Good Riddance

Jan 20, 2021

Farside image removed due to DCMA takedown notice*

*Yeah, seriously. I've unsubscribed to the Farside RRS feed.

Jesse Jan 20, 2021
An amazing Far Side find and shared sentiment. Thank you sir.

Carlo Grosoli Jan 21, 2021
Even for us European, what a sense of relief. Good reconstruction!

illusion Jan 21, 2021
One down. How many else to go?

I enjoy the assumption that the world will be a better place because someone this fresh and new shown to us, at least officially visually being in charge, finally a trustworthy man with no strings attached to the typical interest groups (pharma, wall street, military, fed, faang, personal greed etc.). So many good and selfless people spent money for his election.

I'm sure he'll change the world in favor for the people, freedom and self-determination instead of securing power and wealth of the usual suspects for the next years and decades. I felt an instant rush of believe into democrazy, almost religious, running through my veins.

Johan Windh Jan 21, 2021


Delores (not that one) Jan 21, 2021
You may enjoy this video, Ron: (If the link doesn't go through, look for "Goodbye Donald Trump" by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Youtube.)

Dipper_ Jan 21, 2021
@ illusion:

What interest groups are "faang" and "personal greed"? And why "fed"? Interest groups are part of every state and serve important functions in a living democracy. I know, not the strong suit of Trumpists. Are all people who spend money on elections "good and selfless"? No, they are not. They never were. People are not "good and selfless". But its kinda weird now that this demand is being raised, after four years of overt greed, abuse of power and corruption in the highest office. Exactly NOW it is important that all people who spent money on elections are "good and selfless". Not sure if you are a Trumpist or if you just want to sound edgy and ahead of the curve; there is a new guy in town, he wants to do things differently, he deserves a chance. Stop moaning and spare us the "they're all the same" story, it is apolitical and uninformed, and whats worse, it is not true, and everybody outside the Fox News lie bubble can see it more than ever.

David 🏴‍☠️ Jan 21, 2021
I just noticed Weird Ed on the picture...

illusion Jan 21, 2021
How many presidencies does it need to understand, that real democracy does not exist? If you take a look into history, you can see, that it's a show, a way to keep people under control, whilst giving them an illusion of being in charge, somehow. The system and parties indoctrinate the people via education and media throughout their life (How valid does this make the votes of the majority, who isn't properly informed?), invests into the military, loots the world, lies, enjoys self-enrichment and so on, serving interests groups with real power (existing longer than just a legislative period) and their supported fraction of the minority, who 'owns' the world.

It can make a difference on specific subjects. What you don't get, are true alternatives. The system will stay in place, no matter which party you've voted for. So, you can pick up a terrible toy either from the tiny red or the small green box but the shiny big blue one, with all the cool stuff, is closed, stays in the background behind the window and will never be opened for you.

blombo Jan 22, 2021
Your logical fallacy is: false dichotomy.

illusion Jan 22, 2021
You might not have recognised it yet but it's a descritpion of the reality. Look into politics, economics, psychology and so on, on a global scale over decades and you should get an understanding of what's going on.

Harban Jan 22, 2021
Perfect! Just perfect.

Dipper_ Jan 22, 2021
"How many presidencies does it need to understand, that real democracy does not exist?"

Ugh, ok, thanks, if you read a school book on history you know it's an ideal state, but where are you going with this "news"? That its ok to vote for idiots like Trump who further demolish it?

"If you take a look into history, you can see, that it's a show, a way to keep people under control"
Er yes? Democracy is a form of government, i.e. control, if you want, and of course there is and will always be some form of control of people - again "big news". What you of course want to tell me is that there are the EVIL EVIL elites who are ALL part of a diabolical scheme and YOU see through it.

"The system and parties indoctrinate the people via education and media throughout their life"
And this is good or bad? Of course education reinforces the structures of power, otherwise those IN power would change it. But be happy if you are in a country which allows for freedom of science, because I have been to countries where that is not the case. Please feel free to relish the things that are objectively good instead of destroying them out of boredom and ignorance.

"What you don't get, are true alternatives."

Well, what do you have in mind? Please, no empty phrases like "true democracy".

