real anymore...

Ayime12 Apr 01, 2022
OMG! Is this real? Aaaagh! I don't know. Maybe it's just the trap you've been preparing for years as you said in the April Fools' 2018 post

RashoHyo Apr 01, 2022
I love you!! I predict this day one year ago!
Thank you and enjoy making the game....don't think about us!!

Dimitri Apr 01, 2022
I appreciate this every year!

Nathan Apr 01, 2022
I'm desperate enough for MI 3a to believe this is true.

Wil Apr 01, 2022
Relax! Ron has been setting us up for this april fools joke for 18  years.

Fabio Kenobit Apr 01, 2022
I want to believe. Don't toy with my emotions. This would be the best.

Diduz Apr 01, 2022
If this is an official announcement, it's pure genius.

JoeP Apr 01, 2022

Zambunny Apr 01, 2022
I want to believe 👽

Chris Apr 01, 2022
Weirdly enough I believe it???

Jonas N Apr 01, 2022
This is some LeChuck level evil.

Knightsaab Apr 01, 2022
That‘s mean, isn‘t it?

Svityboy Apr 01, 2022
Of course not... of course...
But maybe...!

seguso Apr 01, 2022
This statement can't be true, and can't be false either. In fact I believe it is not from Ron Gilbert at all. It's probably from a Russian spy.

Typpinsel Dreipwald Apr 01, 2022
Well, technically you don't have to call it Moneky Island, and you don't have to call him Guybrush.

dada Apr 01, 2022
another one on top of the one that you're making right now? this is crazy!

Little Cat Apr 01, 2022
Riiiight.  And I'm a three-headed monkey.

But I still have hope....  Someday...

fancypants Apr 01, 2022
AT LAST! I waited the whole day for this announcement ... liberation.

To play along nicely I`d like to know when does the kickstarter campaign start and could there be a tier which gives us the opportunity to get hold of the mousepad (or even better a key of the keyboard) you used during coding and programming.

Also I´d like to do PR and advertising work here in germany (even wearing a button daily "Ask me about Monkey 3!") without payment (or even paying to work for you) to support the new Monkey Island you are making.

[Is it even possible to pay to work for someone? I think it´s illegal. however!]

Gramoul ZLu Apr 01, 2022
Hmmm... :\

Arto Apr 01, 2022
You are a strong independent game developer. You can do anything you want! Just believe in yourself! You go dev!

fancypants Apr 01, 2022
@Chewy Don´t you dare! If you do I might dognap Pluto!

@Joe Virtual Reality is virtually real, or isn´t it?

@Zambunny True believe is not an option it´s inescapeable.

@Svityboy Never say never ... maybe.

@dada Crazy or a genius? It´s a thin line.

@Little Cat Look Little Cat look! There´s a three headed monkey behind you!

@grumpygamer Thank you now I can sleep at night and perhaps forget this awful april´s fool about an invisable synthesizer I saw a faked advertisement for.

seguso Apr 01, 2022
Guys if this is just a joke I might become a terrorist

George32027 Apr 01, 2022
Don't play with my feelings Ron.

mrethan Apr 01, 2022
How appropriate. You fight like a cow!

TLammert Apr 01, 2022
This is either the most complicated and longest prepared April's fool of all times or a perfectly placed anouncement.

You could make an adventure game for your fans. About pirates, because for some reason we like pirates. And you could name it pirate fan adventure. The main Charakter is named John Dow. And as fan service you include an editor. For the games title screen, for all or most Charakter names and maybe for names of islands, should there be any islands for some reason.
So the players can name the game and characters and locations however they like and make the game truly theirs. Maybe they have some personal preferences. :)

What the whaaa? Apr 01, 2022
Either this is the most amazing news I've heard in a long time... Or you're the master of the long-con!

Misty Apr 01, 2022
I don't know what to believe anymore

Andybrown83 Apr 01, 2022
I hope it's not a new cocktail you have been working on.

JoeP Apr 01, 2022
This is the second worst April fools joke I've ever heard.

Man of Low Moral Fiber Apr 01, 2022
I'm rubber, you are glue!

