Dec 27, 2017

You'd think RSS feeds would be simple, but they are anything but. One of the most frustrating things with online readers is they are often cached, so it takes hours to tell if your feed is being digested or not. Feedly stop reading my RSS and I don't know why.

Pixelfehler Dec 28, 2017
The w3 validator at https://validator.w3.org/feed/ has a bunch of recommendations for improvements in your feed, have you had a look at that yet?

César Dec 28, 2017
Feedly is showing it now 😀

Oscar Dec 28, 2017
I've read it on feedly just now.

Dirk Dec 28, 2017
Yup, feedly Workshop.

Sir Arthur Dec 28, 2017
Feedly is a bit crappy in my experience. And totally useless for the Reddit communities.

Give Inoreader a try (https://www.inoreader.com/), it's how Google Reader should have been without the Google egomaniacs and their effort to rule the online world :-P

Lindsey Dec 28, 2017
TheOldReader is also pretty great. Your post showed up there just fine. Thanks for including the full texts of posts in your feed -- blogs that don't are super annoying!

Luis Dec 28, 2017
I've read it on feedly just now, too.

Alessander Dec 28, 2017
I just read it on The Old Reader.

MacheB Dec 28, 2017
I read this from my Feedly.

Ron Gilbert Dec 28, 2017
My interest in getting it working on Feedly isn't because I use it or need it to read my own blog, it's more that it's the most popular feed reader around, and I want to make sure it works.  I test it out on all the top readers. So far, only Feedly is giving me issues, but it seems to be working now.

Federico German Dec 28, 2017
its working

Remi Dec 29, 2017
JSON Feed is always a worthwhile option, if only to get the world to switch from XML to JSON. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kolzig Dec 29, 2017
For me Feedly has worked, but when you restarted your blog, I got like 50 old posts showing up as new posts. Most likely because of the way you completely redid your blog.

JWadden Dec 13, 2021
And then you suddenly get more than fifty articles from years ago in your feed all at once.