Octavi Jan 22, 2021
And don't ever come back!

@Dipper_ Jan 22, 2021
So, you think Trump is an idiot but Biden (his team) is trustworthy? If you're satisfied with an alternating good cop bad cop setup, then there is no need to think about it further. If you start to doubt the staging generally (because no matter who's president, mostly the same stuff happens, under presidency A x and ZZZ is done whilst under presidency B it's about y and ZZZ, people get emotional about x and y but the big stuff ZZZ gets done, no matter who's president [and there's a number of reasons for this]), things get interesting and you can inform yourself, start thinking - but beware, it takes more time than just having an opinion.

How much democracy does there exist within a supposed democracy? How much is it an orchestration vs. real freedom of choice? You might be surprised how much effort - and it's big waste of ressources - the system invests into guiding you, making the right vote. In rare cases an accident happens, then the system rumbles significantly, like it happened with Trump in the media (you probably know about who own all these (social) media platforms).

Most current democracies probably qualify as totalitarian systems if you analyse their stucture, how they're misused in practice, their fascist tendencies. No direct votes, no referendums, no objective information and so on. The systems are systematically misused by the interests of those who are weathly and powerful. The real questions aren't about Trump or Biden but as long as you think they are, the system works.

I would favor either a democracy based on an educated and informed population or a technocracy lead by experts with good intentions (supported by AI). If the people aren't properly informed, there is no democracy because they'll be misued und unable to make good decisions. If a technocracy is led by the typical interest groups it will be corrupt and end up in a totalitarian system. You could mix both approaches too. You could have somthing like a global government for global issues and let people vote and take control for local issues. People could make suggestions and it would be analysed by the government and realised if reasonable. It exists more than one option but no matter which approach you choose, you need to protect the system and keep the interest groups, the greedy individuals and the wealthy minority away, otherwise it will end in the mess we have today.

Dipper_ Jan 22, 2021
"So, you think Trump is an idiot but Biden (his team) is trustworthy?"

Pretty much, yes. An idiot and a liar, may I add. The first thing I heard from Donald Trump on the political stage was a lie, and pretty much everything I heard from him afterwards as well. To me, voting for somebody like that amounts to self-disenfranchisement. Do I think Biden is trustworthy? I am willing to give him a chance, so yes.

"because no matter who's president, mostly the same stuff happens"

Might sound true for people who are, as said before, politically uninformed. Politics are complicated and often tiresome. "They're all the same" is a great excuse to tune out and cook up your own little invented stories. In reality, quite the opposite is true: Even players from the same party can make a big difference.

"the system"
Gotta love the use of conspiracy language there - the "system". They are all teaming up to rule the world. Again: Politics are complicated. If you want to make it a bit easier, just make up stories about "the system", the deep state, and evil elites who drink the blood of children. Good and bad are sorted again.

"Most current democracies probably qualify as totalitarian systems"
...if you don't know what a totalitarian system is, that is.

"No direct votes, no referendums,"
If you are from the US, there are many plebiscitary elements on a local level. Even if not, this has nothing to do with "totalitarianism".

"no objective information"
I don't believe in objectivity in human beings, we are subjects. But I believe that information can be balanced. And there is quite a lot of that, if you know where to look and, more importantly, if you want to look.

"The real questions aren't about Trump or Biden but as long as you think they are, the system works."
But isn't it great that we have in you somebody who has figured out the "real questions"  and how "the system" works and who has been ready to enlighten us lowly beings?

"If the people aren't properly informed, there is no democracy because they'll be misued und unable to make good decisions."

Yup and then Trump happens.

"you probably know about who own all these (social) media platforms)."

er yes, different people? Who owns them, tell me.

illusion Jan 22, 2021
I never met Trump, so, I can't say how much he's an idiot or playing dumb by intention. It seems to be obvious, that he wasn't the right person for the job but the same is true for Biden if you follow his 'career'. Being vice president already, collaborating on Iraq, daily drone wars, shady business in the Ukraine etc. No, I would prefer someone capable and trustworthy instead. If this is the best the USA has to offer, then good night. But you shouldn't be this focused on candidates. It's more about: Who's behind of them? Which interests do they represent? How penetrable is the democratic construct and process?