Adamlaurent Apr 01, 2022
There is literally nothing more I want in my life than this to be true.

Me Apr 01, 2022
I'm confused.

Alex Apr 01, 2022

Monkeywrench Apr 01, 2022
I *so* hope this is NOT the best gaming April Fools' in years...

LichiMan Apr 01, 2022
Epimenides paradox (alias Grumpy Gamer paradox).

Pepe Apr 01, 2022
If so, please ask Boris Schneider-Johne to do the German translation. :)
If not, please return to your 17-year-old tradition. :(

Mersad Apr 01, 2022
I sincerely hope this is true Ron. Some of us are waiting on this for almost 25 years. Please don't play us :)

Tony Apr 01, 2022
Oh no. Monkey Island again? The most boring crap I've ever played. Spare us that, please. 😁

Nik Apr 01, 2022
You've been planning exactly this for 18 years, haven't you? Well done, sir!

DieSkaarj Apr 01, 2022
Glad to hear it. If I learned anything from the first couple of games it's that the Monkey's won't ship themselves.

Johnny99 Apr 01, 2022
Well, this is great! I love you!

Sushi Apr 01, 2022
Even if you hadn't warned us that it is a joke, no one would have believed it anyway, not after all this time of keeping it April fools -and another monkey island- free. It's the boy who cried wolf. Or rather the boy who said he would never cry wolf.
On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if that wolf is really chewing on the boy's calves...

Fabien Apr 01, 2022
This joke hurts me

Arthur Apr 01, 2022

Giorgio Apr 01, 2022

rawFrenzy Apr 01, 2022
Don't hurt me. But also, everyone check out the Monkey Island subreddit.

FL Apr 01, 2022
I knew it! Somehow I know it!
Today I just thinking, what if Ron this year on April 1st finally makes a real announcment about..Monkey Island?!?!
The joke finally paid of after 18 yesrs! Simply wonderfull!!!
And let me say Ron that the news about Monkey is true and I am sure it has something to do with Microsoft and game pass.
News of the decade.
Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!

Jaxx Apr 01, 2022

Ale Brush Apr 01, 2022
"Never pay more than 20 bucks for another Monkey Island game"

Anandromeda Apr 01, 2022
Even if a foolish could say a fool thing and even if a foolish would say fool things, should a foolish say a fool thing? 🐒🐒🐒

Francesco Favia Apr 01, 2022
It is 2 years that I am saying in my opinion you are working on mi3a
If this is true I knew it was true! 😅

Carl Apr 01, 2022
I want to believe

Diego Apr 01, 2022
My heart is pounding and broken, at the same time

Firecracker Apr 01, 2022
You have my Attention...now Shit Up and Take my Money!

Björn Apr 01, 2022
Sit back, sip from the Thimbleweed Park mug, browse my Monkey Island collections, consider playing a game of Monkey Island Monopoly. Do you remember the banknote you received at the Thimbleweed Park meeting in Berlin? ;-)
If it's true, I'll give you a truck full of Monkey Marks for free. 😀
Greetings from Germany


Vlado Apr 01, 2022
Ron, what brought you to that decision? :)))

idarwin Apr 01, 2022
It's 3:32 here dammit, I won't be able to sleep now.

M4dBoOmr Apr 01, 2022
That's the second biggest Aprils Fools I've ever seen!

RashoHyo Apr 02, 2022
It's 8.58 in Italy and this night was a very very long special moment

Johannes Apr 02, 2022
This is either a long prepared, very cruel joke or a perfectly timed announcement. Has anyone seen the screenshots that were posted on Reddit today? Source unknown.

Torbjörn Andersson Apr 02, 2022
I think this post qualifies as both cruel AND unusual.

Herman Toothrot Apr 02, 2022
If that is true i will sell my soul!!!

Three Headed Monkey Apr 02, 2022
Please elaborate! :-O

Rum Rogers Apr 02, 2022
Pure genius right here. I'm confused now.

Elaine Marley Apr 02, 2022
No, you won't.

