April Fools' 2020

Apr 01, 2020

For sixteen years now, Grumpy Gamer has been 100% April Fools' joke free. I'm a little disappointed the gaming press hasn't caught onto this. You'd think it would be a good human interest story.

Oh well, maybe I should do a Twitch channel ranting about April Fools' day. I'm only on once a year.

If there is any good to come out of this horrible COVID-19 disaster, it's that most big outlets have canceled their April Fools' pranks.

Stay safe. Stay inside.

Thomas Apr 01, 2020

Fancy Pants Apr 01, 2020
Finally! I waited for this message as a proof for normality, as it is normal that - April Fools were never funny and won't be.
Also I´m looking forward for the message that this CORVID-19 nightmare is finally over ...
... until then I stay intel inside and play MI2 again - this time via wireless gamepad, which I made a mouse/keyboard mapping for, and actually it's faster than mouse keyboard combo - though I never used keyboard shortcuts for the SCUMM bar verbs before- BUT I was wondering:
Is this the revolution of point and click adventures? A new way of controlling your GUYBRUSH :D

PS: Funny I found out all the keyboardshortcuts for MI2 now that I`m 35years old ... even the dialog lines you can select 'em through the keyboard numbers. And I just now understand what awesome job the Michael Land gang did with the music - I mean seriously the Music in woodtick and in the vodoo swamp buildin' up as you move inside thats untouchable and hard to recognize for an 8 year old back in the day. But still kudos for the music got to go to you Sir Gilbert, as Michael Land stated it was your idea that MI needs reggae music in it. Thanks for all the good jokes (when I was checking out my gamepad control and accidently tried to PICK UP Wally himself instead of the looking glas ... yo that line is too good)
u2 stay safe.

Mattk3 Apr 01, 2020
Immediately had to think of you.

Bobe Apr 01, 2020
This is my true April Fools' day tradition.

jaroslaw Apr 01, 2020
The Cave is currently best way to avoid corona ;-)

Evan Apr 01, 2020
If the planets align, hell freezes over, all the pigs sprout wings, and Disney sells you the rights to Monkey Island, You should announce MI3a on April 1st.

Lav Apr 02, 2020
You're playing the long game!

Nor Treblig Apr 02, 2020
@Fancy Pants:
No, mapping Ctrl+W to a gamepad is NOT the new way of controlling adventure games 😀

Steve Apr 02, 2020
I was going to say something about how the grocery store continued it's April Fool's joke on my by only having off-brand toilet paper, but then I had an idea:  Triangular packages of toilet paper, presumably consisting of triangular "rolls."  Of course I'll need an exciting name to go with this DISRUPTIVE and HIGHLY DYNAMIC design...and for some reason, "Zortogg's Bandywipe" was the first thing that came to mind.  Oh man, this is gonna be big.

*comes to*

Ugh, I need to get outside more. Soon.

Anonymous Apr 02, 2020
COVID and not CORVID. A corvid is a member of the broad genealogical family of birds that crows and ravens are part of.

Sushi Apr 04, 2020
Ahoy there @Fancy Pants,

Try picking up others too... like Captain Kate Capsize!

Tiffany Apr 06, 2020
I agree. I'm glad this year no one embraced April Fools Day.

Fancy Pants Apr 17, 2020
Aye aye @Sushi
I was just reading all the flirting lines you can try on her ^^
(https://monkeyisland.fandom.com/wiki/Kate_Capsize) ((spoiler alert!))
I am very curious what will happen. Cheers!