April Fools' 2019

Apr 01, 2019

Fifteen years of Grumpy Gamer being 100% April Fools' joke free. Of course the real April Fool's joke is that it's the year 2019 and we don't have moonbases, flying cars and giant pneumatic tubes that whisk us around the city. As a young child of the 70s, I was promised these things. Oh sure, I can now carry a super computer in my pocket and talk to anyone in the world via a planet wide connection of billions of computers... but come on... moonbase!

And... kudos to Microsoft for sending out this memo banning April Fools'. I guess someone there reads Grumpy Gamer.

Guido Apr 01, 2019
Hoverboards! You forgot Hoverboards.

And I mean the ones from back to the future...not the things they sell now under that brand!

Christian Apr 01, 2019
I come to your website every year April 1st knowing it will be a safe haven for April Fools haters like me.
kudos to you!

Natalija Radnjić Apr 01, 2019
I'm wondering would i get banned if i made a joke now in the comments for this useless day

Alex Apr 02, 2019
Don't know if you've seen it, but the cruelest april's joke is that Disney accepted to negotiate with you the Monkey Island license because of fan signs.

Natalija Radnjić Apr 02, 2019
Haven't seen that... stupid Disney

Xoinx Apr 02, 2019
This reads like a Venture Bros. forum.

Jochem Apr 02, 2019
Well, I always loved that USB fondue set from a few years ago...April fools are not that bad :)

S. Murphy Apr 06, 2019

Ivan Apr 09, 2019
It's the sixth year in a row I follow your april fools-free journey. Thanks for keeping this up!