Cpt. Catarro Apr 02, 2022
Well.. he always said that if he will ever do a new Monkey Island it will be announced on 1st of April 🤷‍♂️
I'm scared that it can be real 😨

Johannes Apr 02, 2022
@cpt catarro
Really? When did he say that??

LasseS Apr 02, 2022
Confused and excited at the same time. Please be true.

Piecesofkate Apr 02, 2022
Are you making it out of clay?

Dipper Apr 02, 2022

LichiMan Apr 02, 2022
If I didn't know you as well as I do, and I don't, I'd say you're gonna make another Monkey Island.

Cpt. Catarro Apr 02, 2022
@Johannes I read a lot of time in various interview.. I have to search

scaryrobot Apr 02, 2022
Here I am nervously checking in on April 2nd hoping to see a bug reveal of Monkey 5 🐒

Natalia Apr 02, 2022
Stop playing with our feelings.

Gvn. Phatt Apr 02, 2022
This is just too good.

Dave Apr 02, 2022
Speak up and take my money Ron!

automp Apr 02, 2022
Well, since everybody is already punished by these though times... i guess the Maestro himself won't play with our feelings. At least that's my wishful way to persuade myself there's a new Monkey Island.

Banana Apr 02, 2022
stop monkeying around

Quk Apr 02, 2022
Stop playing with our feelings!

notreallyyournephew Apr 02, 2022
Good move, uncle! I've never been stabbed like that before, I think!

izy Apr 02, 2022
wonderful! i recently made the decision that i'm going to make another Monkey Island also! i haven't picked which island yet, but i figured out a way to break into the relevant enclosure at my local zoo, so i'm halfway there. <3

Anthony Cassidy Apr 02, 2022
Glad to hear from you again!

Lorenzo Apr 02, 2022
You know what really saddens me?

The more we ask for a new MI, the less likely it is we are going to get one. And this does not depend on Ron at all. This is because Disney will not sell rights as long as they think the brand is worth something. The more we buy special editions, and gadgets, and old boxes and stuff, the more we petition, and whine, and cry for the final chapter, the more we push it far in the future, perhaps never to see it.

Let's just stop. Let's ignore MI for a decade or so. Let's close down all the fan sites, let's delete all fan art, let's stiop talking about it, etc., etc. Let's pretend MI never existed.

And then one day, perhaps in ten or twelve years...

Chris Apr 02, 2022
It's worse than that actually  I'm not an expert or lawyer on it but it's likely that Disney owns many many trademarks, etc that they have simply forgotten about. MI license is sitting in a box somewhere in Orlando. It used to be that trademarks, etc would expire and enter the public domain—for reasons such as this. They have no intention of doing anything with it and it prevents commerce with third parties. Over the last decades, corporate America started going to congress to get ownership rights renewed and they have been successful. If they can't make cash off of it, they don't want anyone to make cash off of it. Or even enjoy it.

Davide Apr 02, 2022
Best April's fool joke EVER.


Really hope it's true.


PeevishDave Apr 02, 2022
This is so mean xD

Tevio Apr 02, 2022
PLEASE don't let this really be a joke.  Italy is clamoring for a new real chapter!

Mad Marty Apr 02, 2022
Very funny Ron. Only hurts a little bit.

Tom Apr 02, 2022
If this is real, I love you.

If this isn't real, I still love you.

Edna Apr 02, 2022
Come over here. xD .. is this real? Omg i would spent nude Pics of my wife for a new Monkey island!!! Let this Happen!

Cousin Sven Apr 02, 2022
Please without any o-reno Jokes which i never understood :)

Vito Apr 02, 2022
April joke or not, Ron we are all looking forward to your brand new Monkey Island 3 with pixelated graphics. So then someone will do the Special Edition ;)

Gins Apr 02, 2022
Fingers crossed that Ron stayed true to his tradition ._.

An Apr 02, 2022
Aren't there rules as to when your have to relieve your anxiously waiting community after a possibly perfectly set up FIRST of Aprils Prank? So let's say.. On the SECOND of April??

Felidae Apr 02, 2022
He couldn't be that cruel surely?!... The suspense is killing me!