If you look at the reality, it's quite simple, in many fields and questions, there is no difference at all. The candidates might differ on stage, in front of a cam and mic but in the background things continue as usual. As I wrote before, they do differ i fields their investors are interested in. I'm aware that politics are more complicated and the way power and politics work. I don't know what your background is (the internet) but to me your argumentation sounds slightly shallow and upset, lacking some real beef. If you want this to continue, you might want to enhance your conversation technique too.

I believe in objectivity in form of facts and context.

Look around the globe these days and you see the same pictures in many places. Democracies are turned off. Emergency governments and the police rule instead. No more checks and balances. Information is presented extremely one-sided, censorship and repression is increasing, societies are being devided, open discussions, different opinions are being shut down etc. The way this happened and how it feels, qualifies for totalitarian systems perfectly. Especially democracies should be able to offer different ways to deal with a crisis, in agreement with the people without triggering fear this heavily.

Reagan happened, Bush happened, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden happened. Still the USA has most of the atomic bombs, most of the aircraft carriers, forces the petro dollar, invests heavily into the military, exports weapons and death ... same with the domestic policies, some things never change. You could ask yourself, who benefits from all this.

Brian Jan 22, 2021
Finally. So happy that the reign of terror is finally over. I can't wait until New York State's legal team gets started on sending him to jail!

Dipper_ Jan 23, 2021
Dude, reading your posts, I know why the US - and many other countries in the west - are a mess. Just look at this bit:

"I never met Trump, so, I can't say how much he's an idiot or playing dumb by intention."

Seriously? The President of the US played "dumb by intention"? The idea alone is just so out of this world, so childish and mindless, this is what kids in elementary school say when they failed a test. "Yea, I did that by intention". It is an insult to every normally intelligent adult human being. And that basically sums up the four years of Trump. A big heap of brainwashed bullshit.

You just need to read ONE substantial book about the guy, about his grifting, his lying, the way he treats women, the way his cognitive abilities have gone south over the years, it's all well documented.

The problem is not, however, that there are greedy politicians like Trump who think they should be powerful because they have money. The problem is the people who vote for them, who happily swallow every lie and when suddenly all falls apart they come up with their outlandish little stories.

"Being vice president already, collaborating on Iraq, daily drone wars, shady business in the Ukraine etc."

Another lesson of "Fox News / Breitbart / Newsmax meet an uninformed mind". Shady business in Ukraine? There has never been any evidence for that. For Trumps shady business in Ukraine, there has been A LOT of evidence though. Not forgetting all the other shady businesses Trump has been involved in. You do not even mention that.

Btw. I always like the use of "etc." by people like you. It basically means you have nothing more. What you had wasn't much and it was mostly unsubstantial (Omg, he was vice President already?) and the "horrible" rest (which is of course NEVER reported, they don't want us to find out) we can find on some terrible Youtube clip.

"Daily drone wars"? That's a legacy of Republican warmongering and do you honestly think that Trump didn't use drones? Trump used drones every day. Eight times as many strikes on Somalia were carried out under Trump as commander in chief, former policies to spare civilians wherever possible were removed. Bush and the Republicans - with the shameful assistance of some Democrats - have started the Iraq war. You don't mention it. You blame it on Biden alone.

You just make up your own little stories as you go, blabbering about the "investors" and "interests" "behind" the politicians with that slight yet palpable undercurrent of antisemitism. You can't even come up with profound reasons to be against Biden, you can just parrot what Newsmax and Fox News tell you, all of it insubstantial nonsense, channels that aren't even news but entertainment and ignore journalistic standards.

All you show is a massive confusion, lack of knowledge about political concepts, a blatant disconnect to reality and how easy it is nowadays to brainwash people. I know that people like you want to sound edgy, you have your own opinion, you have it all figured out, and we are all sheep because we watch CNN. Fact is, it is all projection, and the more you watch your disinformation, the more YOU become a tool for people like Trump. You were "lucky" now, it was "only" four years of that mind-crippling idiocy, next time though, it might be somebody like Trump but not "playing dumb", then we are all in the shit.

wysiwtf Jan 23, 2021

Ranfterl Jan 23, 2021
Ich sag mal so: please no more "wall of text" ...

