Dec 13, 2017

Be skeptical of the advice of successful people, they suffer from deep survivor bias. Hundreds of other people did exactly what they did and failed. Chances are their success has more to do with luck than the advice they are given you.

Johnny Walker Jan 01, 2018
This is so true. I believe there are exceptions, where the person has had a lot of experience and a very analytical mind, but most times the advice given is either nonsense or clearly unique to their experience. When I see panels of "successful" people, you can often see fear in their eyes as they search for something authoritative to say. In truth they don't know what it was that lead to their success.

And remember what Fitzgerald said: Someone who experiences success in their 20s will believe it was their predetermined destiny. Someone who achieves success in their 40s will believe it was due to hard work and persistence. Only someone who achieves success in their 30s will appreciate the role luck had mixed with their desire to succeed. There are exceptions, of course, but I've generally found this to be true with regards to 20 and 40+ year olds.