Yosoysoloyo Apr 02, 2022
I really, really wish this were true. But, knowing Ron and that little detail that the rights belong to Disney, I don't think so. Hope I'm wrong.

Marzio Apr 02, 2022
Ron you are a genius . Question is : are you also so cruel ? In any case I love you and MI , best games I ever played, I fundamental piece of my life. I still have original boxes exposed on my library

Johannes Apr 02, 2022
Disney hasn't forgotten. There was a Sea of thieves easteregg with monkey island music, stories, maps,.. last year. This was licensed. There was also an anniversary re-release of all the games recently and somebody said there was monkey island music playing at Disneyland. This is still something. I might believe that Ron is serious because there are screenshots that appeared on Reddit yesterday, and of course nobody is that cruel to make jokes about something like this.

Johannes Apr 02, 2022
Ok, the screenshots appear to be fake. I still want to believe.

Davide Apr 02, 2022
Maybe the screenshots are pre-production. Characters could be real, and the background just for test.

I really want to believe they are somehow true...

Felidae Apr 02, 2022
I think the screenshots are from eagle island

Alien426 Apr 02, 2022
Let this comment be proof that I believed Ron from the very beginning.

Alien426 Apr 02, 2022
Let this comment be proof that I never believed Ron for even a second.

(I hope Ron will add the "delete your comment" feature soon.)

PK Apr 02, 2022
Following Ron Gilbert's posts here for a very long time, this is the cream of the crop. The ripples these two lines sent through the internet - for a game designed more than 30 years ago, delivered on floppies. Loved that. That's the wonder and madness of the internet world for you.
And at the same time, feeling slightly sad concerning the reality. Only the best storytellers can do that to you, can day?
Looking so forward to whatever next is coming, Ron!

Àlvar Apr 02, 2022
Need to see this for my infancy to be completed!

Bruno Apr 02, 2022
I choose to believe!

Zak Phoenix McKracken Apr 02, 2022
Thanks for this joke, I really have appreciated it! At least you are alive, please keep going us up-to-date! 😄

Miguel Apr 02, 2022
God, I hope it's true. It would be too sad if not.

cos Apr 02, 2022
This is like schrodinger's april fools joke

JoeP Apr 02, 2022
"For 18 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been April Fools' day free..."


"So to mix things up a little I'm taking this opportunity to announce..."

I'm sad to say It's not true.  It's right there in the post.

Mons Apr 02, 2022
You're a monster, Ron. Please, don't toy with our hearts.

Johannes Apr 02, 2022
Worst thing is, if no official comment follows this post, we'll never know for sure. The game could come out next year or NEVER. Maybe it's still in development, maybe it's delayed or there is no game. This is the cruelest joke, planned for years in advance, or it's true and we'll have another monkey island game. Or not.

DieSkaarj Apr 02, 2022
It's going to be called 'Back to Monkey Island' and it's a MMORRPG [Massively Multiplayer On-line Racing Role-playing Game] that lets you race NFT's in a MetaVerse conference room. It HAS to be.

Enrico Apr 02, 2022
...and it's going to be a battle royale game.

Adamlaurent Apr 02, 2022
Ron - please can you ensure the story for MI3A is written down somewhere so when it does get approved in 60 years time it can be picked up and run with!

Ali Grumple Apr 02, 2022

Dustin Apr 02, 2022
This is great news, but when will we get a new deathspank?

Harvey Apr 02, 2022
I done spotted a six eaded Monkey Capn Fripwod!

Lautaro Apr 02, 2022
Haha what a post. We love you Ron no matter the truth.

Marco Apr 02, 2022
Another Monkey Island
you mean like
Chicken Island,
but with more humor, more puzles?

Fuz Apr 02, 2022
This hurts.

Jesse Apr 02, 2022
I know this isn't real, but I am going to lie to myself.

Joe Apr 02, 2022
I can't wait to help Mangif Fourpwood solve the mysteries of Primate Rock.

