Sep 16, 2020


Some marking people just don't understand that people hate ads not because they aren't targeted, they hate them because they are fucking ads.

The only time I've ever enjoyed ads are when I would read Byte magazine as a kid. That didn't mean everywhere I went I wanted to see ads for 16K of memory being as low as $795.


2d ago
Oh, yeah, I also remember adds that like that. I was reading the german 64'er magazin. Sadly all adds are redacted on and I don't have the magazines anymore. I think adds back then were mostly not so many, not so aggressive, and they didn't utilize so many mind tricks.
And most of all, adds in magazines were clearly marked as such, and you could choose to ignore them.
I remember the old Rescue On Fractalus and The Eidolon adds.


2d ago
100% agree. As much as I hate ads today, when I browse my game magazines from the 90`, the computer ads still make me smile and tear up. I mean who wouldn't yearn for a coprocessor attached to  a 486??


2d ago
people: ew, ads

marketers: hmm, they don't like the ads, we need to make them MORE targeted

Johan Windh

2d ago
Sorry, a little off topic. Just finished Delores together with my 8 y.o. son. Once again, thanks! And the credits were GOLD. All of it. Really.

Off to replay Thimbleweed Park!


2d ago
'16K... More than enough! I'll never need more.'

Irvin - facebook employee of the day

2d ago
You'll love our future products!


2d ago
you would need 8 of those memory expansion cards  just to view the 130kB  jpeg ad above ;-)


2d ago
Targeted ads are intrusive and disturbing. My privacy is worth more than $5, $10, or whatever cost they offer.


1d ago
Mich stört Werbung in Magazinen auch heutzutage nicht sehr. Aber im Web nervt sie extrem! Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen, PiHole zu testen. Das ist wirklich erholsam...

I dont mind ads in magazines until today. But web ads are extremely annoying. I recommend to give PiHole a try. It's so recreative...

Sam T

1d ago
PiHole - it works well but tech is starting to get smarter. Some devices have their own DNS Servers hardcoded to avoid the one assigned in DHCP and some even setup their own VPN to bypass DHCP and firewall filtering.

Steve M

1d ago
I like looking through old computer magazoines such as Byte and looking at some of the ads there. Nice to look back on the prices of memory and hard drives back compared to what we pay now


1d ago
Dunno, this is true for normal, PC like, RAM but for instance SSDs (based on good tech) are pretty expensive and too small compared to the amount of data you might need to handle (and backup).


1d ago
It looks like Copyrighting is a dead art as I am old enough to remember when Ads helped consumers make informed decisions.


1d ago
Let's see, my current PC has 32G of RAM...that's 2.097.152 of those boards. 2097152 x 795$ = 1.667.235.840$
OK, seems alright, I'll replace my two 16G modules with 2 million of those funky boards, this should increase the memory bandwidth significantly!


1d ago
Hi. At least I could get a computer with Windows 10 to play Delores, nice and for a short game, it is somewhat long.
I made this little mod:
You must decompress it in the main directory of Delores Source.
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