April Fools' 2018

Apr 01, 2018

Well... 14 years in a row, the Grumpy Gamer blog has been 100% April Fools' day free.

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the stupidity of April Fools' is waining a little. Maybe my life's mission is finally coming to an end. It's also possible that I'm really playing the long game and once you're all 110% convinced I would never pull an April Fools' Prank, that's when I get you!

We got Pep from the local shelter three years ago in June, they estimated she was around 2-3 months old, so we put her Birthday on April 1, so happy Birthday Pep.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Apr 01, 2018
A forum user revealed the Easter Egg DLC for Thimbleweed Park:

Steve Apr 01, 2018
*wraps you in saran wrap*
That's the traditional april fool's day prank, yes?

Akolade Apr 01, 2018
I appreciate the Putt-Putt reference.

Big Red Button Apr 01, 2018
Wow, she is grown up now! In hindsight, these three years feel so unbelievably short.

Grafekovic Apr 01, 2018
Could you please post the video of the dancing clown today? That‘s a classic.

Emily Apr 02, 2018
Happy birthday Pep!

Daniel Apr 03, 2018
So this is the famous Pep that lent its name to Putt Putt's dog?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Ron Gilbert Apr 03, 2018
It's the other way around...

Rob Carlson Apr 03, 2018
"We got Pep from the local cave three years ago in June"

Natalija Apr 04, 2018
Forgot to check this blog on April fools day.. Good old tradition! Btw Thimbleweed park is awesome well done,makes me think of monkey island 1 and 2.. wish you cloud make another monkey island game.. curse you Disney!

Helge Apr 13, 2018
"We got Pep". Funny I always pictured you living in selfchosen celibacy, after a particularly bad breakup at some point. That would explain the wry dry sarcasm your known for. But I'm glad it's not like that, I guess.