Mar 18, 2019

CMD Mar 19, 2019
And of course if you go into the menu and select the toolchain it's v141.

frank sands Mar 19, 2019
It's widely known that MS can't count to save it's life.

bxm Mar 20, 2019
Now open the command prompt and type "ver".

Jefffry Houser Mar 20, 2019
In my version of the world, it is pretty common for different pieces of a system [such as a compiler and an IDE] to be built by different teams and use a different versioning scheme.

Basto Mar 21, 2019
I had to issue x509v3 certificates by hand lately.
The version field of a x509v3 certificate contains the number 2
If you put 3, many libraries interpret is as a x509v1 certificate.

That was a sad day.

Natalija Radnjić Apr 01, 2019
Hey, I came here for the April fools day. Where is your blog? Is it weird that you have young audience here in Montenegro.I'm 19now and I've been playing games since age 15 (first game i played was monkey island ). Just wanted to tell you i love your work and i want to be a programmer just like you guys one day. (I go to college right now im still not skilled enough lol) Love your work and still waiting for that blog! Take care

Baboon Apr 01, 2019
@Natalija He is playing the long game

mattxreality May 13, 2019
That's quite "odd"