Stop on by

Jun 02, 2019

I'm playing a Alliance priest named Wilma on the PvP classic beta server. If you're in the beta, stop on by and we'll go kill some stuff.

ramsbOttOm Jun 03, 2019
Is there any update on MI3a? I have been dying to see it and I don't know whats going on with Disney..
P.S. Sorry for commenting something that isn't relevant to your post

R Warner Jun 03, 2019
Wishing I had the time to join you, man. Slay some stuff for all your fans out there Mr. Gilbert!

Big Red Button Jun 06, 2019
Actually, I was glad to read that you had quit Twitter. But, now it seems as if you were just about to try a different "drug" instead, which consumes you similarly.

Sehr Deutsch Jun 08, 2019
Big Red Button   + 1   ;-)

Big Green Button Jun 14, 2019
I must agree with my fellow button. Twitter is bad but MMORPGs are better?

Bob Jun 15, 2019
Yesterday The Onion had the headline: "Blizzard Bringing Back Original ‘World Of Warcraft' So Thousands Of Gamers Can Relive Most Depressing Era Of Their Lives"...
Some great lines in there such as, "players can finally re-experience that grim period when they suffered from a crippling, all-consuming addiction to the fantasy MMORPG".

Zak Phoenix McKracken Jun 17, 2019
MMORPG = Maniac Mansion Obviously Rules Poor Games!