Gene Apr 03, 2022

seguso Apr 03, 2022
I think when you did Monkey Island back then it was just a plan to be able to do this to us today.

put in Apr 03, 2022
There will be a new Monkey Island, 'Yay', and it will be full of NFTs, 'No'.

Badpit Apr 03, 2022
OMG. You can have all my money, just make it real. :))

luuk / 6th Fire Apr 03, 2022
I love all about this. I think this post is perhaps the best thing that happened to Monkey Island since the ending of LeChuck's Revenge, because of the ambiguity. Thimbleweed Park was certainly in the same vein but while there was a bang, it didn't leave much room for second-guessing. Now, most people desperately search for answers when it is only the Question and the mystery that keeps driving us.

With Twin Peaks, which Ron knows all too well, the network killed the goose that was laying the golden eggs by answering that show's Question during the mid-season of season 2. By the end, David Lynch took the control back and ended with a cliffhanger, matched only by the ending of MI2. 2017's Twin Peaks: The Return (which Ron also loved) ended with a similar shocking cliffhanger.

So, when Ron's Monkey Island 3 finally arrives, do not expect that the Secret of Monkey Island is finally revealed. It won't be. And that's the only correct way to go about it. That, too, will end with a cliffhanger!

Sergio Apr 03, 2022
You are hurting a lot of people with this. I hope you are working on an actual game at least, even if it's not a Monkey Island.

DanVzare Apr 03, 2022
Whether this is true or not, this is without a doubt the cruelest prank I have ever seen. Shame on you!

Mangif Fourpwood Apr 03, 2022
Just think about it for a moment guys... "Ron Gilbert makes a Monkey Island clone, and it's better than the original"

AWANAGANA Apr 03, 2022
I believe he answered all of our questions well in advance on April 1st 2018 :

April Fools' 2018

Apr 01, 2018

"It's also possible that I'm really playing the long game and once you're all 110% convinced I would never pull an April Fools' Prank, that's when I get you!"

CoachGodzup Apr 03, 2022
This could be the biggest "Hey, this is not a Joke!" since the launch of GMail in 2004

Rum Rogers Apr 03, 2022
Also, happy birthday Pep! She's 4 now I believe :)

FL Apr 03, 2022
The night I read this post I suddenly wake up around 2 o clock in the morning wondering why..
Then I realize.. Ron just announced MI3!!!!

MP Apr 03, 2022
Es broma o no? Que alguien contacte con disney 😄😄

Redblaster Apr 03, 2022
Beloved Ron,

From the deep of my heart:
I don't know if I love you or I hate you.

I want to believe that this is not a joke...

peschefresche Apr 03, 2022
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do it for guybrush

OzzieMonkey Apr 03, 2022
We are either watching history 30 years in the making, or a really obvious April Fools joke. Surely Ron would do better than "lol I'm making another Monkey Island, April Fools, gotcha!" I hope it's really true, but of course that implies something even bigger which is that Ron got the IP and idk if I even dare believe something like that, it's Disney we're dealing with here. Either way, for the love of all that is good and holy, put us out of our misery and TELL US RON!

RashoHyo Apr 03, 2022
Ron wrote Seventeen rules in 2013 about his Monkey Island 3a...read it on thi blog to refresh your memory.
In the last two years, has left hints regarding many of these points... come on guys! if you are good at graphic adventures you will understand that he has been making a new Monkey Island for a few years!
but do not forget the most important point...the 17th!
Let him work without pressure but trying to support him all the time ... it must not be easy!
I would like to add another point...the 18th...18 years without April Fools...
The 19th will be what? the release date of the game?
Come on Ron!!...we are all with you!

Francesco Favia Apr 03, 2022
I totally agree with you, the point number 17th is the most important and I told that to people since 2 years by now

Buygrush Phreetwood Apr 03, 2022
I can't imagine Ron isn't being serious, just cause I went through the logic of this post in my head back n forth a million times. I'm good at logic puzzles. I was well trained. But the fact that Ron's not telling us if that was for real or not, two days in, that sucks balls. I'm saying this with all honesty, love Ron but this is just not a cool thing to do whether true or false and I'm kind of bummed out over him right now. He owes us nothing but don't just post that and disappear! What kind of a jerk does that to his three decade loyal fans? That's right, a royal jerk. just kidding of course or am I.