The real issues Jan 26, 2021
Ron, I think we all have a question on the real issue:

How is the Lego Colosseum coming along? Did you get past box 2?

Johan Windh Jan 26, 2021
To the guys debating in a comment section in a Ron Gilbert blog post:

We don't listen. Set up a private chat or something.

Dipper_ Jan 27, 2021
To the guys lamenting longer conversations in a Ron Gilbert blog post:

- Ron's page allows for long posts. If he doesn't like them, he can always change that, reduce post length or delete them.
- He talks politics, a topic sometimes complex and he gives incentives to discuss it. If you are not interested or its too long for you, feel free to skip the posts, go to Twitter or Tiktok or other platforms where your attention span can cope. It is certainly not your job to enforce your standards on other people's blogs.

Hunter Jan 31, 2021
I guess this will be relevant in 4 years?

Johan Windh Feb 02, 2021
Dipper, you seem to be a real joy. 😂

Dipper_ Feb 03, 2021
Oh god, the stupid-emoji-treatment...Why do some people have to drag every discussion down to the standard of a Facebook thread?

Chris Feb 05, 2021
> How is the Lego Colosseum coming along? Did you get past box 2?

Yeah! more lego pics plz!

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Frans Feb 06, 2021
More legos!!!

Frans Feb 06, 2021
Sill waiting... it's been over three hours!

Roger Tober Feb 07, 2021
Truman Show!!

bread Feb 12, 2021
It's sad to realize you are a lemming.

Winfried Maus Feb 19, 2021
Since comments on the other post ("Apple ?") are not available:

"My day-to-day home use as moved to Linux... but Linux is also a mess. Why isn't there a good high quality IDE for C++ on Linux? I've tried them all... WTF. Just be as good as Xcode or VS (it's not a high bar)."

Hmm. I don't live in C/C++ land, but you're saying that JetBrains CLion, Code::Blocks, Visual Studio Code with the C++ extensions or even the old monsters eclipse and NetBeans with their C++ plugins don't get the job done well enough?

Personally, I don't like the JetBrains IDEs either -- way too bloated and resource hungry, and my notebook starts screaming the moment I launch PyCharm. (And that's a Dell XPS 15 9560 with 16 GB of RAM and an i7 - but the Java shit that NetBreans use is killing it). So, yeah, I understand why nobody wants to use Java-based software -- it all sucks.

For Python coding, I very much prefer either VS Code or Spyder; Spyder is even written in Python and works very nicely. BUt that won't help get any C++ coding done...

Well, Linux apparently still is the domain of vi or emacs users.

And when we're talking about desktop platforms... After all my macOS and Linux detours, I have returned to Windows as my main work horse. All the software that I need for my bread and butter work needs Windows anyway, the macOS counterparts just suck and with what Apple did with "Big Sur", macOS just isn't a platform anymore that I want to use. I also like Ubuntu, but I live in a world where I have to read, edit and exchange A LOT of Microsoft Office documents -- and this is where the story for Ubuntu or any other desktop Linux flavor ends. (And the Mac versions of the MS Office applications really, really suck.)

By the way, I do have that 2013 trashcan Mac Pro that is mentioned in the article at work. It's an awesome little machine -- and Windows 10 runs MUCH better on it than its native macOS...

Hehehe Feb 21, 2021
Since I can't comment on your Apple post, to me Apple apologists are the "build back better"/CNN China human rights violations apologists of the  world.

Hi-Toro Feb 25, 2021
Just that you know: The Amiga was a enjoyable friendly system.

WashedUpRon Mar 07, 2021
Keep your whiny liberal comments to yourself, focus on making games. Hopefully better than thimbleweed park which was just a huge circle jerk to yourself.

Aaron Apr 01, 2021
Ugh. Takedown notices. Nice to know I should ignore farside now.

I eagerly look forward to whatever you're making now. I loved Ransome the Clown by the way. He and Delores were my favourite characters. I even used Ransome's image when I was playing around learning how to use various image programs a while back.
I hope we see more characters in the same vein.