Dec 31, 2017

Whenever I sign up for a website and it asks me for my birthday, I always enter Jan 1, 1901. This cause two things to happen. 1) On New Years day I get a stream of happy birthday wishes from websites I rarely visit. 2) Chris Remo always wishes me a happy 116th birthday.

Jennifer McMurray Jan 01, 2018
He even wishes you a happy 116th birthday on years other than 2017?  That IS weird.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Jan 01, 2018
According to the italian Wikipedia Ron Gilbert's, you were really born on January 1st 😀
Only you knows the truth, dough.

Ron Gilbert Jan 01, 2018
I was not born on January 1st. If you ever see someone's birthday as Jan 1, but suspect.

Leak Jan 01, 2018
Well, you're not alone - although I usually give something closer to the truth than 1901... :)

(BTW - the anti-bot "captcha" could use it's hint back that it wants numbers, not words...)

Gustavo Jan 02, 2018
Well, a very merry unbirthday to you, then.