Gonzalo Apr 03, 2022
I need to believe

JoeP Apr 03, 2022
I don't think this is real but no matter which way it goes its a master class in adventure game design.

Tiffany Apr 03, 2022
I'm hoping this is true!!!

Mackie Apr 03, 2022
Come on, Ron... Comedians get slapped for less in nowadays.

uriel Apr 03, 2022
This is so mean.

Joe Apr 03, 2022
Ron still not clarifying what he meant while we are all freaking out either mean he's slowly preparing the real big announcement, or that he loves making us suffer, and if that's the case he's worse than LeChuck.
Or maybe he just wanted to make a small joke and didn't except it will go that way.
Either way, we still have no idea what's real or not.
This is Monkey Island 2's ending all over again!

David Apr 03, 2022
Well played, Ron.

Chris Apr 04, 2022
Usually April fools jokes are being disclosed not later than April 2nd... in case it is a joke than Ron should really hurry up...;-)

Boris Apr 04, 2022
REALLY ? Ok ... shut up and take my money

AWANAGANA Apr 04, 2022
I propose a hunger strike :D

Zak Phoenix McKracken™ Apr 04, 2022
@Chris: "Usually April fools jokes are being disclosed not later than April 2nd": Ron is not usually 😀

seguso Apr 04, 2022
He'll probably wait another year, and on April 1 2023 he'll tell us: "remember last April 1? That was an April fools joke."

Pete Apr 04, 2022
Will there be a kickstarter? Or did Thimbleweed Park sell so well that Terible Toybox is drowning in cash and needs a rescue?

I will try and wait patiently for shipping and will replay MI1+2 and ThP several hundred times in the meantime. I'm so happy it will finally come true!

KamE Apr 04, 2022
Now it will be even better when you finally announce the lastest entry in Pijama Sam series.

Tomo Apr 04, 2022
I mean, Ron twittered many many years ago, that IF he ever makes another Monkey Island, he is going to announce it on April 1st.


Guillem Apr 04, 2022
Are you planning to make a Lego version of Monkey Island?

seguso Apr 04, 2022
OH GOD , it's for real

Francesco Apr 04, 2022
WOW, just WOW.

Guy.brush Apr 04, 2022

Mat Apr 04, 2022

th1nk Apr 04, 2022
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Filippo Apr 04, 2022
O MIO DIO!!!!!!!!!!

Valcrist Apr 04, 2022
Oh, hey, it was real.

Paolo Apr 04, 2022
From Italy, grazie. I'm speechless.

DanielPeris Apr 04, 2022

Simone Battaglioni Apr 04, 2022
Fantastico. Sono cresciuto giocando con Monkey Island e la sua ironia mi è rimasta nel cuore.
La mia suoneria del cellulare (Da Anni) è il tema ricorrente del Pirata Fantasma LeChuck.
Grazie Ron Gilbert per farmi rivivere ancora un sogno in quest'isola!!!!!

Mike Apr 04, 2022
This might be the best blog post on the internet. Simply amazing!

Ariel Apr 04, 2022
Well played, Ron.

Well done!
I never thought I'd see it come true. :)

Leila Apr 04, 2022
I thought the announcement was the best thing ever. Then I come here and see this. Congrats on taking a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the funniest person around. (And the game too- can't wait.)

Cristian Mammoli Apr 04, 2022
Oh my gosh YES

Pablo Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron!! Amazed!

Wilfried Apr 04, 2022
My jaw just dropped. Am I awake? Wow... just wow. Most joyful news in a LONG time.

Congrats for keeping it a total secret in these days where people know everything about a game/movie before they are event released.

Can't wait to play the game and I have faith it will hold up to this legendary saga! Pressure to deliver a worthy successor must have been intense but if somebody can do it, it is you.


chris Apr 04, 2022
well prayed

Sabrina Apr 04, 2022
Ahahaha I missed this post, I'm so glad you did this, like you threatened to do years ago.
I cried when I saw the announcement and trailer, I've been waiting for this since I played LeChuck's Revenge when I was 12. My first video game, and now I'm making them!

