Iron Curtain Jul 04, 2020
Well, The mask isn't to protect the person wearing the mask from everyone else, but to protect everyone else from the person wearing the mask.

Ironically, the Redshirt will be the last one standing here.

blombo Jul 06, 2020
@Iron Curtain
Well, him not wearing a mask doesn't imply he's not infected, only that he's generally reckless: that's what's going to kill him :)

ArmstrongArcade Jul 06, 2020
Redshirt has a pre-existing condition, haha.

anon Jul 08, 2020
important question: did u like the tv show "The Avengers" (1967)? It reminds me of monkey island 1!

Ron Gilbert Jul 08, 2020
important answer: I know about it, but I don't think I've ever seen it.

blombo Jul 11, 2020
Important remark: I've seen it and I like it a lot, but can't remember anything resembling MI1: care to elaborate?
Anyway, it was a very fun show, IMHO the seasons with Emma Peel (4 & 5, IIRC), were the best.
Also for Ron, check out "The Prisoner" (1968) if you can, AFAIR people wanted to lynch Patrick McGoohan (creator & actor) for the final couple of episodes, while some people (me included) adored them: as far as polarising things go, this should definitely be your cup of tea.

Brian Jul 12, 2020
Red shirt: Hey, how come I wasn't issued a face mask?
Mr Spock: Providing you with a personal safety device intended to prevent a viral infection with a 2 to 14 day incubation period would be illogical as you have an estimated 0.00% chance of surviving this away mission.
Red shirt: OK, that makes sense...Wait what?!