Murray Apr 04, 2022
Omg please be true or I'm off to drink grog and eat magotty biscuits, its true right?? Not a red herring

GreenBoots_ Apr 04, 2022

md111 Apr 04, 2022
Brilliant, got us all there I reckon. great to see off to the Scumm bar

Luca Apr 04, 2022
Thank you Ron. I have just started to Play Secret with my 6 old boy and now we can play together to a new one MI together. This is a dream.

TzipiZnavot Apr 04, 2022
You've returned my faith in humanity!
2022 just might not be just a horror show...

Thank you <3
From Israel

Stefan Apr 04, 2022
Wow it finally happens!! Thank youuuu!

George Albanis Apr 04, 2022
OMG!! I remember all those blog posts and how it may never happen etc, I'm still shocked.

Patrick Hackett Apr 04, 2022
If this was a kickstarter, it would break Brandon Sanderson's record.

Martinland Apr 04, 2022
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Luca: Same here - our daughter watched me play (again) Monkey Island 1 & 2 (and all others), then we played Thimbleweed Park taking turns while she was still in school and after that we played Delores on Linux at the last possible moment (I desparately waited for the Linux port) before her departure to brighter shores in that trying second half of 2020 ... now we can look forward to 3a together! \o/

Life is finally mended again.

Thank you Ron!



Martinland Apr 04, 2022

Adrian Apr 04, 2022
A dream come true!!!

Nelson Rodrigues Apr 04, 2022
I learned English playing Secret of Monkey Island, at 8 years old. I chose my career based on that experience. I derived my sense of humour from that experience. I spent my adult life telling people how the one game I'm still waiting for is Monkey Island 3. Now, at 38, it's actually happening. You've made a grown man cry. Of happiness!

Goosed Ireland Apr 04, 2022
I'm rattled that this is finally happening. And it's the way it should be with Gilbert and Armato. Genuinely emotional about this.

Estop Apr 04, 2022
I was getting tired of trying to outlive Ron Gilbert so I could read the final episode, and I was disgusted at myself too.
Thanks Ron, I can start eating fast food and smoking again!

André Apr 04, 2022
Finally, thank you Ron!

Valentin Apr 04, 2022
I was so bored waiting, I played your games dozens of times and recently did them in Korean and Japanese translated versions.
So Yeah that's a VERY GOOD NEWS !!!!!!

Dario Apr 04, 2022
I'm shaking, I'm shaking!

And speechless. It means the world to me. Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration (and such an unforgettable April's Fool).

Dylan Apr 04, 2022
Thank you! I really can't wait to finally find out what the 'secret of Monkey Island' is after all these years!

Andrea Apr 04, 2022
Ready to buy 10 copies of the game :D

Dan Apr 04, 2022
I would pay (much) more than 20 bucks for a computer game.
Yes!! what a news, I can't wait

Yatonov Apr 04, 2022
Hungry for Easter Eggs!

Nico Apr 04, 2022
I am so happy over this, finally!

Sebastian Apr 04, 2022
well played sir. well played.

look behind you... a three headed monkey!!!!

Surfer Dude Apr 04, 2022
You're the man!!!!

Tri Apr 04, 2022
Funny, I've just completed the whole series (except the 4th of course). So very glad that I finally get to know what the REAL Secret of Monkey Island is (or not). Either way, I'm so happy, thanks Ron and the team.

Johan Windh Apr 04, 2022
Just brilliant.

Bartolomew McPorked Apr 05, 2022
we're waiting this day since almost 30 years...the return of the king, thank you Ron.

IkeC Apr 05, 2022
Well played. Thank you.

Luca Apr 05, 2022
I love you Ron!

DJ Sidney Apr 05, 2022
Omg love to see it. <3

Point and Click Adventures YouTube Apr 05, 2022
I wonder what Stan will be selling this time, providing he gets out of the coffin

Aaron Apr 05, 2022
I'm sure you hear stuff like this frequently but Monkey Island was such an awesome part of my childhood. I couldn't be more excited for this project. Thank you for what you do!

Creolo Apr 05, 2022
i love it
thank you

Cerker Apr 05, 2022
If it plays between 2 and 3 and observes canon, Stan should be in the coffin the whole time.

Except if he gets out and somehow back in.

kroesi Apr 05, 2022
A dream becomes true! Thank you!!!! But please get Stan out of the coffin, at least for a while...

Lucas Arts Apr 06, 2022
Can you do another podcast like last time with TP? That was great!

Claudio Floreani Apr 06, 2022
There are only two people who can make the dreams of millions come true, and the second one is Santa.
Thank you Ron

Mancomb Seepgood Apr 06, 2022
Made me so happy. There is hope left for this world. Thank you Nor Treblig.

George Stobbart Apr 07, 2022
What about me?

Lightprayer Apr 08, 2022
I used to come almost every year here for April's Fools day just to read your post, but this year I've been particularly busy so I didn't.
I've always known how serious you are about the no joke policy on this day, I know I wouldn't have doubted your statement. Not something you'd joke about like this anyway.
I'm ready to return to Monkey Island™.

TT Apr 08, 2022
The story comes full circle?

Tim Rider Apr 08, 2022
I can't believe I'm nine days late to the party. I Only just found out when I spotted the trailer on YouTube and came straight to this site to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
30+ years in the making and I never thought I'd see the day. I'm 43 years of age now - how can I be THIS excited over a computer game? But I hold such cherished childhood memories of playing those first two Monkey games with my dad.

Mav Apr 09, 2022
Where can i buy it??? Bring it out now

Daniela Apr 09, 2022
Ohhhhh kann es wahr sein?!?!?! Bitte bitte bitte

AeN Apr 10, 2022
Well done, Ron!

Priest of the Monkey Apr 11, 2022
Please make it true.

Diego Apr 12, 2022
Molto appropriato, combatti come una mucca!

JCB Apr 12, 2022
From and 14 year old from 1990 (and his little brother), and his 14 year old son in 2022 (and his little brother), thanks for picking up the torch again.

papikit Apr 13, 2022
thankyou so much.

Abihm Apr 14, 2022
Amazing! I'm so looking forward to it!

LePolloDiablo Apr 15, 2022
Thank you! This has been waited so long..

Reto Apr 16, 2022
Thank you! :D

Mario Apr 16, 2022
So after all those years of hoping this is....real????

Mario Apr 16, 2022
The news are full of it! It cant be a joke!

Grumpy fan Apr 16, 2022
the joke is the design

grumpy fan Apr 16, 2022
I could understand those who say they're happy that's not pixel art. but this MK is the direct continuity ok MK1 and MK2, so why reinvent the wheel with a childish design ? if not pixel art, at least using the design of the special edition for the direct continuity.

Eck Apr 18, 2022
I was waiting this for 30 years, and i was thinking it was a joke, but then you throw me that trailer in my face...and...i begin to remember those old days in my Intel 486. Thanks for making happy all the people that play your games( including me) Long Life to Melee Island!!!!

split the baby bot Apr 20, 2022
YTA. You say that you've been an April fools' day free Grumpy Gamer since 2000. That's two days. Today is April 1, 2018. If you've been running a prank that long, it should be Continuing on the fourth of July, not April Fools' Day. Secondly, if running a long-running prank is so easy, why hasn't someone else done it? There's tons of websites that have done this for years. Third, you say that you're going to make another Monkey Island. I've never played the first one. I've played the second one, which is my favorite. I don't know anything about the third one. Are you making the fifth one, which is a completely different game? The fourth one has been remade for current consoles. Are you making the remake? Fourth, this sounds like a response to someone else's prank, not a genuinely stupid idea. If you genuinely thought that making another Monkey Island was a good idea, we'd be hearing about it from non-developers for years. Fifth, you're going to make another Monkey Island? Congratulations, you're the millionth person to guess what your next

Matias Apr 21, 2022